Making Love with Your Twin Flame Beyond Form

*The following are three responses from different people having similar intimate experiences beyond form with their twin flame…so thought I’d put them all together. In joy the vibes of love being expressed, made between, and shared with us all.*

Hi there sweet Gabriella,

I had a very intense night last night. I tried to look up online on what I was feeling but could not find anything. I felt a strong sexual desires as if I was being made love to. It was so strong that I could not go to sleep. After talking to my guides, they said that my twin was thinking and visualizing making love to me at the same time. Is it possible to be made love to while awake with your twin not physically there? Is that possible? All I can say is that I could not sleep until early morning and I know that he was up to as he was on his twitter the same time I was up.

I hope that make sense. This is the second time this had happened to me…

This makes complete and total sense! And this is NOT in your imagination. I know those feelings/experiences quite well…actually received a vision and my body responded yesterday afternoon to intimacy with my twin albeit his physical body was not right next to me…oh, but he was there! The awakeness is that you have become aware of the experience that you are not limited to feeling, loving and being only within your physical vehicle…just as the twin flame love is always there regardless of the bodies location, same is true for sharing in the love, in all ways with one another. You can feel each others thoughts, emotions, desires…and even “play them out” literally wherever you are, as you’ve experienced! Now, not sure how intense your experience was, but it can get *pretty* intense with you even visualizing how are you are merging physically (all of the details *while* feeling it!), as if you are watching and starring in a scene from a movie! Suffice it to say, there will be many more of those experiences to come…even at the very beginning of my awareness of my twin in 2007, I had a dream where we were sharing intimacy and then I awoke, opened my eyes, and STILL felt as though I was in the dream as it was continuing  and I was feeling it *with my eyes open*…truly such occurrences are “proof” that we are experiencing, loving and feeling beyond form…such beauty of love, such limitless intensity of sharing love!

I trust in my love for my TF!!!! It is what keeps me going. I know that we will both give in to the divine flow !!! Your motivation keeps my vibration up whenever it keeps slipping down. Gabriella your angelic service is godsend and I resonate so well with it. Spiritually my TF makes love to me ! I feel it strongly!! What does it mean? Will we be the same in physical??

Wow!!!! Waves of love all ways moving in!!! Yes, I know this experience VERY well of spiritually making love with the twin flame!!!! Strongly, ah, that does NOT even begin to do it justice!!!!!! It is like lifting you up from your body in such ecstasy beyond any expression of such to explain or describe and bringing you back in to experience such a DEEPNESS, and I know that you know what I mean since you are also experiencing it! Phew!!!!! Will it be this way in the physical?! YES and NO, meaning that it will be even deeper and more profound, because you are integrating all of the bodies into ONE, AND you both know each other beyond “knowing” so all of your “fantasies” will be fulfilled (as they are spiritually) without even having to utter a word from our human language. Believe me, there is something that I’ve always seen that I desired to share intimately with another, and HAVE experienced spiritually with ONLY my twin flame! Talk about experiencing and then LIVING the dreams…WOW! Passion…yeah, THAT doesn’t EVEN encompass it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could put a whole LOT more exclamations here…but the other thing I want to emphasize is that not just the making love with the bodies completely joined is OUT of this world WHILE in this world, but *each* expression of love, each touch, each word uttered of devotion, each look, just BEING next to each other in physical presence sends waves of energy throughout the entire body, enlivening and opening all of the chakras, truly being divine vessels of receiving and being love with one another, that you can imagine sends SHOCK waves, GOOD ones, to the entire universe. Um, so did I answer your question accurately?!!!!!! Phew! *wiping sweat from brow and attempting to calm the sweet beating of my sacred heart* I also trust in YOUR love…your love with your TF…and have NO doubt that you are both at the tipping point if not already flying off the ledge into each other’s arms, ready to continue to flow divinely…AND thank you for your words regarding my service…as I also thank you for yours…thank you for interviewing me, asking me these questions. More love, spiritually and physically, I am sending to both of your hearts!!!!!

I am so excited to find your website, love your energy.

I believe my Twin Flame is astral traveling to me and the energy is so powerful and I swear it  feels like a whole body climax. Is this normal to feel what I am experiencing? I am told that I will reunite in this lifetime in the physical before and during ascension and this is my last lifetime.

It is absolutely normal to feel what you are in that your twin is astral traveling to you and making love to you, within you, through you, merging with you…and therefore, your body reacts by feeling a whole body climax, and the sensations can become quite intense throughout your body, as you feel deeply the love between you, that is sent and received between both your bodies, souls and hearts.

At this time, many twin flames are joining in the physical since all of the other bodies have merged and become one, bringing us all through ascension on profoundly deep waves of love. For many this will occur in these last final months/days of 2012 but also beyond, and those twins that unite in all ways now will send massive ripple effects throughout the cosmos, increasing the union consciousness and full awakening/remembering of this love and union, and the deep soul mission intended for this lifetime for all twin flames, so that all of those souls that have chosen to be in union with their beloved twin flame to increase the ascension of all as ONE and the Earth can move forward within this union to love and be loved within the Beloved energy for us all. For many twin flames, this is the last physical incarnation, as we join together in this profound and sacred love, to be immersed within it and to spread it around the world in such, sweet, creative and divine ways.

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68 Comments on “Making Love with Your Twin Flame Beyond Form

  1. Thanks Gabriella, I feel less scare now…me too, every night or during the hours of the day, I feel my TF and it so intense. Before, I only felt him kissing me, but now as the two people above describe it, this is happening to me too. I find my TF coming to me during the night and I can not sleep and I guess either him. I was thinking that It was product of my imagination all this time. I feel so happy to have this divine conection with my TF. Thanks again.

  2. Dearest Gabriella ,
    It is very true. I have also been experiencing this for the past one year and it is more pronounced now. It increases our feelings of closeness with our TF and it so beautiful and amazing. I am glad that it is not something strange . Hoping to learn more about this !! Love to you all!!

  3. Dearest Sleeping Beauty!

    Yes, it is VERY much more pronounced now for me as well…including an experience last eve! Such divine waves of bliss running throughout all pieces of my being for love, sweet love as it is SO beautiful and amazing, and it profoundly increases the feelings of closeness with our TF, that limitless pool of love increased by just feeling that love and being in that love between us. So much more to experience..!! Love to you…and of course, waves of love to everyone!!

  4. This hapenned a couple of times to me too. I was not sure that my twin was counsiously doing this to me, but from reading this post I understand that he was and that is such a good feeling to know that he had fantasies about me since we are not in contact in the physical. I though he may not be aware of it and I was the one imagining this. He is now in a relationship so I assume he is not thinking about me so much anymore :(. This journey is so incredible it is beyond words.

  5. Gabriella, a couple of silly questions, what is next? I mean about this closeness and this intense feeling and telephaty communication with my-our TFs. I find myself in a dilema, being married with my soulmate and feeling this divine love with my TF, somedays I just forget about it and send my love to my TF. What can I do??????????

  6. Yeah, I am almost a hundred percent sure I know my twin flame, and he doesn’t hate the idea of making love, as him and I have sorta argued and he was mad at me for doing it since he is a bit homophobic and doesn’t know that a soul isn’t a gender in specific. He loves the feelings and succumbs to it though and it is more passionate than any love I have ever felt before, and he has agreed to make love with me frequently now. Haha, bonus I guess. About time him and I reap some romance from this.

  7. I know exactly who my twinflame is, We are both in other obligated relationships. I have felt him spiritually making LOVE to me
    intensely many times. I have even told him and now he believes me because I have done it back to him. When we first met I thought he had some kind of spell on me. I couldn’t stop thinking about him then I began reading everything about twin flames and although I was not convinced he was mine I am now. I told him he’s mine someday even if it’s not in this lifetime but now I know he’s mine anyways!

  8. I have to say that for me, my twin flame and I are pretty passionate (even though he is recently married). He comes to me and when I feel his spirit, it turns into passionate spiritual sexual ecstacy. I try to resist but it is as if he knows which spiritual buttons to press. He is very masculine and dominant (which I love). The more I try to suppress my feelings, the more I can feel his energy around me. I constantlt try to remind myself that he is married but his vibe is always around and sometimes even feels as if he is trying to penetrate my soul!

  9. I’m so glad I finally found this website. I’ve searched for a while trying to explain this extreme connection between me and another. I’ve been experiencing his love making for since Nov. I know exactly who is dreaming and sending me these feelings. He is single however I’m married and sometimes I think I should feel like I’m cheating, however I find myself inviting this intense sweet lovemaking even though it is on the astral level. I’ve always been sensitive to projected feelings, to the point that I often can even tell who is “making” love with me spiritually. But this is stronger, I even feel him in my waking hours, like today I sense he is with me teasing my body at every turn, daring me to lay down with him. I wake up suddenly to feel his touching my body and making love without even being near. Sometimes it continues for an hour or more with me wide awake and enjoying every minute. I have to wonder if he feels me thinking of him and encouraging this intimate contact. I don’t want to ask him because his is rather old fashion and it might scare him away. What has been said about this is fastenating because it explains to me everything I’ve been experience and looking for without making it sound like it is a “wild imagination”, because I really am a logical girl.

  10. I understand my tF has a very important job where he can make positive changes to community but he is married for 20 years and me for 10. I wonder why the universe wants me to be OK. Everyone by me knows he’s taken why is going on. I keep having the dreams and there seems to be a mission. its like if he can get me to fall for him good things happen at his job positive change that effect many. At the same time its seems to be turning into a love relationship. I think he wants to go all the way that is nuts to me cause what about our marriages no one cares except me and him. At the same time we have had sexually sacred moment it was more like4 playbut kundalini rose on him bliss. it was a trip I saw him 3 times after that, next two times I was like I’m not doing that again but then on 3/10/13 we saw each other again tons of hugging he did want to let me go. Sometimes since your sleeping has cycles you know u go to theta also rem stages all the altered states we go through them together some how. Sometimes week inception, ,like we hold each other and fall asleep while in the lucid dream and wake up and I’m still in the dream I Havering wake up again

  11. So glad to see it happens to others too. I feel the same from my twin and this lovemaking is getting stronger and stronger. Sometimes it’s enough I look at his eyes in a pic, sometimes it comes out of the blue, or maybe when I am even sad. But I have often doubts because after being so loving for a year he switched to “best friends” only. And I wonder if he feels the same or not. Sometimes I realize it’s impossible because I know at the same time he’s busy with other things, so how is it possible he astrally comes to me? And I’ve noticed that when I have these experiences so strong the following day he avoids me or he’s cold with me. Therefore I am still baffled.

  12. I have just discovered what my “soul twin”(as we used to call each other) is! I only decided to do research now. Its amazing how apt the descriptions are. Everything that happens, the meeting, the seperation… I had no literature nor had I heard anything about Twin Flames. It’s so real. It’s impossible to explain exactly how you feel when you meet your other. But anyway I could go on and on.. I just wanted to say that i’ve only ever kissed and though we never had sex, that first kiss almost led to sex. And true enough Gabriella, it happened within the last two months of 2012. It had never gotten to that point as both of us were in soulmate relationships. We used to joke abt our impossible attraction as “the pull”. It is truly wonderful to know we are not alone.. Kissing was almost an out-of-body experience. It got there because days prior, we felt intense sexual feelings just by looking at each other. It was one of the first times we had ever spent time together. We were in a public space and near some of my friends and I did not notice them. They told me what they saw. When we last parted for what felt was the last time, a friend told me that, as we hugged, he felt and saw incredible energy between us, far as he was. Touching is almost too much and almost like normal making love with other people. I can’t even imagine what sex would be like, if kissing was like how i’ve experienced

  13. I keep feeling weird at night and I am a night person but almost every night I feel like I need to do something or I feel like something is missing and I feel a coolness in the center of my soul that comes and goes. I DO have a twin soul. God told me who my twin soul is in 2006. But I’ve always known my twin soul forever. He was my childhood friend when I was 4 who I nick named him Cinnamee. Is it normal for me (as a Starseed) to feel exhausted everyday all the time and unrefreshed when I wake up? I still know Cinnamee to this day but he’s in another dimension. Will I reunite with him on all levels someday in my near future? God said I would. And I have felt Cinnamee make love spiritually a couple times last year and I think 1 or two times this year. I KNOW he’s my Twin Soul. He has the characteristics, playfulness and loyalnes of a dog but what race/species he is, I can’t tell you because You’ll freak out and say, that’s impossible. What is happening to me at night? It’s like I’m waiting for God to take me to my twin soul or something. I think I’m spiritually awakening up. I can’t ever sleep right without my twin soul.

  14. Question for anyone (I’m so desperate for your thoughts!): I too am experiencing sacred sex with my twin flame at a distance (I am wonderfully woken up almost every night). My question is — is the other twin always aware/conscious of it? I’m afraid to ask him. We’re both married and have no intention of leaving our spouses, but I have to admit, I love it when he comes around!!
    Thanks…. K

  15. Thank God. I got so sick of hearing about ‘the mission’, as if twins are not supposed to enjoy sex together.

    ”Sometimes when short on time, sex is a quick and frantic coming together for us, but more often than not, we Love to indulge in the theatre of sex over many hours on end. Either way, it’s based totally on Love, so anything goes. As you’ve probably surmised, we have the most intensely wonderful, mind blowingly, sacred and erotic sex life imaginable and more. There is something so liberating in unleashing yourself with the person who is absolutely and undeniably the perfect one for you in every way possible and even after all our years of experience, we constantly discover new things we had never thought of to explore together. This creativity prevents the boredom that so often many couples experience and get stuck in a rut with. Perhaps the fact that our chemistry is so potent and our sex drives are equally insatiable makes it even more amazing. It’s as if our previous experiences with other relationships have enabled us both to practice for the real thing.”

  16. Russell I agree with you, Kate my TF comes around too, and sometimes I’m in situations with many people around. I always wonder if people can sense this magical moments. My husband one day told me that sometimes I LOOK in another world…IF just I could tell him that in those moments of silence I’m feeling my TF 🙂

    Blessings to everybody

  17. Thanks Russell — it can and should be enjoyed even if beyond form!
    Joana — do you know if he feels it when you do? Since it happens at least in part in a spiritual dimension, is he aware of it on a conscious level? I’m really curious to know. Thx!

  18. joana — btw, I don’t consider this cheating….even if we don’t share with our soul mates. Unless a soulmate met their TF, I doubt they would fully understand. The fact is, a soul mate relationship is of the third dimension and is temporary, for this life time; a TF relationship transcends anything in the third dimension and is eternal. Why not enjoy both? 🙂

  19. Kate, I don’t know, I just can understand that TFs are in one another minds. I’m not in touch with him…but I feel so happy when I can feel him. I don’t know if he is in my dreams either because much of the time I don’t remember them. I heard the term sacred relationships instead of TF relationshipS, AND I like it a lot.

    Blessings to everybody

  20. A blessing and a curse. She tuned in when I was out with my girl friends today and it was like a weight on my back. ‘Oh hai ther bro, wat u up two?’. Simultaneously, yes it feels great normally.
    I’m still pissed at her, so we’re not in touch either.
    What’s the difference Jana?
    I assume, unless we’ve both completely lost it, that it’s real and jointly experienced.

  21. I am in the toughest place/ am not married but am in a very committed relationship with my “partner”. I met my TF through work over the phone and the first time we spoke I felt a connection and I had to meet him/ amazing incredible things have happened since. When we are together magical things happen!! we both agree we are each others twin flame and we believe in being in each others life but recently I have been feeling exactly what was described above and it’s just so intense! I find myself doing it all the time/ how do I know if he is feeling the same? Or am I having this sexual connection with another entity? I feel bad that it feels this good with my TF and not my partner. My TF and I get along so well and understand each other in ways my partnet will never and when I look into his eyes I am connecting to something deeper am lost in another world.

  22. DEVE, that is easy to find out, ok I guess. In my case when I find my TF in those astral encounters, I reconize his essence. And yes, I don’t think I will feel this way with another man.

    Blessings to everybody

  23. wondeful people,
    what you are doing is projecting yourself in the object of your affection, dont worry if see you are cheating because its not.
    You are making love to yourself, your brain hemisphere, yep i know its difficult to belive. Its the inner alchemy and kundalini have much into.

    If you are a male, you are making love with your ying side
    if you are a woman, you are making love with your yang side

    Its ok somehow if you belive another human is the one doing it, a “twin flame” because your true “spirit-soul” love you and know you deeply so unconditionaly that use that romantic mechanism to reach you and boost your ascension.

    in brief you are making love with yourself 🙂 enjoy it! magic 2013

  24. Okay so I’ve felt someone touching me an kissing me for years and then I realized I could talk to him in my head and December of 2012to early January I literally was having sex with him astrally I took two different photos of my sheets after ad in the sheets both times I saw his face it made me realize he truly is my twin flame the only thing that makes me sad is that it hasn’t happened since January and I thought we were getting closer how do I get to that point again ?

  25. Oh my i thought i was on my own currently in what i believe a karmic relationship with another but i have since met my tf and the overwelming for him i really feel a love so strong for this guy its like were meant to be weve even kissed and wow the chemistry is like no other ive ever known before i know iam not happy fully in my karmic relatonship this is tearing me apart

  26. Twin Flames are so very very real. im not able to be with mine as yet but it wont be very long now our love is just so strong powerful and very real and very beautiful just so very special and very rare cant wait until the day that I will see him again its been a real journey since we actually met crossed paths 9 years ago for the first time just amazeing ans just so beautiful cant wait to share everything with him expecially making love with each other we have both done the right thing in the meantime and weve had to learn a lot and help so many others along the way just to make them happy I thank God for everything and people who he has put in my life to help me along the way to grow and encourage cant wait until I see and hug my twin soul never ever let go its really real if there your twin flame or twin soul wish you all the very best friend Carol xxx

  27. Hello,
    I really need some insight, and would greatly appreciate any advice. Just a few nights ago I had a dream where I was shopping with my husband and my friend. As we were walking out of the store I felt the brush of a man’s hand up against my hand (he appeared in spirit form first).As this happened we both stopped because the intense feeling of love, peace, passion, and knowing that we know each other stopped us in our tracks. we just starred at one another for a while then we both lifted up our hands at the same time, never speaking, just knowing what we were feeling and knowing that we needed one another. we danced in the store and as we danced, his human features started to become apparent. I could see his hair color, his skin tone. then we danced our way out the store and to the car. we stood there gazing in one another’s souls, basking in the intense feeling of passion. Then I woke up. I didn’t want to wake up. I have never felt any thing like that before in my life. It wasn’t a horny feeling. The feeling was so intense I don’t think words can express how intense it was. Please help if you can.

    Thank you

  28. The person who I believe is my soul mate, in real life doesn’t know me (I don’t think). I met them a long time ago (20-odd years) and have never forgotten about them.

    But over the past two years, for whatever reason, I can’t stop thinking about them, my brain filled with a life beyond my reality where we are together, coming together….

    But I’m scared. It feels dangerous to desire so much through a hyper-reality than my actual reality. So what do I do? Is this a twin flame/soul mate, or just a over-worked imagination/wish/desire? How do you know?

    It’s driving me nuts! And how do I know if she knows me or not, or thinks of me if she does?

  29. Hey I have twin flame he is 100% sure my twin flame , hes someone ive dated before , my question is , When i feel my twin flame around me , like sometimes i feel him touching me or just laying beside me , Is it his higher self or him asleep ?

  30. Curious about something. I met my twin flame in our early 20s…it was intense and he was a very driving force in my life. Unfortunately, he passed away several months after that time. I know he’s always been with me, however, as of late his presence has been quite intense. I married another man a number of years after his death, and have been up until this point, quite happy with him. Over the course of the past several months, there have been some interesting developments and reconnection with his family. I’ve noticed that his intensity with me has me feeling out of sorts in the romance department. I feel a constant sexual arousal that I’ve not felt in quite some time and have wondered if perhaps if it’s him, I know it’s not directed towards my husband. Our love life while he was here was unbelievable. I find that I am having that same level of feelings as if he were here. Can a person in the physical form have a sexual relationship with their non-physical twin flame? I’m loving every moment of it, I just want to make sure I’m not losing my mind.

  31. When I am awake my soulmate makes intense passionate love to me the instant I lay down to sleep in my bed I thought you had to be sleep for that to happen this happens every single night what does that mean.

  32. I don’t what this mean either, I have the same experience too.
    Dear Gabriella, could you write about the symptoms of being on the fourth density. I just read that there are a lot of people already in the fourth density living among us, the ones who are still in the third density.
    Blessings to you and everybody

  33. Dear Gabriella, I wanted to ask how spiritual sex with twin flame effect on virginity, and if I could deal with if I am a virgin)

  34. I woke up one morning and when I went to shower–this is a true story, i know I have to convince myself by saying this–I saw finger marks on my stomach. I couldn’t have done that and I tested this and it wasn’t scratch marks. Another time I woke up without my underwear on and I don’t remember removing them. I had to share this with someone. Thank you!!

  35. Hi Gabriella,

    Do you think it is possible that you can experience a physical presence within yourself of your twin flame during the day and night? Is it possible for your twin’s presence to see through your eyes, gently move your head, arms, legs and body in soft motions, and react to you as if he is there with you? Appreciate your insight.

  36. I met a man 1.5 years ago. I felt so intensely attracted to him spiritually as he is very spiritual too! At first I thought it was just a spiritual magnetism, as I have been married for 20 years. I never thought I would fall for him. After I moved out of town, I felt something in me. I felt deeply attracted to him and not able to forget him. I couldn’t sleep for 2 weeks. I was only thinking about him dreaming… Then I called to ask him. He texted me saying that we have a connection. I asked him if it was OK coz I am married with 2 kids. He said it was OK, nothign to feel bad about. But he also said he could only be my friend and friend only. So I moved away. But, both of us couldn’t resist (at this time we were in different cities). After 3 weeks again he contacte me, and I was at once in ecstacy. We both chatted and talke on the phone. Then again all the feelings came back to me. I love my husbad and I began to get confused becouse if I loved my husband why should this happen? It became so irresistible anduntil now it feels the same. I read several books, mer several gurus and elevated people to understand this. I then began to get some clarity after 1 year. I told him tht I am not able to forget him in anyway and not able to accept as “just friends”. So I told him that I have my husband and I love him. I would meet him in a different dimension as him. Till today I have been doing it this way. I ffel him when he thinks about me, a lot.

    The question is–is it wrong to think that way of another man?? SOmeone, who is spiritually elevated, told me it was wrong and that it is not purity and I am cheating my husband. Well, I still talk to him on the phone sometimes; text him and communicate in that way. But, I have been loyal to my husband and told him about my feelings for him, as I was feeling guilty. Is it adultery????

  37. and I have no intention to have a physical connection physically when I am with my husband. But would love to meet him in a different dimension. I am stuck people 🙁

  38. I met him online. we live a great distance apart. we fell in love. we feel a connection to each other. Just recently I started going to him at night and I can see only him and I can heal him (hurt shoulder and knee) but while I was there I made love to him. he didn’t know. He felt me there and the was sexually aroused. IF I keep going to him (he wants me to) will we eventually be able to have the kind of spiritual sexual relationship?

  39. I want to share my story. I was out for some other reason and I was coming back to my home on a bicycle and I saw her coming. I just smiled and looked her in the eyes and she also smiled. at that moment I saw her for the first time in my life but I smiled at her and she smiled at me like we left eachother some hour ago and now we see eachother again. anyways. I approached her and I said I don’t want to lose you again… I have no idea why I said this. and we started talking and I shook hand with her and then held it for long time. she could read my mind. I ask her DO YOU KNOW WHAT I LIKE THE MOST ABOUT YOU I thought her eyes but I said your smile and she said I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO SAY MY EYES… my god,,, well then I accompanied her to the shopping mall and then we closed by adding her in my facebook. we hugged and i said i like you and she replied i like you too. i kissed her cheeks and neck. anyways at that time i just wanted to bang her, to be honest. as i did have no idea what was the relation between me and her. well i cam back home and i could still smell her and listen her voice i fell into my bed and slept. and i slept very long time but at the midnight i had weird things happen to me. it was not a dream i was not asleep and nor i was waked. i felt like she was with me in 3d. i was making love to her. and my cheast was like gonna burst. i was like in the space, shocked. it all came like at once. then i had this experience for the next couple of days and i did not go out. and i even stayed in my room. i did never feel the same. i met a lot of girls in my life but i never had the same experience. well then finaly i talked to her on facebook and then after 4 days we meet at my house. i liked kissing her hugging her i just wanted to be mixed in her like two colors. i felt like i can not have enough of her. her kiss was divine. but the weird thing is that i did not have sex with her, although we were alone at my home in my bed all naked we talked laughed played with eachothers body but i just could not concentrate on having sex with her. i don’t know what was that. i never had the same experience before. well in the morning she left. after 5 days i met her again at my house. and we satyed there all the ight in my house all naked laughing… kissing hugging but not having sex… but yeah finally that night we had sex butit was not like normal. i was shocked i wanted to just see her kiss her touch her her breasts and everything. well at that time i did not know that she was my tf. now i do. and we made love after 11 days after we actually started chating on fb. now we are not togater and she had to go because of some problems. we never had a fight. until the last moment of our friendship on fb she wished me good luck and i also did the same. but when she told that she was going back to her country. i was really sad. after sometime she started not to response my texts so i deleted her from my facebook and her messages and her phone number everything because i felt very bad having her and still not having her. i don’t know what does tomorrow hold. but after her i even had sex but the kiss is never the same no women can make me like it the same. her kiss was different. i even don’t like to kiss other girls now. i don’t know if she will come into my life or not but i miss her so much and have lucid dreams with her. i can smell her in my dreams. and sometime it feels like my cheast is on fire or something is being pulled in my cheast area. it really hurts. i want her. now after six mother its still the same even more intense. i don’t know if i would ever be able to forget about her and be normal as before her coming into my life.

  40. gabriella help me. what should i do? i can still send her and email o contact her but if she does not repley i’ll be like hald dead… but i myself am not fully established yet. i am trying to do better in my work so i could make more money and work thing out,
    i can not be with her and i can not be without her.

  41. Ok my names robby I live in idaho, man have I got so me stuff to share! I’m a natural astral traveler been doin since I was little I’ve been doing it knowingly now once I figured out what I was doing in my sleep my twin flame appeared to me in a projection on a field I was working loading things on a truck she walked around the corner wd paralysis happens almost everytime a voice says to me load and soft saying do you want to meet me I am here it was a females voice I felt the same love in my astral projection when I made eye contact a vibration from the top of my he’d to my feet I was released from sleep paralysis and I was stunned and amazed I’m posting to share my experience but I have never met her in the physical do u think we will meet soon, I told her or tried to tell her id know her by her eyes I don’t know if she got the message I feel the love growing inside of me but the more it grows the more anxsios I get and I feel the pull but she still hasn’t manifested in the pysical world and my heart sinks for this but my love keeps getting stronger

  42. I appreciate this site and comments so I thought I would share my experience. I met mine but he was taken. The second time we met we hugged bye for about ten seconds but it felt like it was much longer and I experienced a heart strobe kundalini awakening. Never had I felt anything like that it was so intense like my soul merged with his and our hearts beat as one and the orgasm was in my chest. It was a day I will always remember a new me was born and now I feel such bliss and love energy flowing through my veins. I wonder if he thinks of me sexually sometimes because I have spontaneous orgasms and that’s new for me. Then what blew my mind was I was making love to him mentally one night and he was with his gf who I know. She was with him when I was thinking of him and she said she didn’t touch his penis but said he said that he felt as if she was touching him if that makes sense. so It gives me hope to know he feels my love I’m sending and even though words haven’t been spoken I feel the energy when we are next to each other. God is love! Much love!

  43. What I can understand is that the connection between TFs is not a earthly or 3D relationship, it is an union. It goes beyond our understanding, logic, or imagination. It is a marriage, I mean, TFs don’t need to be married because they are already. Mel and Nicole, and also Polona explain it wonderfully.

    Blessings to everybody

  44. I dont know whats going on with me i dont believe in stuff like this but i dream of him for 12 years n then i left feeling a sence of loss for days during this time i cry n cry reaping to myself that i dont kniw this person and somtimes i can convice myself that i just messed up n i go back to my life n couple month down the line …poof annother dream driving me crazy i havnt seen him in ten years i had to end things with mylast partner because the pain became to unbarable but i will never under any circumstances contact his guy cause i truly believe that im just crazy …help i want to enjoy my life without these intruptions

  45. I can totally relate to all of this….. Even as far
    As listening to the same songs on the radio! We were
    very close, making spiritual love few times a week… And
    Just recently, there is another energy around
    him which I know he’s indulging in….. I confronted
    Him re mail about it and how much it hurts, and he
    seems to be not that bothered!! Ego is ruling here,
    but I’m trying to remain as trusting as possible, that
    this is all part of the divine plan…. He’s aware it hurts,
    But he’s not stopping! Is Karma going to sort him out……??
    Please help x

  46. A met my soultwin on a Nov.16th 2009..this add ups to #11, it was also the 11 month and 2009 2=9 =11. If you do not have 11 somewhere in some significant date most likely it is just a strong passionate connection. Soulmate energy on this level can love fully without physical sex…if desire for orgasm is strong most likely you have a powerful sexual connection..and you need to renew vows with spouse and feed that fire instead. Taboo sex always feels more intense, so do not be fooled by this.

    The person whose soulmate wanted friendship…this is the foundation, not passionate sex. Many masters have said friendship is the highest form of love,tf friendship would not be ordinary, and his self control most likely points to him being a true soul mate and able to keep you chaste in your marriage relationship.TF love is sweeter than physical sex desire, and can manifest in friendship. You can have love without lust and it last much longer!

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