The Connection with Your Twin Flame is Neverending

Q. Do you think it’s possible that one person can experience the pull of a twin flame and the other person be completely oblivious to it? Or “twin flame” be a term used to describe an intense connection that is eventually grown out of?

A. Honestly, no, twin flames both feel the strength and magnetism towards one another, yet such intensity pushes both twins towards the deeper path of spiritual growth, towards releasing what is illusion to connect more fully to what is true…and so many times, this can look like a go forward, back away type of a thing UNTIL both twins recognize what is going on, move past the fears into a more profound self love, which increases the love for the twin and all that is. When both understand what unconditional true love is, they will know that there is nothing to be afraid of. Now I am not one who subscribes to labels in the way that it can limit us, however we use language to communicate experiences and truth the best we can with one another…and twin flame is a description of the love that burns inside, the core of one which matches the core of another, hence twin flames. So, can this intense connection ever be grown out of? Can you ever outgrow yourself? You might get frustrated in moments and want to make change with yourself, but you can’t outgrow yourself, but rather you grow and move more into yourself and even beyond self…this is the same with the twin flame, for when you know who your twin flame is (and this is a deep soul connection from within you that only YOU can know) you know, and this knowing never goes away. However, in addition to feeling such a strong pull to each other, we always have free will in what to do with those feelings and the awareness of our twin, within this the truth is that there is no separation. You are always ONE with each other and in that oneness, you are also found, renewed anew, again and again.

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  1. This is amazing. Amazing because today, THESE questions were on the forefront of my mind… and I desperately wanted answers. The response here really hits home and validates the inner “knowing” I have about what is happening between myself and my twin.

    I continue to be amazed. Thank you.

  2. I always thought and think that something was going on with my TF too. It was obvious, all that running away from me. Now, what I feel is an intesnse thelepaty and spiritual communication with him, he is in my dreams and in some of them he still running away from me.

  3. I met my soulmate on a dating site four years ago the connection was so strong for both of us. We never met because I hurt him! I have tried to forget him over the years but I just cannot get him out of my head!! Now I would love to meet up with him but I don’t know where he lives, does anyone think that we can connect again?

  4. Since injuring myself, it seems like our connection is a “push.” When it feels like he’s pushing away, it feels like things are not quite right. Thank you for this article.

  5. I think I might have found my Twin Flame. He somehow feel our connection I think. All guys I’ve felt tremendous connection with,which I think might be my soulmates, said that they felt connection with me first. After they say it is when I realize that yes, so that’s why I’m feeling so energized! This guy however, doesn’t admit to it. He calls me best friend so I think he somehow felt that but I don’t know. He’s confusing me so much. There are some times when I think he’s jealous and I see other coincidences that points he might like me. But he’s chasing this other person.

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