Twin Flame Union is About the Eternal Deep Unconditional Love and the Mission

Many of you who are on the twin flame journey and have been on it for a while have probably found yourself searching on the internet, reading books, talking with others about this whole experience, to understand it, since it is so complex, full of emotions and connection which goes beyond the body and this lifetime. I myself have done the same thing. Much of what you read or hear from me has come from my connection to all that is, Spirit, Divine Energy, whatever you would like to call it as my specific message to bring forth at this particular time regarding twin flame union, re-union, love.

What I wanted to bring forth is the seemingly dualistic messages that the twin flame relationship is about romance and love OR it is about the mission that twin flames take on together to serve the world in some way. Very rarely have I found information that links both of these together…and this is the place that Spirit has guided me to reside in. Through this, I would like to explain just what I mean by that. First, there are three parts to the twin flame relationship (on two levels). The first three part aspect of the twin flame union is this

1. Love for the self
2. Love for each other
3. Love for the world

and the other three part aspect is

1. Healing of Self (both twins)
2. Healing with each other
3. Healing with the world.

So what does that mean? Many of you may have heard me talk about the number 11 and how it relates to twin flames and relationships. 1 and 1 exist on their own as whole beings yet when they come together, they create an extension of their completeness and create 11. Hence this is the three parts to the relationship:

1. one twin flame,
2. the other twin flame
3. and the twin flames together.

Both of these three parts to the whole relationship need to be cultivated, healed and loved. There needs to be a healthy relationship to self in order to have a healthy loving relationship with your twin flame and in order to come together to vibrate on the deep frequency of unconditional love to share that love with the world in service together. Part of this three part aspect of the twin flame union/relationship is about being committed to healing, for in order to have a healthy relationship with your self, you do need to be aware what is coming up in each moment recognizing that it is YOUR stuff, and allowing yourself to feel and shift through it. This way both twins can allow for their own process of individual healing and growth, while also being able to hold hands together, literally and figuratively, through this transformative process which is so much a part of this union and relationship (and all soul mate relationships).

Now, yes, I do agree that the twin flame relationship/union IS for the purpose of serving love to the world in whatever way those particular souls chose to bring love to the world. This is the main focus of this relationship BECAUSE at the point of twin flames choosing to come together in love, they have reached a point of their unified consciousness where their self is merged together with the depth of unconditional love that they individually and together WANT to give all of this love to others, knowing it increases their love (all three parts – the self, their union and the world). You can see the circle and three parts of this love:

1. as the love increases within one twin flame as an individual, and the other twin flame as an individual (as 1’s)…

2. they then share it with each other, increasing their love for themselves (creating the 11)…

3. and then extend this love to the world (increasing the oneness and love vibration). (1+1=11)

What then happens is that the love given out from the twin flame couple goes back to each 1 of the twin flame couple, they share it with each other again and then again, give more to their service to the world/others, hence the circle of increasing love.

From what I have received, it is now time for us to bring unconditional love and all that it encompasses back onto Earth. In order to release duality, we need duality to see and let it go…just like we need to surrender everything to let everything in…so I honor both those that say the twin flame union/relationship is about the romance and love as well as those that say it is about the mission. I am guided to bring forth the message that it IS both. We have for so long, as a society, been a part of separation, and it is now time to bring union fully in, to embrace all of what that means…we have learned or heard that love/the honeymoon stage of a relationship (in other words, love) lasts for a period of time and ends…that we need to focus on ANYTHING BUT the love. I am here to say that the twin flame union is about LOVE…love of self, love of each other, love for all that is. Therefore, you cannot take on a mission together if there is not love of self and love of each other. We have received TOO long that we need to surrender being able to have deep romantic, eternal all encompassing love that goes WAY beyond the human minds’ capacity to perceive, because of whatever reason you attach to the why. Spirit, God, WE have chosen this experience to truly do just that, EXPERIENCE it all…all of the love, deeper and deeper, to move beyond the limitations of this human experience, because we only have limitations if we believe in limitations.

The twin flame union/relationship is about releasing limitations on all levels and moving into this deep unconditional love for all that is, including the self, the other and each other. I feel that it is important to know that the focus on the desire to bring out the importance of the mission that many have been saying is because we can’t just focus on the LOVE, which is absolutely AMAZINGly and ALL WAYS present with twin flames, but we also have to be committed, deeply to healing all of the three aspects of the twin flame relationship (self, each other and the world). All three go hand in hand…loving and healing all three. YES, there is romance and deep love as part of the twin flame union and yet it also is about the mission. As I said earlier on here, when we reach the point of this unified consciousness within ourselves, we realize that our love and desire to be with our twin flame is truly about sharing that deep love and consciousness with the world, yet the love that is present with self and the twin is so much a part of sharing this love and consciousness with the world. They all build upon each other and there is NO separation between them…they all add onto each other as we rise higher and higher in the frequency of unconditional love, which is limitless and infinite.

*Note: this will be shared in much more detail in my book due out in 2012, Rising Up the Ladder of Love, From Soul Mates to Twin Flame: The Path of Union Consciousness Stay tuned!

5 Comments on “Twin Flame Union is About the Eternal Deep Unconditional Love and the Mission

  1. YES!!!! YESS!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!! What you have written is EXACTLY what I have been mentoring living and being all these years. THANK YOU! We both have been writing this out there because you are SO right there is much about one or the other rather than the marriage of both. It is both/and rather than either or! THANK YOU!!!! I love you so dearest sistar! WOW! YESSSS!!!! ~Nenari

  2. I know that we like to break things down into steps to help us understand the TF experience…loving (or healing) self, each other, the world. My experience has been more holistic than sequential. It doesn’t happen linearly…I don’t love myself, then my TF, then the world in that particular order. Sometimes I experience love/healing with my TF and then accept myself and the world more fully. Sometimes I work on healing myself, knowing that it extends love to my TF and the world. And sometimes I feel the joy of living on this sweet world and express that to my TF and others. Love reflects in all directions. Just saying- you don’t have to love and heal yourself fully before loving/healing each other and the world…it is an integrated process.

  3. Sidney,

    Thank you for your comment as I totally agree with you…as I was breaking down the three aspects of the building of love in the twin flame relationship/love, I was in no way placing them in that order…it completely goes without saying that the love can be from self, then to the twin, then to the world, or to the world, then self, then the twin and so many other ways of placing these…yet all three are affected when love is being shared, healing or growth, since all are interconnected. I also agree with you that you do not have to love or have healed yourself *completely* in order to share deep love with your twin and/or the world, for in sharing this love, the healing and loving is experienced and increased…and that really is the beauty in it. It is a continuous, increasing and building of deep love with affects all that is.

  4. Gabriella, This is a late reply I know however I love reading your previous entries as they resonate with us all depending on the point we are at in our personal journey.
    Having recently met my twin flame in the physical around two months ago I have since had an awakening and experienced a calling to release my old self and embrace unconditional love for God, myself & others and of course my beloved. Currently my TF is in the running phase and as cut contact( well in the physical sense anyway! ) now I am embracing the hallenge to raise my vibration and allow the universe to do its thing- in divine timing. Of course I’m not sure if TF is yet awakened and even though I state he is the runner I must admit sometimes I have felt I was running from myself. The synchronicities in every day life such as 11:11 have only increased during this time which shows I am on the right path.
    Thankyou for your words of wisdom and what an experience this is !
    Peace, Aaron.

  5. Dear Gabriella,
    Thank you for all of your work in the TF arena.
    It’s been very helpful to me in my own TF journey.
    It’s appears I’m about to move into the final phases!

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