Making Love with Your Twin Flame Beyond Form

*The following are three responses from different people having similar intimate experiences beyond form with their twin flame…so thought I’d put them all together. In joy the vibes of love being expressed, made between, and shared with us all.*

Hi there sweet Gabriella,

I had a very intense night last night. I tried to look up online on what I was feeling but could not find anything. I felt a strong sexual desires as if I was being made love to. It was so strong that I could not go to sleep. After talking to my guides, they said that my twin was thinking and visualizing making love to me at the same time. Is it possible to be made love to while awake with your twin not physically there? Is that possible? All I can say is that I could not sleep until early morning and I know that he was up to as he was on his twitter the same time I was up.

I hope that make sense. This is the second time this had happened to me…

This makes complete and total sense! And this is NOT in your imagination. I know those feelings/experiences quite well…actually received a vision and my body responded yesterday afternoon to intimacy with my twin albeit his physical body was not right next to me…oh, but he was there! The awakeness is that you have become aware of the experience that you are not limited to feeling, loving and being only within your physical vehicle…just as the twin flame love is always there regardless of the bodies location, same is true for sharing in the love, in all ways with one another. You can feel each others thoughts, emotions, desires…and even “play them out” literally wherever you are, as you’ve experienced! Now, not sure how intense your experience was, but it can get *pretty* intense with you even visualizing how are you are merging physically (all of the details *while* feeling it!), as if you are watching and starring in a scene from a movie! Suffice it to say, there will be many more of those experiences to come…even at the very beginning of my awareness of my twin in 2007, I had a dream where we were sharing intimacy and then I awoke, opened my eyes, and STILL felt as though I was in the dream as it was continuing  and I was feeling it *with my eyes open*…truly such occurrences are “proof” that we are experiencing, loving and feeling beyond form…such beauty of love, such limitless intensity of sharing love!

I trust in my love for my TF!!!! It is what keeps me going. I know that we will both give in to the divine flow !!! Your motivation keeps my vibration up whenever it keeps slipping down. Gabriella your angelic service is godsend and I resonate so well with it. Spiritually my TF makes love to me ! I feel it strongly!! What does it mean? Will we be the same in physical??

Wow!!!! Waves of love all ways moving in!!! Yes, I know this experience VERY well of spiritually making love with the twin flame!!!! Strongly, ah, that does NOT even begin to do it justice!!!!!! It is like lifting you up from your body in such ecstasy beyond any expression of such to explain or describe and bringing you back in to experience such a DEEPNESS, and I know that you know what I mean since you are also experiencing it! Phew!!!!! Will it be this way in the physical?! YES and NO, meaning that it will be even deeper and more profound, because you are integrating all of the bodies into ONE, AND you both know each other beyond “knowing” so all of your “fantasies” will be fulfilled (as they are spiritually) without even having to utter a word from our human language. Believe me, there is something that I’ve always seen that I desired to share intimately with another, and HAVE experienced spiritually with ONLY my twin flame! Talk about experiencing and then LIVING the dreams…WOW! Passion…yeah, THAT doesn’t EVEN encompass it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could put a whole LOT more exclamations here…but the other thing I want to emphasize is that not just the making love with the bodies completely joined is OUT of this world WHILE in this world, but *each* expression of love, each touch, each word uttered of devotion, each look, just BEING next to each other in physical presence sends waves of energy throughout the entire body, enlivening and opening all of the chakras, truly being divine vessels of receiving and being love with one another, that you can imagine sends SHOCK waves, GOOD ones, to the entire universe. Um, so did I answer your question accurately?!!!!!! Phew! *wiping sweat from brow and attempting to calm the sweet beating of my sacred heart* I also trust in YOUR love…your love with your TF…and have NO doubt that you are both at the tipping point if not already flying off the ledge into each other’s arms, ready to continue to flow divinely…AND thank you for your words regarding my service…as I also thank you for yours…thank you for interviewing me, asking me these questions. More love, spiritually and physically, I am sending to both of your hearts!!!!!

I am so excited to find your website, love your energy.

I believe my Twin Flame is astral traveling to me and the energy is so powerful and I swear it  feels like a whole body climax. Is this normal to feel what I am experiencing? I am told that I will reunite in this lifetime in the physical before and during ascension and this is my last lifetime.

It is absolutely normal to feel what you are in that your twin is astral traveling to you and making love to you, within you, through you, merging with you…and therefore, your body reacts by feeling a whole body climax, and the sensations can become quite intense throughout your body, as you feel deeply the love between you, that is sent and received between both your bodies, souls and hearts.

At this time, many twin flames are joining in the physical since all of the other bodies have merged and become one, bringing us all through ascension on profoundly deep waves of love. For many this will occur in these last final months/days of 2012 but also beyond, and those twins that unite in all ways now will send massive ripple effects throughout the cosmos, increasing the union consciousness and full awakening/remembering of this love and union, and the deep soul mission intended for this lifetime for all twin flames, so that all of those souls that have chosen to be in union with their beloved twin flame to increase the ascension of all as ONE and the Earth can move forward within this union to love and be loved within the Beloved energy for us all. For many twin flames, this is the last physical incarnation, as we join together in this profound and sacred love, to be immersed within it and to spread it around the world in such, sweet, creative and divine ways.

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68 comments on “Making Love with Your Twin Flame Beyond Form
  1. Marie says:

    My twin and I make love beyond form quite often. He is married, and we rarely see each other, but I always know when he’s ‘with’ me. When we make love it is a penetration of the heart and of the third eye, most often. Sometimes it is my whole being that he penetrates. The love is so intense that it brings me to tears. I also hear him in my mind. In the physical our egos were so strong, that we fought dramatically. In the spiritual there is no ego, only love, passion and the victory of love. To hold this victory, to carry this flame, is our mission. It brings the sun out, it is more powerful than anything I’ve ever experienced. I would like to meet a partner in the physical, but I wonder if I could ever love anyone else while I feel so strongly for my twin.

  2. Linda says:


    I have been separated from my TF for about 20 months now, and we have not communicated with each other for this long, also, as I lost contact with him. However, he began making love to me beyond form, before we separated. We had no physical romantic relationship as he was still married at the time, but separated. For the past few months,however, he has been making love to me beyond form, every night, and this is becoming increasingly stronger every time. Could you tell me what this means?


  3. Keleena says:

    Need to talk to you please.

  4. sally says:

    Hi, me and my twin are seperated now for 9 months. I can still feel him in everything we do.when we use to make love, its like I see deep into his soul, mayby visions. He also cannot unite with some-one else. I’m back with my husbond cause he (husbond) was harassing me everyday while he had a girlfriend and was drinking in bars while we were together. So I left my twin and went back to my husband, couldn’t take the pressure anymore. I only stay by him and nothing more. I feel my twin every second of the day, loving him exetera… Is this normal? Is he my twin? What should I do?

  5. Tracey says:

    Thank you for this, I literally thought I was losing my mind. I’ve never experienced this and it is a relief to know I’m not alone.

  6. Vee says:

    So happy to find this article today. Helped tremendously. Thank all of you.

  7. sm says:

    I was in a training class today and these visions came over me. I could not make them stop. Mentally or physically. I was going into panic. I was looking around at the people at my table hoping they couldn’t see what was happening. They just looked at me kinda funny. I decided to just look down and not react physically just let it happen mentally. Then I came home and googled it. Thats how I happen to be here. This is driving me nuts. Our separation is complicated at best. He is sooo young, 27 years younger and running and playing shy games. I don’t know if this is a twin or what. Never had this happen before in my life.

  8. passion says:

    What if we are both woman? We already had astr making love. Or maybey even higher than that. One dat I was doing something. I felt her so strong. Yep. On that level she had a dick. My entire body was shaking. Before that day it was also strong. I screamed her name. I never experimences this ever before. How can 2 woman murge bodies? On some level I know it’s possible

  9. Rosa says:

    Great article.

  10. MFB says:

    I don’t seen any men’s name here so I thought I should write.

    Marie wrote an entire paragraph September 28, 2014. You could replace her name with mine word for word. It would not make a difference.

    Love reading the others’ responses. All I can say is welcome to a life involving so much 5D or higher.

    It’s been over 2 1/2 years for this other worldliness in my life. For sure I thought I was possessed. I know when the activation began and my other plane experiences are just as real, sometimes more real to me then life itself. I know I am not crazy now or possessed. It has taken time to adjust to this path.

    I have to thank the others who have written. We, as twin flames can help each be grounded as we live out lives day to day.

  11. Joanna says:

    MFB thanks for writing, it is nice to read the point of view of a man. I have been living with this TF experience since 2010…and I’m just going with the flow, my TF is in me 24/7 and I can not do anything else about it, and I don’t know where I’m going with it either.

    Blessing to everybody

  12. Giselle says:

    I met my TF almost 3 years ago.

    It has been heaven and it has been hell. Nothing in between. Total rollercoaster and I feel nuts sometimes.

    We are not ready for each other. But we did not meet to live happily ever after, we met to help this planet. We are working through some heavy karma. We are born in narcissist/codependent bloodlines, and our mission is to clear these energies. Oh I wish I had never signed up for this. It’s been so painful. The people out there wishing to meet their twin flame are crazy. And they won’t meet their twin flame in this lifetime either because they are not ready for it.

    It is hard work and right now I am quite happy I’m not in contact with my TF. I am still madly in love with him though.

    Will we ever become a couple in this physical world? I don’t know. But the love we share is the strongest humans can experience on the physical plane, it is unbreakable and it is eternal, so I’m not really worried about that.

    Come on ladies, pick yourself up and have some faith. He loves you unconditionally, what more can you ask for? He is just afraid and need to work through some things, and so do you.

    PS: don’t sit around and wait for a relationship to happen, because it WILL take years, perhaps many years. The sooner you accept this, the better. And if you sit and wait it will never happen. The reunion is only possible when you learn to let go and stop trying to control the outcome. Leave it in the hands of god and work on loving and accepting yourself.

    Good luck to all the twin flames out there. You are not alone, and never give up! Things will get better in time, trust me.

  13. Colin says:

    Thank you. I am male as well and have been experiencing something similar. While sleeping alone I am kissed, what feels like many moist sensations usually on and around my third eye. After this I can physically feel her and feel a very real body with my touch on top of me and we have what feels like and has the sensation of sex. There is some communication. It is very real and usually takes place on my bed. I don’t know if she is part of my physical realm or someone I am no longer with. When I “wake up” and I’m sure I’m in the physical world I do feel very good, my vibration is very high and there’s always a consistent aroma lingering after the experience. I have definitely experienced traveling through mediation and conciseness and have had all sorts of amazing experiences and thought this was something in the same vein but would this experience more likely to be my twin flame?

  14. Diablo says:

    When I’m with her, i feel like ours hearts are beating as one. I can feel her from inside and she can feel me the same way. While I’m not with her for 5 months now, she’s in my mind 24/7. It’s like everything I do is now indirectly guided by this connection. I’m suprised to see how much I’ve changed from the time I met her. When we were together, we tried hard avoiding to confront our issues so that we could stay with each other for atleast a little longer. When we fought, I could not stop myself as I felt like releasing blocked energies, but felt only love at that time. Still the whole world seems against our reunion, even ourselves. Today I pass time alone, but I never feel lonely because you are with me all the time, twin.

  15. Kenneth says:

    I’ve not told anyone this to save myself ridicule. Myself and my family have always been more connected spiritually. I’ve lived most my life alone, facing constant rejection from friendships and relationships. I’m a good person, however not relationship/friendship material. Lack of confidence and troubled childhood. Never feel accepted or good enough or like I fit in. Around a few years ago I had a series of dreams. One dream loosely “predicted” a former crush moving out of the country. I presumed out of country because the geography was different than in the USA and resembled that of Australia. I also found myself hiking in a group beyond that of my former crush. I found out earlier this year she moved to Australia as a backpacker.

    In another dream I had a few former interests re-attracted to me, and I was juggling between them and making the choice to settle for “The One”

    In what I believe to be my twin flame dream I found myself with this blonde woman, shorter than me. I vaguely remember an encounter in an office type setting. I remember being picked up in her vehicle from the side of the road, placing my left hand on her thigh. I remember ending up at her house, went into the bathroom where I undressed, kicked my clothes by the toilet and got into the shower. She walked in, got in the shower with me and had her hair done up. We attempted to get intimate in the shower. Being a slightly larger man that didn’t go so well. We got out, I picked her up and carried her to a bedroom and put her on a bed. We start getting intimate in the bedroom, she tells me she wants to have a baby with me. There is a knock at the door downstairs or her “bf” apparently walks in. I tell her I’ll go down and talk with him, tell him it’s over. She pleads with me not to and she would talk with him, I agree. Fearing he would see me I hide in the closet. Apparently he already knew about me and suspected what was going on, was tipped of I was there. Afraid he’d look in the closet I sneakily slipped away. Unable to find my clothes, little time to look and a window being my escape I hopped out a downstairs window naked and tried hiding behind something. The dream ended there. I’m unsure now if the office encounter and the second happened in the same or separate dreams. Besides the series of dreams, there were so many details and a vividness to it that led me to believe it was more than a typical dream.

    I didn’t think too much about it until my father passed away last year and I met who I believe to be her, my twin flame and soulmate. She resembled the woman in my dream to an exact, she has a similar personality as me and exactly what I’m attracted to. There was an almost instantaneous connection, strong feelings that grew over time. Sadly, I unintentionally pushed her away and having doubts that my dream was anything more than just another dream. I never mentioned this to anyone, even her though I sense she’s into spiritual stuff like this.

    Is this a TF “Dream” or just a run of the mill dream? I haven’t experienced anything like it since and it did not follow dream logic, it was quite vivid and realistic. I don’t remember what I felt upon waking up, it was a while ago and I didn’t think much about it until recently.

  16. Ann says:

    When my twin flame was with his ex I felt itas deep physical PAIN hurt knives stabbing my heart nausea can’t breathe was awful.we talked He stopped but is in same house has his own room. Idk but we were “together” physically then spiritually metaphysically long time before I felt that pain because we gained so much union. we pray together at 10 each nitefrom wherever he is as a pilot.been together 10 yrs.WE both are different than beginning,feel God is bringing us ton reunion soon I pray and hope.

  17. Nae says:

    Wow, all of these experiences are so helpful to read. My TF is a girl, as am I, which makes things so much more complicated. I am bisexual and have had relations with both men and women (never been in a relationship though), whereas she leads a straight life and is highly conscious of what others think.

    We have known of each other physically for almost 2 years. Neither one of us can deny the depth of our connection, especially when we’re together. We don’t even need to talk and it just feels right… like puzzle pieces fitting together.

    We hadn’t seen each other in a few months, and I spent the day with her recently. We shared a very close space for a few hours. I felt more satisfied with that energy, than with any encounter I can ever recall. It was so fulfilling. I wanted to roll over on top of her and just sink into each other in every way, but my highest self wanted us to get use to being so high before it turned into action… that was the only energy that could have held us back.

    Ever since that day, it’s like she’s all over me. I feel her fingers all over me and I smell the sweetest scents throughout the day that remind me of her. It’s like blissful scenes pop into my head at work, with fam, friends, out and about, when I’m alone. I wouldn’t mind other than it consumes me so much I am not creating my life aside from her with as much focus as I need to for it to actually materialize… oh well.

    I was trying to focus on a guy I was dating and can’t even see him in the pic anymore after that day. What a delicious mess I am in. Wishing you all well out there. We are the toughest and highest spirits on this Earth, and that’s pretty cool to know I guess. ahaha

  18. Cosmic Love says:

    I met my twin flame about two years ago, all I can say is that the connection was instant. This is a same sex union and I am afraid that her ego is too big to accept me in the physical realm. I have had her speak my name and comfort me by rubbing my chest and playing with my hair on the astral plane, then pulling me into an astral projection. Then again several months later it was sex on the astral plane. It happened while she was near in pshyical presence but we have never had physical contact. It wasn’t long after that my twin flame started ignoring me completely. I recently had a dream of us making love. I’m not handling it well.

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