Happy Thanksgiving ~ Gratitude Within and Without

On this day of Thanksgiving, may you feel the abundance all around you and absolutely within you ~ may you know that no matter what you are experiencing right now in your life, all is unfolding in its beautiful and perfect way. Stay connected to your heart, stay connected to the wellspring of love that is you ~ there is so much to be thankful for, today and always. Find those things, remember those things ~ be in gratitude for all the seeds you have planted knowing they are blossoming, and give thanks now for their blooming. I am so very much in gratitude for all of you, as my life would not be the same without. I am thankful for the love that my Beloved and I are, for the family (soul and biological) that is around me, for all that I have created up to this point and all that I AM creating. Everything ~ the past, present, and future have merged into union as ONE. With this truth, my heart has nothing to wish for, for all is right here with me to bask within, and so it is. If you feel inspired, feel free to express what you are thankful for below.

Sending waves of love from my heart to yours,

~Gabriella Hartwell

3 Comments on “Happy Thanksgiving ~ Gratitude Within and Without

  1. A little belate, but Dear Gabriella and everybody here in this site: Happy Thanksgiving! Sorry, I was so busy fixing my turkey, my Christmas tree, and Christmas lights.
    Love to everybody

  2. Today is the first day in advent and I am wishing everybody over here a beautiful, blessed Christmas time as we prepare ourselves for the light and love to truly enter in at Christmas.

    May all of us be open to the light in the darkness, the miracles happening along the way, the beautiful love we can feel so close during this time of year and may we take some time each day to light a candle, to feel the Christmas spirit, to feel the angels all around us.

    Lots of sweet love to everybody