Divine Love Brings it All into ONE

Q. I wonder why TF relationships come so later on into life. Would it not be great if TF relationships fructify at a younger age and happier couples create more stability and happiness all round ! Can we not have romance in TF relationship ? Is it only about divine love and so it comes on later stages of life? If there is divine love and romance , oooooohh…. Wouldn’t it be perfect ??wishful thinking …??!! Sometimes I wonder if TF relationship is only about learning lessons… Are we not entitled to some just ordinary happiness , like cuddling, sharing sunrise,, etc,etc.

A. Twin Flame relationships do not always come at a later age. It varies depending on each of the souls intentions for creation in a lifetime. Twins always meet at the perfect moment in which the souls have planned, whether it be earlier or later in life. However, people being aware of twin soul relationships from early on might open that energy to set in motion such an encounter much sooner…and cheers to that happening with the twins that are reuniting in all ways soon and ones that have already reunited!!!

For so long, the spiritual and the physical essence have been separated though all along the intention is to be in union. This actually goes back to the very beginning of creation in human form, some people call it The Garden of Eden. When the knowledge of “opposites” came into the human mind, it was the start of spiraling down into the depths of creating and experiencing separation, yet before this there was complete and total union with the oneness. Men and women (and all combinations of expressing and being love in partnership) were created to be the embodiment of God in form, to love in all ways freely without limitations, to be the balance in harmony of masculine and feminine energies (within and without). What came to me the other day was the word Knowledge ~ when we know, we have arrived at the ledge of creation, and depending on where that knowing is coming from (union or separation) determines where we jump and what our experience will be. To get more of an idea of how we have created the separation while desiring the full union between “opposites,” between male and female energies, you might want to listen to the song here and read what I wrote: The Blood of Eden ~ There is No Separation and also this post is relevant: Twin Flame Union is About the Eternal Deep Unconditional Love and the Mission.

For so long, we have been living and loving in the vibration of separation while our souls have been calling for union ~ for love on the deepest levels ~ to experience it all in form and to be this embodiment of divine love, in romance, in friendship, all various ways (in friendship and romance as one, in harmony). Many twin flame teachers share on the importance of the mission of twin flames. I do agree that the intended mission is paramount per the souls intention, however part of that mission is bringing the focus and balance back to sacred oneness, which can only be done in the vibration of union, with no limitations or restrictions!!! So I say YES! to romance in the twin flame relationship – and that romance is on the deepest levels for the love is truly eternal, limitless, and pure!! When twin flames on their own, as the 1, chooses to reside within the purity of love, seeing, being, feeling the oneness and union present in every moment and all things AND they come together in physical union, it IS absolutely perfect, for they become the embodiment of GOD (male and female) in form ~ hence their power in love for creation and enhancing the love for all is manifold ~ abundance for all as ONE!!!

The twin flame relationship/love is not about “learning lessons,” but about remembering the divine truths so as to release the illusions so that they can reveal the truth to every ONE! as they become that truth beyond form (in the light) and in form. YES!!! Twin flames are meant to be able to share in all the beauty of expressing, sharing and being love with each other, such as cuddling, making love, watching the sunrise/sunset, and any little thing their hearts desire. They are meant to be the balance of both their physical (human) presence and their spiritual (divine) essence! In this union, all dualities break down, and full oneness/balance is restored for not only the twins, but for all that is ~ for ALL of us!!! Divine love and romance…I say YES to it all!!!!!

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  1. Hey Jessica….I totally understand what you are feeling. I feel like we are in very similiar mindsets 🙂 and although I have finally surrendered to this connection and am allowing the universe/guides to lead/guide me through this after 6 years of so much confusion with this whole process, I too would love a partner at this point.

    Realistic opportunities just aren’t/weren’t surfacing and it didn’t matter what I did, it wasn’t going anywhere. If I did have an interest outside my connection, what would happen was I would go out with the person and the next day, I kid you not, I would hear from my TF. The relationship with the man who was my husband has totally evolved into something different as we are just really good friends along with parents to our children so going back to the life I had with him wasn’t an option. So much had changed with me after my TF entered my life and the transitions were happening so easily (like my hand was being held)that it was obvious it was all happening for a reason.

    I am finally at peace after 3 years of the “dance” and my being just so exhausted with the whole situation (although I can say I never reacted directly towards him b/c I naturally and intuitively knew not to hurt the connection as I was always in a place of unconditional love….don’t ask how/why seeing as it was 2 years after all the experiences that I even learned about the connection…this after one of his reconnects November 2011 that just had me even more confused. Trust me, I feel what you are saying. The last time I connected with my TF was this past August and although I witnessed massive change/growth in him, it was apparent he still had a bit more to do and now there has been zero contact for 4 months. I miss him, oh man do I miss him, but it’s important that he complete his healing and release ego 🙂

    I feel like I am just being forced to “wait” like my free-will is being taken from me so I just go with the flow now and have stopped “arguing” with the higher ups 🙂 and although I was none too happy feeling like I was being controlled by something so much bigger than I was (outer force), I surrendered.

    The word “unfair” had really become a big part of my vocabulary (amongst other words…lol) and the signs continue for me as well, sometimes so extreme, I just roll my eyes now and say “yeah, yeah I know” 🙂 I have accepted this journey for what it is. You really don’t have much choice.

    As for your Florida plate sign with his initials on it, I think you received that sign b/c you asked the two questions simultaneously and you confused the universe. You really just have to follow your heart. If you are questioning whether you should go or not, then you really need to delve deep to see why you are questioning it at all. My advice is to follow those instincts of yours…this to eliminate the “head/heart” split that you are experiencing with that struggle. Our instincts only tell us the truth, so trust them. If you are meant to “move on” then it will happen naturally and in its own time, the right time. And P.S. if there is one thing I have learned from any of this, it’s that us “stayers” will not get distractions b/c we need to be wholeheartadley committed to our growth and this connection.


  2. Happy Holidays to all…..

    Shannon….even though I dont want you to suffer…it makes me feel better im not alone…..lol….

    This is such a tough situation….I just dont want to spend my life pining for someone so to speak…..

    I want to fulfill whatever it is we are suppose to fulfill as TF…..but I also had other dreams for this life and now those are gone….bc of my age etc……just tough…I wanted a partner in life…and that seems like a thing of the past since I’ve met him….and he seems to have no issue meeting and getting into relationships….

    Tough too when you feel alone because ppl look at you like you have three heads when you mention the word TF…lol…or that concept….

    I am trying so hard to figure out what his and my purpose is….I always feel im trying to figure things our….I guess im experiencing a moment of frustration right now….im finally ok not being with him….I just want to find someone new….and the universe seems to have other ideas…lol


  3. Suffering is a thing of the past for me now especially being that I’ve finally accepted this entire process for what it is. It’s been an interesting 6 years for sure. These days I will sometimes find myself going through cycles where I am seemingly fine and then I’m sad, but it’s an (energy) imbalance I can’t seem to control so I just feel the feelings and move through and passed it all the best I can. It truly is what it is.

    I love him to my very core and fighting that anymore is so futile. I agree with so many others when they say that it will all come to fruition when the time is right.

    Try to stay away from any feelings that you feel are based on “false hope” or “wishful thinking” as that’s the head/ego getting its way. Do your best to feel the truth in your heart. Don’t bother trying to “figure” anything out….feel that awful frustration that comes up naturally and move through it. The universe is most definitely in control of these connections so if opportunities for relationships in your life are meant to happen, know that they will as there are reasons for them, otherwise all you can really do is hang in there and continue doing your own internal work. I really do think some of us are meant to heal/grow on our own while others heal/grow in relationships.

    One thing is for certain at this point for me…..I will be ready for him 🙂

  4. Thanks Shannon….your words help…and certainly make sense! I need to learn to chill and focus on other things!


  5. You are very welcome. I know words can seem like a “bandaid” in all this when really all we want are answers and to just know, but it’s that control of the “need to know” that we unfortunately need to let go of. It seems endless sometimes, I know.

    It’s nice when you connect with someone who makes you feel “not alone” on this TF journey. I know for me there is not one person in my life having this experience as it truly is my own.


  6. Dear Shannon, I find a lot of wisdom in your words: “I really do think some of us are meant to heal/grow on our own while others heal/grow in relationships.” I think all relationships, help us to grow/heal too. But even if a person is not in a relationship with a wife-husband there are other relationships that can help us to grow/heal like mother, father, brothers, sisters, friends, coworkers relationships, etc. all people around us is alway bringing something good to us.