The Journey is About Experiencing the Journey and Flowing Within It

I wanted to share some lines from my Soul Journey Man piece that I feel is relevant here. Destinations are never a completion, for the journey is still ongoing. The journey is the process of moving through the destination, into the destination, and joining the soul, the journey, the man, which is the destiny of all – this is the journey. The destination therefore falls away, for it is not a place. Just as Sleeping Beauty mentioned that she felt a divine happiness within and that with each encounter with the twin brings a burst of spiritual growth…the journey is to allow ourselves to delve within (divine – dive in) to our own divinity, with the help of our twin…just as in Sleeping Beauty’s dream, her twin flame gave her that white flower…we all know by now that our twin flames are mirrors for our own love, our own self, our own awakening/enlightenment…when we accept that fully and no longer resist each moment, then we realize that we are within the destination rather than trying to get to it…experiencing it ever deeper with each unfolding moment. SO beautiful! And so much love building ALL the time…increasing the excitement to share it and spread it around!

I had a conversation with someone yesterday and she asked me, “how can we stay in the moment when we notice the signs and it pushes us into expectation for when things will happen?” This is a really good question. This journey is so much about balance – within and without – and when we understand that the destination is not our focus but the journey as it is all ONE, then we allow ourselves to BE in the divine flow…and the divine flow aids us in understanding and becoming aware of the universal language of the universe, which is in numbers, synchronicities, sounds, silence, etc, as we are then able to recognize the insights, signs, guidance that come which bring us into inspired action as we are guided. However, this is different from being in the space of looking for the signs and then trying to figure them out…when you connect with and understand the universal language, you just flow with it, and you know how essential every moment, every step on the journey is, as this brings you completely into the moment (although also very excited for what your intuition is gifting you with what is unfolding) but you have now moved into the state of balance and harmony with the flow of it all, as you know that it is all ONE. Love to all of you – hugs all around!!!

P.S. I have always felt how warm and sweet it feels when people share their experiences along the journey to bring the words into a way that you can see how things unfold…and I feel guided to share with you all how things have been unfolding on my journey recently. Last year when I visited my family, my uncle went into the hospital and was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. He has been battling this since then and in March was placed on the list to receive a liver transplant. It can be rare and sometimes impossible for someone to get a liver transplant, and we were finding that to be the case…however, as things in my experience have been progressing forward to jointly be with my twin flame in all ways to be intimately and co-creatively sharing our love and messages with the world, things took an amazing miraculous turn! I was receiving messages and seeing the synchronicities of my returning to LA (right now am in MA visiting family) yet nonetheless I honored exactly where I was at in the present moments, knowing that all is perfect and all will unfold as it is meant to, and I only take action when I get a strong inspired nudging to do so…so then, on Saturday evening, I received a beautiful email from my twin expressing that LA will welcome me back with warm hugs full of love when the time comes, that everything is unfolding NOW (hence the journey)…and then 2 hours after that, we get a call from the hospital saying that they found a liver for my uncle and to come right away!!!!! How amazing…so I spent Saturday night and most of Sunday in the hospital as my uncle went through this surgery…now my soul knows that there was no way that I could have left MA until this miraculous situation unfolded for my uncle!!! I do know that at the perfect moment my twin will be in the physical presence with my uncle (for there are “past life” experiences to be healed and love to be shared) but all in its perfect time and order. All is always, in all ways, unfolding now…and I give this reassurance as well as the deepest vibrations of love within my being to ALL of you! *warm hugs*

To read through all the comments that led to this response, you may go here: Twin Flames, Twin Earthquakes, Twin Towers ~ Twins Receding and Reseeding ~ Rising in Love

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54 Comments on “The Journey is About Experiencing the Journey and Flowing Within It

  1. Dreariest Gabriella !
    So glad to hear about your TF journey! It must be so exciting for you !!!!! We look forward to hearing more about your experiences . Sending love energies to you on your journey. In that same dream when my TF gave that white flower I also had a weird sensation. I was thinking how white he is looking. He is normally not so fair looking and so I was wondering how he is looking so white !!!! I came to remember this later on only. I had forgotten about it and it Just came into my thoughts yesterday. What could be the significance?

  2. Sleeping Beauty!

    Yes it is extremely exciting for me!!!!! And I look forward to sharing more of the experiences! This whiteness is really beautiful…white is the presence of all color, it is the complete energy of light! If you recall from reading the post about Twins Receding and Reseeding ~ I shared in there the lines from the song (I ran so far away) the lines, “I’m floating in a beam of light with you, a beam of light with youuuu…” and this is SO relevant for your twin actually looking so white, for he is transcending form (as are you) as are all of us, into light, into literally light beings…we are bringing the light from our unified consciousness throughout our human forms to change form and transcend form, into the light, as we illuminate as 1, and as 11, the love within around!!! The fact that you felt a weird sensation when he gave you the white flower is further evidence that you are lighting up too, and becoming an ever brighter beam of light!! as one, together! How powerful and divine is this! Believe me, I know about those sensations, talk about vibrating and tingling on a massive scale ~ no words can do the feelings justice, but they are sweetness in their completeness!!!!!

  3. Dearest Gabriella !
    Thank you and I feel so moved !!! I wonder why TF relationships come so later on into life. Would it not be great if TF relationships fructify at a younger age and happier couples create more stability and happiness all round ! Can we not have romance in
    TF relationship ? Is it only about divine love and so it comes on later stages of life? If there is divine love and romance , oooooohh…. Wouldn’t it be perfect ??wishful thinking …??!! Sometimes I wonder if TF relationship is only about learning lessons… Are we not entitled to some just ordinary happiness , like cuddling, sharing sunrise,, etc,etc.

  4. Sleeping beauty,
    i understand your questions completely, every time when i read your post i get a feeling that we are in the similar phase right now, i was thinking about that too the last few days.
    i think, and i tried to remember what i was always wishing all my life and feeling so deep, feeling that truth inside of me about love, i actually recalled that feeling…i think that love between TFs is love in it`s full sense, gentle, comfortable, compassionate, non-judgmental, sweet…when i`m feeling it i just have that gentle feeling…that kind of love creates by itself all that little joys, happiness…this is how i see it or should i say my inner child. i just want to enjoy in my TF and share with him and other people that happines, i always wanted that, it`s in my core my whole life. Finding out about the mission and TFs i got so many answers and i grew up so much, but i felt that need to go back and remember that feeling that i had, that i have…now it`s all happening and i “forgot” my knowing, my inner wish about my beloved, he finally came to me and that wish will manifest in it`s all fullness…i think we will have that ordinary happiness and cuddling if we feel it and therefor wishing it. We/I focused so much on the mission and we forgot that we are talking about LOVE, love that includes are WHOLE being and there is no grater happines then this.

  5. Dearest Sleeping Beauty!

    TF relationships do not always come at a later age. It varies depending on each of the souls intentions for creation in a lifetime. Twins always meet at the perfect moment in which the souls have planned, whether it be earlier or later in life. However, people being aware of twin soul relationships from early on might open that energy to set in motion such an encounter much sooner…and cheers to that happening with the twins that are reuniting in all ways soon and ones that have already reunited!!!

    For so long, the spiritual and the physical essence have been separated though all along the intention is to be in union. This actually goes back to the very beginning of creation in human form, some people call it The Garden of Eden. When the knowledge of “opposites” came into the human mind, it was the start of spiraling down into the depths of creating and experiencing separation, yet before this there was complete and total union with the oneness. Men and women (and all combinations of expressing and being love in partnership) were created to be the embodiment of God in form, to love in all ways freely without limitations, to be the balance in harmony of masculine and feminine energies (within and without). What came to me the other day was the word Knowledge ~ when we know, we have arrived at the ledge of creation, and depending on where that knowing is coming from (union or separation) determines where we jump and what our experience will be. To get more of an idea of how we have created the separation while desiring the full union between “opposites,” between male and female energies, you might want to listen to the song here and read what I wrote: The Blood of Eden ~ There is No Separation and also this post is relevant: Twin Flame Union is About the Eternal Deep Unconditional Love and the Mission.

    For so long, we have been living and loving in the vibration of separation while our souls have been calling for union ~ for love on the deepest levels ~ to experience it all in form and to be this embodiment of divine love, in romance, in friendship, all various ways (in friendship and romance as one, in harmony). Many twin flame teachers share on the importance of the mission of twin flames. I do agree that the intended mission is paramount per the souls intention, however part of that mission is bringing the focus and balance back to sacred oneness, which can only be done in the vibration of union, with no limitations or restrictions!!! So I say YES! to romance in the twin flame relationship – and that romance is on the deepest levels for the love is truly eternal, limitless, and pure!! When twin flames on their own, as the 1, chooses to reside within the purity of love, seeing, being, feeling the oneness and union present in every moment and all things AND they come together in physical union, it IS absolutely perfect, for they become the embodiment of GOD (male and female) in form ~ hence their power in love for creation and enhancing the love for all is manifold ~ abundance for all as ONE!!!

    The twin flame relationship/love is not about “learning lessons,” but about remembering the divine truths so as to release the illusions so that they can reveal the truth to every ONE! as they become that truth beyond form (in the light) and in form. YES!!! Twin flames are meant to be able to share in all the beauty of expressing, sharing and being love with each other, such as cuddling, making love, watching the sunrise/sunset, and any little thing their hearts desire. They are meant to be the balance of both their physical (human) presence and their spiritual (divine) essence! In this union, all dualities break down, and full oneness/balance is restored for not only the twins, but for all that is ~ for ALL of us!!! Divine love and romance…I say YES to it all!!!!!

    Sunshine love,

    You bring out a great point which is further expounded on in my post link above with the eternal love and mission of the twin flame, for it is about the LOVE (which includes the mission!) and also it does include our WHOLE being, that of that wholeness within and then without. The merging of the masculine and feminine energies inside is of honoring both the receptive female and the action oriented aspect of the masculine (among so many other attributes to both) as part of who you are…and knowing the oneness that you are already as a WHOLE being, which you then join with and extend onto when you join spiritually, mentally, physically with your twin flame…and then this balance is shared with everything and everyone else. It is such a joy to share about this LOVE!!!

    And how glorious the signs of the universe, as you mentioned Sunshine are to remind us that everything is weaved so intimately together, and in such deep connection. I saw two license plates today ~ 2Art1 and 911ALU ~ make of them what you will but they touched my heart!

    Thank you to you both for your energies this evening!!! You have lifted me up and remind me just how blessed I am to be doing what I am doing, and to have gathered you here with me on this site. Love to you both, and to all!!!!

  6. Gabriella, i really feel that love in my heart, i`m feeling so blessed finding this blog, thank you again! Love to you all!

  7. Dearest Gabriella,
    your words increase the frequency of love for us and thank you. What is spiritual marriage between tein flames? Will the twin flames have to be togethr physically for this to happen and what is the significance of spiritual marriage and how is it different from usual human marriages? Could you please expand on this?

  8. You are so welcome Sunshine. I am also so happy that you have been guided and found your way here!

    Dearest Sleeping Beauty!

    First, I’d like to thank you for your questions as you’ve been assisting Source to bring through pieces together for this next book!! Spiritual marriage is one of the Spirit ~ our spirits are the life force that flows through us. It is our essence which is not limited by form. This essence is eternal and always experiencing, creating, loving with our bodies. Our spiritual presence is not tainted with any beliefs or constructs we may follow. Our spiritual being is pure, divine, unconditional, sweet love. A spiritual marriage is one where the life forces (spirits) of both twin flames are merged. Since Spirit always has been, IS, and always will BE (always present in union/oneness), the spirits of both twins are already married.

    Twin flames do not have to be together physically for them to be in spiritual marriage for they are already in it. If a twin flame is in human marriage with a soul mate, they are still spiritually in union (as it always IS) with the twin flame. This is why I always express that love shared is love shared with all. Love of Spirit is all inclusive. Think of a plant that needs water to breathe yet this plant is made up of water. Now think of it never getting “enough” or too much of that water ~ envision it having a limitless, truly infinite capacity to receive more of what it is. This is how we are, our true, divine spiritual energy flows with this infinity of love for it is LOVE. There are no exceptions, there is just total acceptance and openness to receive this love.

    Human marriages ~ even how we have perceived our humanness ~ has been clouded with restrictions, limitations and fear that we have created responses and behaviors which can bring us into the experience of separation with each other. If we focus and see the love/union, separation on all levels cannot exist. Our perceptions and creations of and within human marriage have been “boxed in,” as we attempt to create in this box without realizing that we are the ones who have placed ourselves within it and therefore, we are the ones to bring us ALL out of it. Human marriage is meant to be the joining of 2 as 1 with God in the middle. Hence there are 3, all creation comes from this Trinity. Now, the difference here with God is that YOU are a piece of God as we are ALL God as ONE together. As you connect with your God energy ~ your Beloved energy ~ you see that all is love ~ you are love so you are inspired to be that love and allow yourself to be loved. The Beloved flow is always emotion (energy in motion) ~ love flowing in ~ love flowing out (around and everywhere). God is this Beloved energy. Human energy is meant to be two beings (or more, depending on choice but that’s another chapter) joining their spirits (love) with their Beloved Energy, to be this love and receive this love from each other and all that is. This way there is no possession, rather both are being, and no narrowed view of only the human/physical aspect of union/marriage. Spirits are free as our creations, the foundation of all creations, are meant for us to be free as one, and as ONE.

    When you join the spiritual marriage with the human marriage, WOW!!! These couples become the profound image of God ~ the Beloved energy in motion, always in creation!

  9. Thank you dearest Gabriella for this explanation. Of late wherever, I turn I seem to being getting signs of marriage, like I turn on the TV I see a whole game show where all the groups are singing marriage songs, then again I turn on the Tv I see a scene of a marriage ritual ,then at another time I see a dialogue between two about marriAge… Then again yesterday, as I was in prayer I got this feeling about spiritual marriage from my TF. Something saying there will be spiritual marriAge. I was not able to connect these synchronicities, which is why I asked about spiritual marriage. If TFs are already married spiritually, why am I getting all these signs or synchronicities. I wonder if there is a message or something to learn from this for all of us…Gabriella?

  10. Sweet Sleeping Beauty!

    Yes, TF’s are already married spiritually for their spirits and souls are one. As above, so below. When you know you are already married to your TF spiritually, you feel this oneness and all of your energetic pieces move into alignment. Your hearts are one full of the pure, divine love that you are. You become a living vessel of this love. To do this, you experience your spiritual essence through the human journey with the intention to merge them both with your awakened consciousness. You move further into the flow of this sacred Universe as a result…the souls intentions for creation/service are activated. This is where synchronicities come in to guide you…

    Spiritual marriage is the alignment of the heart/Spirits/love within and then both twins bring all of this into full expression in form. You are remembering this oneness that already is and therefore you become one with your own Spirit. You merge with your own heart. You align with your divine, true essence as you be a living expression of LOVE. All the limitations from the outside have no control over you nor do they influence you for you have moved inside. This sets in motion the call to your TF to awaken in remembering your love and oneness. In remembering, you align as one, you are activated as one in love and you ascend (continuous rising in vibration and love). This is limitless and expansive. This is the experience of your spiritual marriage. You do not have to be together physically for this to happen because this is an alignment and activation of the Spirit, of love. Remembering, feeling, being this love and oneness is what becomes married/joined. Once this happens, the physical bodies become the extension and expression of this marriage of the spirits. The difference with usual, human marriages is that they join the bodies and start playing out the roles and rules placed upon the marriage/love relationship rather than joining their love and oneness. Love is viewed, experienced and expressed differently. As we move forward in our ascension, these spiritual marriages will be happening on more of a massive scale and marriages that were not joined of the spirit will fall away for love and oneness will be the focus. Marriage is not about fulfilling roles or living “The American Dream,” it is about service and Divine Love. You focus on being that living vessel of love which brings about the remembering and the experience of becoming spiritually married to your TF. The signs reflect where you are but they also inspire you to action. In this spiritual marriage and the joining of the human marriage with it, instead of 2 as 1, you ARE 1 as 2. Your whole energetic vibration moves into alignment with your spiritual essence. You become this love beyond form and in form! !! !!!

    Insight (the sight/knowing/remembering from within) Inspiration (in Spirit ~in love creation) In Spirit (in love and oneness)

    Love to all of you!

  11. Dearest Gabriella!
    That was indeed an in depth analysis …!! As,you said we have to dive in deeper and deeper to find out more and more about our spiritual essence and how to merge it with the human experience. As I read your posts I am now able to understand that TFs are just one soul and self love is supreme in this journey. It’s all about going inside and aligning with the universal truths. It is indeed astounding and so limitless that I wonder if we can comprehend all that in this short time and really ascend. But then it is a journey and as you say the signs show us where we are at each stage.
    Now at each step I become aware of some new concept and the understanding dawns on me. But still so much to go…!! But when we look back we see how far we have come. Love and gratitude to you for giving so much guidance in this divine journey. I realise now that my TF is a masculine manifestation and i am the feminine manifestation and there is no separation for us. This gives me divine peace and happiness. Looking forward to the union of spiritual and human marriages ! The ultimate ..!! Love to you all !! And thank you from the bottom of my heart and look forward to your guidance always.

  12. I’m really enjoying reading your posts, these are answering many of my own questions, thanks to everybody here in this site and love to all of you.

  13. Joana,

    I am SO glad that you are enjoying the posts and receiving from them! You are so welcome and thank you for being here!!

    Dearest Sleeping Beauty!

    Yes, twin flames are ONE soul, exactly, and there is no separation! You are so right in that self love has such an important/essential piece in this journey. We are truly limitless beings that are constantly taking in more and more of this awesomeness of our expanded consciousness, bringing it all into community in unity with one another. This is where we are…and it’s beautiful!! I accept your love and gratitude and send waves of the same back to you. I’m always here.

    Just wanted to give a reminder to everyone here – we are already within the oneness because we have never left it, we are already in this oneness as one with our TF (and the journey is about experiencing this as we bring it into form in all the ways we desire), and we are already in our ascension as one (on our own) and ONE together…just as we are rising up the ladder of love…we are rising in vibration and oneness/love (which is what ascension is). This is why it is so important to continue to connect within and let all that doesn’t bring you higher go…choose what you watch, what you listen to, who you spend time with, when you need to be in silence/meditation, etc…for the more you keep your vibrations up, the more we are all raised up as ONE. We are in this all together!!!

  14. I wanted to share with everyone the recent news ~ my uncle is being released from the hospital today ~ as I mentioned in this post, he had gone for the liver transplant ~ and within his coming home tonight, I feel the emotion (energy in motion) of the journey unfolding. SO beautiful how when we trust the flow and the journey, we see how things unfold in their perfect way to create order within what we could perceive as “chaos,” and how we might not know how it will all come into being right away, but the journey as it’s always unfolding brings about the revealing of each piece of the puzzle fitting into its place.

    Sending you all the peace within my heart for experiencing this journey of both the spiritual essence and physical presence. Love, love, love, hopes and dreams with love, love, love. Love you!

  15. Dear Gabriella,

    These posts are beautiful, and I feel the deep love that you have tapped into. It sounds like you have chosen to be in a committed relationship with your twin. Is that correct?

    The man who I feel is my twin, and whom I have introduced to this path of Sacred Relationship, is still involved with someone else, long distance, and he is trying to figure out WHO is really his twin, from his head, and not his heart. He never knew about the twinflame relationship before we met, and his whole world was turned upsidedown, upon our meeting, and he ran. He refuses to commit to either one of us, and keeps us both wondering about WHO he will choose, which I feel is creating more separation than oneness. When issues of truth come out, he gets angry at me, and becomes judgemental and projects his wounds onto me, and then apologizes, until he does it again, the next time. He knows it has nothing to do with me. This has been going on for years now. He said that your last month’s post about you loving your soulmate brings more love to your twin, and loving your twin brings more love to your soulmate (which is a very high concept), is what he feels he is doing, but yet he ignores me when she comes to visit him, and often when she is not even here, and he does not allow our relationship or the other to fully unfold. He has actually withdrawn his love from me, says he doesn’t want to lead me on , & he doesn’t want to “hurt” anyone, and often refuses to accept my love for him, because it wouldn’t be right, given his “other relationship”. I feel he is using all of this as an excuse not to face his own fear of commitment and of not being in his heart. He has admitted this to me. My heart hurts as I keep letting go, keep praying to God for guidance, and do my best to love, despite the pain of all of this. I am still human, and feel ready to share with just one man, so that it is a full expression of the oneness that we have shared over and over. Each time we get close, & feel this beautiful oneness, he closes it down, and says he is still with the other woman. I have felt the Unity consciousness oneness within myself, as well as with him. We have both spoken with you before, and the advice you gave him was to make a choice, and he never listened to you. He has still not made a choice, and I want to keep expanding my heart, and yet my heart feels hurt at his lack of indecision. I keep surrendering to God, and yet I don’t want to fool myself about this relationship. If it is for the highest good, I will let go of this relationship again, as I have had to do many times over. I feel that there is only one twin, and one cannot try to figure out in the “head” WHO is one’s twin. I will keep holding a space of love, and feel ready to be in a committed relationship which unfolds with only one man. I appreciate your feedback.

    Much love, dear one

  16. Dear Gabriella,

    Can you please delete my comment most recently posted? I realize that it is up to me, to LOVE, and that the details of who is a twinflame or not are really for God to decide, not me.

    I have experienced states of Divine Love and Unity consciousness, and feel so blessed by them. If I continue to do that alone, or with a partner, doesn’t really matter, as long as I love as much as I can. There is no energy to waste on trying to figure things out, anymore, and it is time to only love.

    Bless you, for sharing all of your deep insights with all of us, and for sharing your love.

    Much love to you, dear one,

    Divine Femme

  17. Divine femme,
    I just want to say, don`t worry about the post. This TF journey has all kind of phases and they all serve us. One day we think, feel one thing, next day it`s something else. Every step lead us to the next. Much love!

  18. Dear Sunshine,

    Thank you for writing. That is so kind of you. Wish we could correspond personally. I’ve been going through alot of challenge on many levels, and today, woke up in a state of diving love and bliss, which is what I believe Gabriella is speaking to here. The twinflame lives within our own hearts, and I have found that my relationship with God comes first, which is so beautiful. We are all one.

    Much love to you, too!!!

  19. Dear Divine Femme,

    What Sunshine has said is so beautiful and accurate, that I’m not sure if you want me to delete the post…because I feel that it absolutely helps us all to witness the emotions that we go through, within being spiritual beings in this human experience, however if you wish me to delete it, please let me know and I will do so. I am so happy to hear what you have expressed ~ in that the important thing is to love, to love as much as you can without placing conditions upon the love that you are, that you be, that you express, for as you love, you enhance the love for all…when we become consciously aware of the twin flame and we encounter the twin flame in the physical, it is a deep soul recognition, which cannot be replaced by another nor ever go away, but we can love ourselves and others into the deeper truth of divine love…and therefore, when emotions come in that bring you to doubting your twin flame, most often than not, this is because of the imbalance of the spiritual with the human parts of who you are…love just loves and knows beyond “knowing,” which as you have expressed, does not place any limitations upon such love. A movie I watched recently, Feast of Love and one of the lines is “you can’t hold someone’s love against them,” which I feel brings out what you have shared so beautifully, and how as we allow those we love to love as they will and ourselves to love as we will, we increase and add onto the love that is ALL of us…not holding the expression of love against anyone, but allowing it to flow. I am sending you such waves of love for your heart to feel even more profoundly the love that you are ~ thank you for expressing your sweet essence. Lots of love for you and to you!

  20. Dear Divine Femme: Me too, I wish Gabriella erase many of my posts, but the reality is that we learn every day about this TF jounney a little more. I like the title of one of the songs that Michael Jackson sings: “I can not stop loving you.” I read in some place in the internet about that the love between TFs is not static, it is always in motion…. even for the TFs who live together, and TFs fall in love over and over again. I feel this way, I can try not to think on my TF, wish not to see him again, and going to live the more far away from him. But the truth, the love for him is there in my heart growing and growing…

  21. Dear Gabriella and Joana,

    Thank you both for sharing yourselves with me and writing. I only asked to delete the post b/c I wouldn’t want him to see what I have written and I feel embarrassed by it, really. I don’t know for certain that he is my twinflame. I know I will always love him, and I feel that a man/woman relationship is very soft, tender, consistent, loving and committed, and it is time to love now, when the planet needs us the most. Yes, it has been very painful, but I continue to love, anyway.

    I keep getting more and more waves of divine love, and they do not compare to human love. That is all I know, right now, as we continue to go through this “ascension” process.

    I send you waves of love, too, Gabriella, as your love runs so deep, it is truly amazing. I am so blessed to know you.

    So much love, and all my blessings,
    Divine Femme

  22. Dear Divine Femme,

    No need to feel embarrassed by your post ~ love all aspects of your being. You are so beautiful, and see how you constantly progress deeper in love, it’s really beautiful. *holding you close in love*

  23. Dear Divine Femme,

    I feel the whole twinflame journey and the exchange in this blog in particular are so very blessed and protected by the LOVE of God and by his angels.
    I can feel all the divine love so clearly and beautifully here and I can also feel all the synchronicities that are happening here so very deeply. There are so many messages on this blog that are touching my heart so much not only because of their contents but also because of the day they were written. Many times on the exact day that was relevant for me (either because of inner processes or because of things on the outside), something appeared on this post with exactly the message I needed in that particular moment, and in this way directing a message directly towards my heart. I feel there are way too many “coincidences” of this kind to be considered “coincidences” …. that don’t exist anyway 😉 .
    So what I’m saying is this: God’s angels are watching over this blog and over all who are writing here and over all that has been written, is being written and is going to be written and over everybody who is going to read here or has read something . In case somebody feels guided to read something, you can be sure that the blessings of God and Life and Love itself will be with what they receive from here and all will be for the higest good for everybody involved.

    I know, how very difficult it is to trust in all of these things that this twinflame journey calls us to trust in. Believe me, I know so very well ….
    Yet this is what it is also about: trusting life, trusting love, trusting so much that the right thing is happening in every moment and that our inner guidance leads us the right way, even if we sometimes have doubts afterwards about what we did.

    One day, you will look back and see what a blessing it was that you did exactly what you did.

    Blessings and waves of love to everyone,

  24. Dear Delphina,
    Your words are so true. All this resonates so well with me. I have also expressed to Gabriella that this blog is divinely blessed and so many coincidences too !!!! On many occasions I have been stunned by the coincidences. Your words are a great source of hope and faith for all the readers here. On many occasions we tend to feel let down and in spite of knowing about TF journey, we have felt disheartened . It is words like yours that keep us going and stay afloat. Thanks for your timely words. Love to you and all here and to Angel Gabriella !!!

  25. Dear Delphina,

    So good to hear from you. I have no idea what this TF journey is about, anymore, and I don’t even know if this man is my TF. We both feel the deep soul connection, but he says he feels it with another woman as well, so I do not want to be part of a triangle anymore, if that makes sense. So, I have begun to wonder about the TF journey itself, even though I have studied this for over 20 years, and have believed in it. It all seems too confusing at the moment.

    I just want to love, and I am doing that, as best I can. I have some extenuating personal circumstances right now, and also ascension symptoms, so it all feels very confusing, with alot of ups and downs.

    Not sure what you mean by I will look back & see it was a blessing that I did exactly what I did, as I’m not sure that I did anything. could you please clarify?

    I appreciate your comments, and your love, and feel blessed to connect with all of you. Not sure if I’ve been communicating clearly what has been bothering me, as it does change from day to day. I just want a healthy relationship with one man, as my relationship with God, is always first, and I trust that God will guide me, as always.

    Love to you all,
    Divine Femme

  26. Dear Sleeping Beauty,

    thank you so much for all you’re writing! Oh, yes, I am aware that you had a lot of coincidences here, too 😉 and have been happy for you each time you wrote about it! :-)I have also been sending you so much love while reading your posts.

    And yes, I also believe and feel with all my heart that each of us on this twinflame journey so much needs uplifting thoughts and words once in a while … or let’s better say: every day …. or even better: all the time 🙂

    For me this twinflame journey is a lot about tapping into the divine wisdom and about developing the trust that all things are being arranged for our highest good and that we are safe in God’s hand.
    Having said all those beautiful things about this blog and how very blessed and protected by angels and all divine helpers I feel everything is over here, I want to add that I think that the same is true for everybody’s twinflame journey.

    I very much feel the divinity of this love, this pure, divine, sincere love, so unconditional and wonderful … and I feel how much this divine love is indeed wanted and even needed in this world, and I feel that God’s angels are guiding each one of us in so many ways, and are protecting each one of us at all times and are always in the process of arranging everything for us and everybody involved as well (!) to turn out for the very best.

    So much love to you and to all,

  27. Dear Divine Femme,

    God is surely guiding you in all ways and at every time.

    I know so very well what you’re saying about your confusion and that your feelings are going up and down and I believe all of this is perfectly normal for this twinflame journey . Even doubts like what this is all about and whether this is your twinflame are perfectly normal and just human I think. We don’t know everything and we have to trust. And trusting is not always easy, of course.

    I feel so very deep in my heart that God and his beautiful angels are protecting each and everyone on this journey (that takes so much trust and courage) and I feel that things are being arranged for us in wondrous ways we don’t always understand (because the human mind is simply not capable of it and maybe not meant to understand everything), but these heavenly ways in which things are being arranged for us, are in the end always good for us and even for everybody involved.

    We do not know all of this in advance, of course, and that’s just the moment when we have to trust and to connect to our inner guidance to help us see the best way for us. But even if we take the “wrong way”, I mean the way God has not intended for us, this is just a diversion and God will lead us to our destination anyway. Like a good GPS system, the best route to the destination is always calculated and re-calculated even in the case of taking a “wrong” turn somewhere.
    And even these “wrong” turns are probably never really wrong because they provide us with insights and experiences we might not have found on the direct route. Who hasn’t discovered some treasure like a wonderful café or a bookshop or just something wonderful when one day taking another route than the usual one .

    So what I meant by this sentence “…. and one day you will look back and see the hidden blessings in what you did” was that when you look back on situations and on your life, you will be able to see the blessings you weren’t able to see when living your life in that particular moment. And I wrote it because you said you wanted to have your post deleted and I thought: “well, you never know which blessings will come out of sharing on this blog, which is just what you did.” This is what I consciously thought and now, that you are mentioning it, I also feel that it may tell you something more and may be true for some other area as well. Maybe it tells you something way beyond what I was intending to say. I know these things very often happen here on the blog and this just shows that we are all connected so beautifully and sweetly and that the angels are guiding what we are writing and reading, too. And to tell you the truth: I did feel guided to write this specific sentence and maybe it is a beautiful message of some kind for you.

    I’m sending you much love and sweet angels to be at your side and I so much hope that you can feel the heavenly support at all times.

    So much love and light and angels to everyone here,

  28. Just sharing. Waiting for the green light, I saw a truck with the advertisement: “” and a school bus with the numbers 11175, both of these vehicles were infront of me. So funny I’m finding these numbers so frequently. Love to everybody…

  29. oh, how wonderful !!! ” Please convince me ” …. oh, this touches my heart so much! Thanks so much for sharing, dear Joana!

    Love and light to all, Delphina

  30. Dear Delphina,

    Thank you, dear one, for your beautiful reply. I appreciate your words so much. I just don’t understand how a man can truly believe that he has such a deep soul connection with 2 women at the same time. He & I have experienced the divine oneness together over and over, & he doesn’t feel that with the other woman. He is not even physically attracted to her. I have never felt such a deep soul connection with a man, in my life, and I have been with many different men. When we met, I felt it immediately, and was so full of love and joy. He has blocked it, and felt guilty due to the other relationship. So, for now, I will just focus on myself, the deep healing I’ve been going through , and loving. I do feel that commitment to a TF relationship is essential for it to unfold completely. Do others agree with this? Maybe I’ve been missing something here. Please let me know, as I only seek truth.

    Love and blessings to all,
    Divine Femme

  31. Dear Divine Femme,

    Love is not limited by any means, that that does include the body ~ can there be deep love felt for more then one soul at the same time? Yes ~ and it is how we choose to express this love that is the specific soul’s choice ~ there does need to be a commitment to the twin flame path for the unfolding and the full experience of the union in all ways, but what this commitment is, is releasing the illusions of what love is not and remembering the divine truths of what sacred, eternal all encompassing love is. It asks us to not judge, to not place expectations upon love and its expression, it is a constant delving within experience and bringing what you discover within without in the expression of love in your relationships, your perceptions, your circumstances…we are asked not to place blame on another person, but rather to see each person (especially the twin flame) as a reflection for ourselves, to allow for the revealing of what the reflection is offering, and then to love through it, to love ourselves and the other(s) involved through it all. We learn through being committed to merging with the twin flame Beloved energy within our own being, we no longer choose to interact in our relationships within the 3D paradigm with all of its limitations, restrictions, conditions and vibration of separation…we just desire to love…and we love within out and bring the outer experiences within to again bring it without. This is a constant observation of self and where we are with the balance of love within and without, constantly bringing it back into balance if we notice an imbalance. It is the dance of love…always flowing in and out…balancing the expression and flow of its inherently intimate energy.

    I do feel that there is some comparison going on within your perception of viewing the love that this man (twin flame or not ~ only you can remember this) holds for this other woman and you…there truly is no comparison, there is just love being felt…love is the flow of energy, the divine energy…if he loves this other woman, the love he holds for you is no less than what he feels for her ~ our mind in patterns of behavior can absolutely bring this perception in though, and with it, can come pain. It feels that right now you are right in that some delving within to the reservoir of love within you might be needed here to balance the vision you hold for this man and his expression, flow of love. By no means am I saying to condone his actions if they do not resonate with you, for you absolutely have a choice in how you choose to experience and express your love…and if it feels right for you, to shift this relationship, only your own heart would be able to give you this guidance. Feel with it all…take it step by step…sending you so much love and many, many blessings!

  32. YES !!!! Oh, Gabriella, you have put all of this is such beautiful words! Oh, yes, this is the answer.

    Oh, how wonderfully you have put it: “to love ourselves and the other(s) involved through it all” ….. oh, yes, oh, yes, that is what we are called to do … I can feel it so deeply in my heart !!!

    Although I must say it is also so extremely difficult at times …… but it is sooooo beautiful at the same time and whenever I tap into this energy I feel so much better and I can again see all the miracles God has placed along the twinflame journey and is continuing to do so. And there are so many miracles and blessings along the way.

    Thank you so much from the deepest areas of my heart for sharing these beautiful thoughts and helping us all to see the bigger picture more clearly.

    Love and light to all,

  33. Dearest Gabriella,

    I have shifted into a new perspective and I feel so deeply and with such clarity from a higher perspective, and from divine guidance what this article is about. It is truly about the journey, and I FEEL exactly what you are saying now, and the confusion is gone. I feel the divine love in my heart, so deeply this morning, and I am so grateful. Yes, I know without a doubt that the angels are guiding us (thank you, dear Delphina), and I felt the presence of angels in my home, from the first night that I met this man. I have also grown beyond the human desire for someone, specific, knowing that God guides us perfectly and in perfect divine timing, and see the much larger picture, now. I have been having more and more experiences of the divine love within me, and they are ecstatic. I saw the energetics of this beautiful man, so clearly this morning, and only he can choose to receive divine love, and be on his journey. I continue to hold a space of love and compassion, while I focus on my journey, and realize that I always learn more about myself, through my interactions with him.

    I want to share how much deep love I feel for all of the women here, on this group. You are all gifts to me, and I appreciate your sharings, wisdom and understanding so very much. I am learning more and more each day about what “true love” is, and releasing what I used to “think” true love “was”. It is surely a new paradigm, and what lessons I have learned. thank you all for your love and support. I feel so humbled and clear about this journey. It is so sacred and divine, and it takes a really deep and loving soul to really understand it. I feel blessed by you all, and may you all be blessed by the love that I have to offer.

    All my love,
    Divine Femme

  34. Dear Divine Femme,

    oh, all of this sounds so beautiful! I can really *feel* how much inner peace you have found and this is so wonderful and strengthens my own inner peace on this journey further. Thank you so much for sharing !!!

    About the angels: oh, I can relate to that so very well, dear Divine Femme, as I have also immediately felt the angels around me and my twinflame so clearly and beautifully once we had “found each other”. The angels had’t been in my life this clearly before, but came right at the start of the twinflame journey and have been with me and my twinflame ever since, through all the ups and downs on this journey.

    Yes, this journey is truly divine and blessed and helps us learn so deeply about pure unconditional limitless love.

    I feel the same as you do about all the other loving wonderful people sharing here and I also feel so grateful to all of you! You have helped me with all you’re writing more than you know!

    Waves of love and light to all,

  35. Just want to say: the angels have certainly always been around me and I am sure they are with all of us all the time, whether we consciously recognize them or not.
    But I was able to feel their presence so much more after I had found my twinflame :-)and we have been aware of their love and light and loving guidance and sweet help ever since.

  36. Dear Delphina,

    Thank you so much for writing. I feel tears in my eyes reading your reply. I have always known the angels were there, but it wasn’t until I spent time with this man, that I would say, all of a sudden “There are angels in the room. I can feel their presence.” I have never felt this with anyone else, and I have felt it many times when he is with me. I always felt there was a special divine guidance from the night we met. And yet………….the journey goes on, and I realize what a clear mirror he is, for me to learn more about myself. It has truly been incredible, and I feel so humbled, no matter how things unfold. I love you dear sister–feel a big heart connection with you.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Much love,
    Divine Femme

  37. The times I was close to my TF when I met him two years ago, I felt that heavenly sensation and waves of love coming from him. This scare me because I did not know what was this about it,until I was guide to read about soulmantes and then TFs. Yes, angels is the answer, maybe they are around us. Yesterday a lady in the store where I work was looking for clothes for her sons, and she was close by to me, and she was reapeting one and many times that she will buy this and that for her son N… and this is the exact name of my TF. It seems that the whole universe is sending me sings all the time. Note: The same lady came back today to the store looking for clothes again for her sons. Love to every body…

  38. Dear Divine Femme,

    Thank you so much for your love and your sweet words. I’m feeling the same heart connection with you and am sending you waves of love 🙂
    I also think that we are somehow all part of a family connecting here because we want to support each other on this twinflame journey and love each other through all the difficult times as they occur for us.

    The post you wrote yesterday is exactly what this journey is like for me, too. Starting with the angels, it was also a lot of faith and trust in God and the Universe, Love & Light that this journey has taught me. Faith in God had always been a part of my life and I had also lived by it, but only after our twinflame hearts had connected did this faith literally come to life. All the words I had heard a thousand times suddenly had a real meaning and I could see and really feel all of this on a much deeper level. It was like a veil suddenly pushed to the side.

    I know so very deeply, dear Divine Femme, how difficult times of “separation” can be and I am sending you loving angels and sweetest thoughts and much love ……. I can relate very deeply to what you’re going through, having a very challenging time myself right now … *sigh* …with no contact on earth at all … and this safe place that Gabriella has created for us (thank you so much, dearest Gabriella) has helped me a lot in shifting to the higher perspective again.I can now see the truth again: It is a truly wonderful blessed and divine journey we’ve embarked upon! (also thanks to everybody, all of you have helped me more than you know)

    What helps me most is to feel what Gabriella keeps telling us and to let this truth sink in: that there is no separation and that we are always connected so deeply with our twin. And what’s more: there is no going back, as everything is always moving forward and we are on our way to reunion ~ whatever it may look like and however long it may take.

    We don’t know all the things that have to be taken care of, in ourselves and in our twins, or even in family and friends around us or our twin, and we have to trust in God, in the angels, in the Love of the Universe that they know what we don’t know and that things are being arranged for us in the best way for leading us to reunion.
    I think (and I also know from our precious times of separations) that these difficult times are arranged by the angels and by God as well, just as all the beautiful times are, and that they serve a purpose that can only be achieved “separately”. I’d love to know it now, but it so often only revealed afterwards when you look back on these times. This is also what I meant with the sentence: “One day you will look back and see the blessings.” I think this is also true for the difficult times on the twinflame journey.

    Sending you and Gabriella and everybody here waves of love,

  39. Dear Joana,

    it seems to me, too, that the whole universe is sending me signs all the time 🙂 and I believe the universe IS sending signs to all of us on this twin flame journey and also just to all people on the journey of life.

    I love so much your words, dear Gabriella, that all of these signs are sent to us from the Universe to remind us ever so softly of our soul’s intentions.

    What a wonderful thought!

    Love and light to all,

  40. Dear Delphina:
    Thank you for your words, they make see things clearly. I know sometime I will be with my TF. It is just that I would like to be with him in the 3D right now and this is not possible. I feel that he is in spirit with me all the time, I feel him during the day and night with me, as Sunshine wrote, I feel him even sleeping close to me. On the other hand, I understand that he and I need to do or fix things before we get together in some place in time and space.
    Love to everybody, Theo sending you an angel too.

  41. Dear Joana,

    you’re expressing the same feelings I have. I feel everything you’re saying as well, so deeply. I feel my twin flame in my heart all the time, and miss her so much in the 3D as well.

    I truly believe that it is for an important reason when we can’t be with our twin flame in the 3D, and I guess most of the time we are not fully aware of all the puzzle pieces that need to be taken care of, in ourselves, in our twins and/or in others involved, but I just want to say: let’s never limit ourselves as to when we might see each other again, because truly on this twinflame journey miracles happen all the time. Things can always turn around in wonderful unexpected ways !!!

    Waves of sweet love and light to everyone,

  42. Hi Everyone,

    just wanting to say hello, as I have been homebound for over 2 years, recovering from tapering of anxiety medication, called benzo withdrawal. You can learn more on Even this experience, where I can barely function and have been unable to work, has been expanding me, spiritually, and I am so grateful. I would love more internet friends with direct communication, and I really would love some in person visitors, here in Santa Fe, if you know of anyone who would come and visit with me on a regular basis, while I continue to taper and recover. It has been a long time and I still have over a year to go, with the tapering.

    I love you all,

    Divine Femme

  43. I am anxious a lot too hun! Sorry, I am across the US. but I am with you in heart babe. I am on meds, and I have to always test myself to make sure I am not suffering side effects of my meds. Funny, I am just fine. My meds, just help me stay from the anxious and hyper side so I don’t get my muscle issues going on. But, yeah. I mean, I have been dealing with this feeling where when I talk in telepathy, the word constipation comes up involuntarily, and in my dreams romance is ruined by me relieving myself by accident and failing to control the voiding of my bowels. WTF. Then I heard, my med had a side effect of constipation, my body is just talkin to me. haha. but yeah. life has been chaos lately, but everything is moving into place <3 11 is all over. <3 be strong love, sending love your way dear. <3 dream the nights away <3

  44. Hi Teo,

    Thanks for your reply. I have been tapering off the medication, so there are alot of symptoms. These are the side effects of the medication. Thank you for your love, and I send you love, too.

    Love to all on this blog. Thank you for sharing with me.

    I have been feeling deeper and deeper into the Divine Feminine woman that I am, and would like to share an important website with you all, if that is ok. It speaks to me very deeply, and profoundly, and this person was a student of my teacher, Anayia Sofia, who can be found at Gabriella, I remember that you interviewed Anaiya on your radio show. She has been a friend for several years.

    Much love and all my blessings,

    Divine Femme

  45. Dear Divine Femme,

    I’m sending you sweet angels to guard and protect you and I can feel they are already very much around you and they have been, all the time, and have been helping you on the way. I’m joining you in asking the angels to lead the right people to you and help you connect to them more closely and I am sure all will turn out to your very best! 🙂

    Unfortunately I am much too far away to visit you, but I am sending you love and light and peace, dear Divine Femme.

    Santa Fe brings to mind the Light Institute (in Galisteo) by Chris Griscom for me.

    So much love and a very soft angel of peace for you, dear Divine Femme,


  46. Dear Delphina,

    Thank you dear one, for sending me angels and love. I call in the angels each morning, and know that they are with me. I wish we could private email each other. Is that possible? Please let me know. I would be happy to give you my email address. I was trained by the same woman who trained Chris, at the Light Institute, and did similar work, many years ago.

    I have been praying and asking for over 2 years now, for the right people to come and visit and only this “man”, who I thought was my true love, has been coming now, and sometimes another friend (but one is blind and can no longer drive). He does all the cooking, shopping and errands for me, and I am so grateful. Perhaps that is all he is supposed to be, in my life, now. It has been so lonely and uncomfortable, to keep going through this withdrawal experience, and somehow it has expanded my soul’s growth so much, it is hard to put into words.

    I feel your love, right through this email, and I am so grateful. Thank you , dear one. I feel so ready for relationship with my twinflame, in the physical and had a dream about him, yeserday morning. He was so honoring of the divine Feminine, was confident in himself, available, and so , so loving. I don’t remember his face, but he was dressed in a white tuxedo with a turquoise bow tie, as if he were a “bridegroom” and ready for our marriage. He was not distracted by any other woman. He only had eyes for me, and it was so mutual and beautiful. This tells me that my psyche is ready for divine union, as I have experienced it within, and now am ready to experience it without.

    I send you love, and would love to keep in touch with you, and know you, if you are open to that. Please let me know.

    Much love, and a big hug to you, my friend, and fellow sister of light,

    Divine Femme

  47. Dear Divine Femme,

    thank you so much for your sweet answer and all the love you’re sending me and I’m sending you so much divine pure love as well and soft sweet angels.

    I have been thinking about how to say what I feel I have to say *sigh* and I’m asking the angels to be with us while writing and reading. Dear Divine Femme, oh, how can I put this? I like writing on this blog and when I feel the inner nudge to write something I write it, and whenever I feel the angels are telling me some message that might be a message for us here on the blog, I’ll write it, and otherwise I am just quietly here with you all and sending all of us here light and love. 🙂

    Right now, dear Divine Femme, I honestly don’t feel I have the capacity for a closer contact and for getting to know each other beyond this blog. There are so many things going on in my life right now that I have to take care of and want to take care of, with all my heart, and I feel days should have more than 24 hours ….. 48 hours, at least 😉 and so I would prefer to hear from you and share with you and be with you here on this blog rather than connecting privately right now. This blog has also become kind of a home for my twinflame heart (which really needs some support these days) and I feel we’re all like a big family here. I do hope you can understand this and also feel the loving feeling I have towards you.

    I know this must be hard for you because your days seem to be so lonely right now and I so much understand the longing for more contact, and really see your need for more friends and people in your life, and would love to be one of them, but right now I have to take care of getting my own life back on track (as you know twinflame “separations” can be very difficult times and one might need a lot of time to get life back on track) and this needs all resources I have right now.

    This twinflame journey has taught me that the divine inner guidance is always the wisest counsellor and I have learnt that we have to simply trust it. But what’s more and what’s soooo important, I have learnt by a lot of very painful experiences that what is good for one of us is also good for the other one. It may not be obvious and now, as I am in this position (that I don’t like at all!!!) and have to say this to you, and you are in the position to ask for more private contact, it may seem as if this was bad for you. But I have really learnt that this is normally not the case (if we all really connect to our inner guidance, which I really did). What may seem to be bad or unwanted right now, can very well turn out as something good. I so much hope, dear Divine Femme, that you can feel that I’m not just saying this to comfort you, but because I really believe this is the truth. I have experienced this with my twinflame a lot! Every time she said “no” to me, in little or bigger things, I used to be devastated, but afterwards I have realized each and every time that there had been a hidden blessing we would not have discovered otherwise. Each time she had said “no” served a bigger plan. Without her knowing of course and also without me knowing at the time it happened.

    So this is what comforts me right now in saying this to you and I’m asking the angels to be with you always and to guide and protect you and to help you find the people you are looking for. I trust completely that everything will happen for you in the divine timetable and am sending you waves of sweet love and light.

    I’m sending you the angels of faith, serenity and trust to guide you and tell you all is going to be well.

    Waves of sweet love to your heart and your twinflame and to everybody here,

    and please do stay connected here if you feel guided to do so.

    Your sister of light, Delphina, with much love

  48. Dear Delphina,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I realize that I have been in a very deep process within my own soul. I honor your process as well, dear one. I appreciate your honesty and our connecting on this blog, so very much.

    I have been learning so much about unconditional love, through adversity, especially in the relationship that I have, and by going through this withdrawal experience and by being silent within myself.

    Each day is a victory, in sharing more and being more unconditional love.
    sounds like you understand this yourself, too!!

    Much love,
    Divine Femme

  49. It is why I like so much the song AWAKE by Josh Groban, it said on its lyrics: “Only time will tell us how to carry on without each other…” I think, this is what is happening to me right know. Be up and down these days, seing so much sings around, some I can understand and some I can not. Delphina I like your analogy about the two roads that separate us – TFs. I lose the track with my TF these days… our schedules are different and so no change to see him again, only God will say. In the meantime I was looking on my mail today, and an envelope have the leyend: “enjoy the journey” WOW!
    I don’t have anything more to say.
    Love to everybody here in this blog.

  50. Dear Divine Femme,

    oh, I am so relieved that you can feel my love and that you understand me. Oh, yes, believe me, I know very well this deepest inner process leading to more and more unconditional love. This whole twinflame journey has been about moving more and more into unconditional love and because I desire so much to understand my twinflame in her “no’s” I have learned more than in any other time of my life to view behind all things and what I found was only LOVE.
    I can now feel the love in all she is doing, even when our ways have to part and each of us is on another path (hopefully leading in the end to the same destination ;-))all of this is done because of LOVE. On the soul level. Probably not consciously chosen, but on the level of the soul all of these paths we take and things we encounter are created to help us move even deeper into this unconditional pure divine love.

    I am so glad, dear Divine Femme that you also appreciate our sharing here and am sending you lots of sunbeams from my heart to yours,

    love and angels to all and their twins,

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