Express your Gratitude to Receive a Complimentary Love Session

November is the month which is known for expressing gratitude, and to continue to flow with this, I would like to extend to you all the chance to receive a complimentary half hour love session with me. Here’s what you have to do to enter

~ submit to me via writing or video, whichever you prefer ~ how you have received from me: 

1. Through reading my articles/blog posts/my book
2. Having a session or reading with me
3. Emailing with me
4. Watching my youtube videos
5. Listening to and interacting in either my facebook chats or voice chats
6. Interviews I have conducted via my radio shows or ones I’ve been interviewed in

Any way that you have received from the work that I do, let me know. I’ll share along your insights you’ve gleaned with others to benefit them as well, and in turn will give back to you. There may be more goodies to come for those of you that participate in this. Have fun with this ~ you’ve all touched me in SO many ways, and I AM honored to know of how you have been receiving from me. I will *personally* respond to *everyone* that sends something to me. You can send it via my email at I look forward to sharing with you! Please spread this around, share this on your facebook or Twitter, so that others can take part in this if they are guided to. Let’s spread the love around!

In love and gratitude,

Here is my first entry…I welcome you to connect with those that submit to extend our circle of love, for we are all sweet reflections of one another, and truly in the soul, family on the deepest levels.

“Thank you Gabriella. I so so so appreciate the work you do with relationships, understanding the depths of multi-dimensional LOVE and helping others to expand in their concepts of LOVE-BEYOND… to make room within to hold deeper Compassion, Forgiveness, Peace, Understanding, Patience, and Growth within oneself and therefore for other. I will always be thankful for stumbling upon your beautiful website. Absolutely nothing happens by coincidence. There is always a reason for everything and every person that crosses our path, no matter how long or short they stay. What we are supposed to learn or share, is sometimes so obvious and sometimes, the answers come in later time. Coming upon your site helped me to remember that Christ LOVE that JUST IS… beyond understanding. Beyond reason, beyond justification. That LOVE that is expansive enough to hold room not only for oneself and one’s needs, but there is an overflow to share with others. I was reminded of Grace, and Mercy when I came upon your website. The ability to not take things for face value all the time. There are always so many other elements and factors at play beyond what our physical eyes can see. To have the reminder to see beyond is so so important.” ~

Jacquie Van Horne

8 Comments on “Express your Gratitude to Receive a Complimentary Love Session

  1. Dearest Gabriella ,
    No words to express gratitude to you. The solace and strength that I have received from your blog is immense and I am indebted to you.mthe sharing from all others here is also a great source of strength . I have gained a lot of insight in the twin flame journey, how interconnected we are, what our imbalances are, where we are standing at a particular time and many , many times when I have lost hope and been depressed, you have pulled me up, shown love and encuraged me to go on with faith. I have felt the love through your words, felt your loving guidance and numerous times you have answered my questions with great insight and expansively. I have shared what I learnt from your blog with my soulmate, with my children. I have shown them your blog. I have shown them your videos. Even though we have never taken a reading or session from you, you have continuously guided all of us here and your blog has been a place for us to pour our our feelings, confusion, etc. etc. a safe , loving haven for all of us. The friends we have gained and connected to is also amazing. This can go on Ganriella…. All I can say is THANK YOU WITH ALL. MY HEART FROM MY TF AND ME AND FAMILY.

  2. Dear Gabriella, I’m not a good writer since English is my second language. But your site has keeped me sane, your support and espiritual guide as well the support of all people around here has helping a lot. I can not imagine going through all this TF journey and espiritual awakening without all of you.
    Sending love to everybody

  3. Thank you Sleeping Beauty and Joana for expressing your Gratitude! Your words mean so much to me, beyond what I can ever truly say. You always touch me so very deeply.

    “It is just amazing how connected we all are in the experiences we go through. I thank you for allowing me to share my experiences with you as I have learned through sharing, we all gain a sense of understanding and also knowing we are not alone in this journey. I stumbled on your website when I was looking on information on twin flames. We started connecting via e-mail and then twitter with some of the questions that I had. You were so gracious to answer them with no hesitation. As time progressed I was on the twin flame group page, and friends on facebook. I am so overjoyed and grateful to have reached out to you from the very beginning. You have helped me and others to know that we are not alone on this journey, that what we are feeling is indeed real, and helping all of us grow into the love vessel or love being that we have always been all along. I thank God for you and all that I have met through our connection. You are a true blessing to me.” ~Olivia Guess Bolton

  4. I am grateful to Tom Lescher for bringing your connection. Simply put, I find your words truly inspiring, uplifting and most of all hopeful.
    Many grateful thank you’s!

  5. Dearest Gabriella,

    your blog is a safe haven for our delicate twinflame hearts. I think all of our hearts are so touched by the whole twinflame experience and one might feel so vulnerable at times and also lose hope quite a few times on this journey and this blog has become a haven for me, a place to turn to when I’m tired, when I’m weary, when I don’t know the answers any more, when I want to run away from it all …. here you can read quietly if you want to, you can read a little, you can read more, you can even read every day … there is no rule to follow as to what to do, you can simply be and feel like you are in this moment.
    At some point ~ for some sooner, for some later ~ the nudging of the universe will come and say: “write something on the blog” ~ or in my case: “connect to Gabriella, now you *have* to do it” … smile … and I am so grateful I listened to that nudge of the universe and some time later to the second nudge telling me it was time for me to also write on the blog … and it is as I said this morning: it is so beautiful that even if my light is flickering, there will always be someone there who knows the answer, who says something uplifting, who helps me restore my light.
    In my difficult times this blog is a place where I can rest and delight in the light and love others are radiating, in good times it is a time to share and help others, which is such a joy to my heart and soul and very often it is a place just to share our wonderful messages from the universe with each other, to keep ourselves awake to them, to find out together waht they may mean and what all of the twinflame journey really is. I am so grateful, dear sweet Gabriella, that you have created this most wonderful sacred place for us.

    And of course I LOVE all of your posts, dearest Gabriella, your words are so beautiful and so full of love, of pure divine love and every word you’re writing radiates this and I also LOVE your beautiful pictures you use to illustrate everything.

    Thank you so much from my deepest heart and waves and waves of sweet love to you, always, in all ways,

  6. Pamela,

    I am also thankful to Tom Lescher for birthing the connection between us, for you not only coming here to my circle of love, but for also connecting here, and feeling comfortable to do so. I hope that this is the start of many more expressions from your sweet soul!


    Where do I begin love? 😉 You are a bright light whom my soul is deeply blessed to know, and to have connected with. You give to me just as much as you allow yourself to receive from me. I am humbled by all of your words, and I am so happy that you followed those nudgings and connected as you did, when you did. Everything truly is always unfolding and happening in divine order…this is a message for all of us…to keep knowing, trusting and flowing with this truth. Lots of love your way always, in all ways girl!

    Here’s another entry ~ yet there is more to come…!!!

    You have given me the peace of mind and heart that I am on the right path. Although sometimes infuriating and confusing, often emotional and ALWAYS spiritual, I have learnt to be patient. You have given me the gifts of your insights and I have learnt that I need to trust and let them be. You are a true God-send and have helped make my ‘hart’, ‘well’. Your guidance, intuition and insight help me along my journey even in the times when we don’t directly communicate. You have helped me look at the gift of my twin and guided me to continue to unpeel my layers and blocks of expressing and receiving love from all of those who come onto my path. Thank you for giving me the light to believe in all you see and all I feel. I know you are in my life for more than just a reason! ~ anonymous

  7. Here are some more entries. I am feeling so profoundly blessed with the love you are sending to me ~ please know that I am always sending it right back to you all, with the deepest gratitude and LOVE!


    I want to express my gratitude for your website and work. Thank you for sharing your precious gift. I learn so much from your you tube video, meditations, and blogs. I am hoping to reunite with my beloved twin flame in the physical, (not just astral) and have been doing your meditations to connect with him.


    Dear Gabriella,

    Words cannot express the deep gratitude I am feeling, but I will try. Your willingness in sharing your personal journey with the world speaks volumes to the nature of your generous spirit. You have created a safe haven where others may come and rest and rejuvenate their souls. I cannot tell you the countless times I have left your site fortifide to continue my own journey after experiencing the loving vibration of your words expressed in your posts. For me, that is proof of the love the Universe has for us all, that we were lovingly guided to your site, as you welcomed us all, gathering us into the loving embrace of your soul light, as you forged a path that so many others could follow. I feel that each time we come to your site and are able to share a piece of our own light, it expands the ever deepening umbrella of love that is spreading throughout the world. So dearest Gabriella, thank you for giving us the courage to open our hearts and share in the experience of this ever deepening expansive love.

    With Love and Gratitude,


  8. Here are some more entries ~ get your entry in before November 30th. I’ll be pulling names on December 1st and sending all of you personal responses. Again, thank you for your gratitude, and your love.

    I’m so gratefully for all the positive , messages you send everyday, they brighten
    my day and give me hope. 🙂
    It’s good to know that there are kind hearted beautiful souls out there.
    Its a wonderful thing you are doing by helping people. I wish I had your talent 🙂
    Love and Light to you Gabriella!!!!

    ~Colleen Brown

    Dear Gabriella,
    You, my dear, are so very talented and it is an honor to express my gratitude to you with my words. I was ecstatic the day you contacted me through email in regards to my questions about my insane, heart wrenching, and all consuming twin soul journey. It has been a confusing yet joyous experience that (until finding your website) I felt I was going through alone. You explained to me that I am an old soul who is very strong which is why I picked this particular situation with my twin soul. Your beautiful voice resonates with me through your writing and videos; especially the twin flame meditation. It feels as though you are speaking directly to me and I am always so moved. Since finding you I look forward to reading your inspiring words in your “questions answered” section on your website. Often times these are questions I have too. Through prayer I ask for guidance daily and I truly feel Spirit led me to you. I realize though that you are human like the rest of us. We all have Spirit inside of us, and within us we find our guidance; our truth.
    Gabriella, as you continue to walk this earth in human form, my wish is that you never forget how special your gift is for Spirit will certainly send other hearts your way. Keep up the great work!

    Cyndee Hollamon-Cook