The Force that Carries You

forceThose of you that have experienced this will understand. There is a force that pulls at you when you least expect it, or perhaps because you aren’t expecting it…this force overtakes you as it forsakes any shards of “sanity” you have clung to, that cannot be sustained in the midst of such a force.

It encourages you. It begs you even to not name it, for such a defining somehow attempts to confine it. It is unable to be contained. This profoundly goes against the essence of its existence.

It is a force that invites you into the depths of your creation but it asks you not to try to take all the pieces in the hopes of making them a whole. The wholeness resides in those pieces remaining as they are, hovering around you, magnetizing you in, moving you beyond the reason for wanting the cohesive fusion. This union, this fusion, IS in the flowing, the dancing, the romancing of it all, wildly and untamed laying in wait before you, to be totally immersed as you are consumed by its divine grace.

Your face takes on new expressions. Your voice rises and falls with unbridled freedom, peaking and squeeking at inopportune moments. You are in the throes of an orgasmic bliss not easily understood by those so firmly grounded in their humanity. Take those roots you falsely identified with and let them unfurl, as they untangle themselves from within your being, enticing your divinity into freedom. This is where expansion and enlightenment make love, endlessly, infinitely. Your body moves as it reforms into new grooves that become the vision you term your identity. You look in the mirror and see for the very first time.