The Journey is About Experiencing the Journey and Flowing Within It

I wanted to share some lines from my Soul Journey Man piece that I feel is relevant here. Destinations are never a completion, for the journey is still ongoing. The journey is the process of moving through the destination, into the destination, and joining the soul, the journey, the man, which is the destiny of all – this is the journey. The destination therefore falls away, for it is not a place. Just as Sleeping Beauty mentioned that she felt a divine happiness within and that with each encounter with the twin brings a burst of spiritual growth…the journey is to allow ourselves to delve within (divine – dive in) to our own divinity, with the help of our twin…just as in Sleeping Beauty’s dream, her twin flame gave her that white flower…we all know by now that our twin flames are mirrors for our own love, our own self, our own awakening/enlightenment…when we accept that fully and no longer resist each moment, then we realize that we are within the destination rather than trying to get to it…experiencing it ever deeper with each unfolding moment. SO beautiful! And so much love building ALL the time…increasing the excitement to share it and spread it around!

I had a conversation with someone yesterday and she asked me, “how can we stay in the moment when we notice the signs and it pushes us into expectation for when things will happen?” This is a really good question. This journey is so much about balance – within and without – and when we understand that the destination is not our focus but the journey as it is all ONE, then we allow ourselves to BE in the divine flow…and the divine flow aids us in understanding and becoming aware of the universal language of the universe, which is in numbers, synchronicities, sounds, silence, etc, as we are then able to recognize the insights, signs, guidance that come which bring us into inspired action as we are guided. However, this is different from being in the space of looking for the signs and then trying to figure them out…when you connect with and understand the universal language, you just flow with it, and you know how essential every moment, every step on the journey is, as this brings you completely into the moment (although also very excited for what your intuition is gifting you with what is unfolding) but you have now moved into the state of balance and harmony with the flow of it all, as you know that it is all ONE. Love to all of you – hugs all around!!!

P.S. I have always felt how warm and sweet it feels when people share their experiences along the journey to bring the words into a way that you can see how things unfold…and I feel guided to share with you all how things have been unfolding on my journey recently. Last year when I visited my family, my uncle went into the hospital and was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. He has been battling this since then and in March was placed on the list to receive a liver transplant. It can be rare and sometimes impossible for someone to get a liver transplant, and we were finding that to be the case…however, as things in my experience have been progressing forward to jointly be with my twin flame in all ways to be intimately and co-creatively sharing our love and messages with the world, things took an amazing miraculous turn! I was receiving messages and seeing the synchronicities of my returning to LA (right now am in MA visiting family) yet nonetheless I honored exactly where I was at in the present moments, knowing that all is perfect and all will unfold as it is meant to, and I only take action when I get a strong inspired nudging to do so…so then, on Saturday evening, I received a beautiful email from my twin expressing that LA will welcome me back with warm hugs full of love when the time comes, that everything is unfolding NOW (hence the journey)…and then 2 hours after that, we get a call from the hospital saying that they found a liver for my uncle and to come right away!!!!! How amazing…so I spent Saturday night and most of Sunday in the hospital as my uncle went through this surgery…now my soul knows that there was no way that I could have left MA until this miraculous situation unfolded for my uncle!!! I do know that at the perfect moment my twin will be in the physical presence with my uncle (for there are “past life” experiences to be healed and love to be shared) but all in its perfect time and order. All is always, in all ways, unfolding now…and I give this reassurance as well as the deepest vibrations of love within my being to ALL of you! *warm hugs*

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  1. Dear Joana,

    AWAKE ….*sweet smiles* … yes, this is truly what this is all about …. 🙂

    “Enjoy The Journey” …. WOW, what a wonderful message, oh thank you so much for sharing !!!!

    I would say to the angels who are saying this to us: “we’re trying, and please help us a bit and cheer us up”

    and the angels would answer: “Yes, this is what we’re doing, haven’t you noticed all the signs we’re sending?”

    Yes, we have ! 🙂

    About the two paths separating and rejoining … I have also a picture for it, an image …. it’s a heart !

    It’s a bit tricky to describe without showing, but I’ll try my best and hope you will be able to follow 😉

    When you start right at the top in the middle, and image to trace the heart with both hands, one hand draws the left half and starts in the middle, going up , around the corner, and then down to the meeting point at the bottom while your right hand is doing just the same with the other path. So both hands moving simultaneously, one on the left “path”, and one on the right one, starting in the middle and tracing the whole way up, around and back down, until they finally meet at the same time at the bottom of the heart.:-)

    There is even more:
    now our two hands are doing this and feeling so separate while going each their way … the hands representing the twinflames ….. but when you look down at your body, you realize that your hands belong to the same body and they are also moved by the same brain that knows they will arrive at their pre-destined meeting point just in time. 🙂

    So much love to you, dear Joana and to everybody,


  2. Ah Delphina,
    i looooove sooo much reading your descriptions, thank you so much…i just have to smile when i read it. Please share it with us whenever you fill guided. Much love to you and everybody 🙂

  3. other than flames. a spirit who is with me forever; dead, people see her in me. whats above a flame… and now my boy Mike. i like him too and he makes me happy. bleh sleep. nvm talk tommorrow

  4. HELP MEH GABRIELLA AND FRIENDS. Haha. Hello again, (today, twin flame numbers all over again, and I argued with my flame -_-) Listened to a song called 11:11 PM and the time was 4:07 and I remembered that I heard this song first, when I had a crush on my flame and we began to hate each other. So nonetheless, I am always thinking of him. UGH. He was on somebody else’s account and I could sense it was him. It was ridiculous. SO I indirectly said rude things I used to say when we were friends, and he just kept saying I was gay, until I spewed out that I wasn’t gay, I hated sex, I longed for a masculine counterpart right now. and he said, well, sex had nothing to… well it does, but you are still gay. and he said for me to get out of his face, so I just called him racist and almost told him he was my flame and ran away, but instead I told him to ublock me because he has me blocked on facebook, for literally no friggin reason. So I am sure he is mine, his name is Elijah. Lately I have been so uncertain about flames, but embracing Eli as my flame was my heart’s desire because it is truth with ego aside. I am so very lustful though, and I am becoming sick of it. Literally, and I learned that I radiated lustful energy towards Eli, and he ran from it, which is why he isn’t ready. Gosh. Well, at least my Mom and I fixed this issue I’ve had for 5 years, and I forgave my Dad because of a dream. Also, I am on a journey to give up lust, balance my energies, and learn, is their something else powerful like a flame, because my sister isn’t my flame, but she passed and I am like her shadow to people. It is so weird I get treated oddly and they look at me and tell me things I’ll never remember.