Increasing the Vibration of Love

In order to continue to rise in love, truly, we need to release all that is not in the vibration of love. Know that as you walk your divine path, there may be transitions in your relationships, but it is all in the plan. There is no separation. In these transitions and releasing, you are continuing to rise in the vibration of love, affecting the love that is within us ALL. This strong vibration of love will unite us all in a deeper embrace of love, light and truth, the truth connected to the soul and the heart.

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  1. Hi there- Been a while!!! I wanted to share my latest happenings while in transitition since I came back from Austin (the pull & the crazy energy shifts (yes, that INCLUDES intense sexual experiences!!!). Recently, I had surprise visitors- Jesus & Mary Magdalene!!! They spoke to me personally and that celebration is on its way!?!?! Then all of sudden, everything went VOID (meaning i don’t feel anything for my TF or soulmate- completely NOTHING! Totally SEPARATED! ZERO ENERGIES BETWEEN US!!!) Lately after the Jesus & Mary visit, I’ve been sick with red rashes (hives), vomited & stomach troubles, etc. Felt like it was all purging business??? Before Jesus & Mary came to see me…I had been downloaded with lots of weird codes while sleeping (my mind’s eye) many times at different times! What does all of this mean for me? Anybody gone through the similar experiences? Thanks for reading me out! Love & light to you all!

  2. Whoops- have to be clear- sexual experiences were never done physically- only lucid dreams with real powerful physical sensations. Just like most recent previous blog that Gabriella mentioned. Thanks!

  3. Starfire,
    Don`t woory, lately i also feel all kind of wonders and my cleansing was very tough, i was in stomach pains for 10 days and i had flew like symptoms, diarrhea for 3 days, it was all during that 10 days with pains in my stomach. I wrote about these somewhere and my dreams are very symbolic, i wrote also that i see lately white butterflies and last night i dreamt two white butterflies with blue (indigo) stripes, i remember i was amazed by them, they turned into fairies, and then i just remember that blue color appeared twice time again during the dream, it really imprinted in my mind. i don`t know the meaning, maybe something with a blue print, i have that feeling…and lately i also feel like i can talk with my angels, that i will get answers if i asked them, before i never felt that closeness with them, i talk to them very much. i think you had very important experience, Jesus and Mary Magdalen, wow?! Alot of dreams i don`t rememer but i feel that something is happening during my sleep and i awoke quite often during the night, usually three times, now it`s less. i hope this helped a little. Much love!!

  4. I had some weird dreams too. First I dream with my transition from this life, I guess to the other side. It was so peaceful, it is not clear to me if it was a car accident, but I just remember that I went to a deep sleep, I did not feel any pain, and went I was awake I was in the other side talking with people I knew and I was worry because I wanted to let my sister know that I was not in pain. Then, I dreamed with my elderly neighbor she was about to die in my dream and she was invited me to come with her. I told her that I could not do it because I did not finished my mission yet. I don’t know what all these are about. I had two car accidents in the past two years apart, and in both I had that feelings like a deep sleep, and I did not was scare. After those accidents my all view of life changed, I guess I became more spiritual.
    Love to everybody

  5. hi sunshine- did you sleep a lot more than normal? I slept way too much (3 days) & i just found out that i was going thru to the next higher ascension level because of the symptoms. (the shift of 2012) i hope you are feeling much better by now?

    yes! butterflies often appear in shadows while reading a book at lunchtime or cross my path while walking – close enough to make me stop to give them way – exactly what i saw in my dreams…saying SLOW DOWN! allow the “metamorphosis” take its place obviously! smile.

    hi joana- makes me wonder if your elderly neighbor is your soulmate in disguise? that’s good that you saw yourself not being afraid in the other world and sometimes messages are best left alone until something meaningful comes up! (do you write it in your journals?) I have noticed all the dreams i had came true 2 years later after my first awakening! full circle business!!! (i had 2 car accidents- 2 years apart, too! WAS FEARLESS just before hitting twice by them! Angels were with me the whole time! a year later- became spiritual awakening!) 😉

  6. Yees, i found out too, i felt that something is going on and i read somewhere abotu ascension levels, then something just clicked. Before i was too sleeping a lot and during the day for 2 hours usually…now i just have that very vivid dreams and i wake up exhausted and still waking up during the night, after 3 am (3:30, 5:00…)…and yes, this is something that has to do with hormones probably, my hair was falling out at firs and now is growing and hairs on my body, (this is irritatingly), arms, even face, they are light and small but i didn`t have them before so i noticed…and acne on my face almost a year, i never had that before also. Now i really put almost everything that bothering me :)). I got a question, since we are talking about it, did you notice difference in you menstrual cycle, this is just for girls :)?

  7. Starfire, Sunshine, I love butterflies, I carried a folder with a photo of butterflies all last semester. I really love butterflies. I don’t notice all those body changes both of you are experiencing, but I only notice that my apetite is light, I eat only the food I need to have energy for the day. I notice that when I walk I feel like I’m flying like a fairy, it sounds weird but I feel light and dancing or flying while I’m walking. I’m not writing my dreams, it is good idea to write them down, but I remmeber them, espcially the one of my transition. I’m receiving a lot of messages from my TF too, but many times I think it is my imagination. I guess my mind is fighting with my spirituallity.

  8. Joana,
    Hi! Yes, i feel light too and i can`t remember when i was feeling tired, i had that period of constant sleeping, but even then i was full of energy, tiredness it`s not the sam anymore even i`m a little bit irritated with this body changes…i understand that i have to go through this, but sometimes i feel so trapped beacuse of that, because i cant influence on my body. i just hope that at the end all this symptoms will go away.

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