Completeness, Caressing

transformationTrickling into the ethers, sprinkling into the serenading sweetness…the completeness has always been caressing me and confessing me into its folds, as I cease allowing the molds to conform me. Transform me, serendipity, into simplicity, tis the true tranquility that tenderly is me.

And I see you there, you are naked in your innocence, bare in your beauty and elegance, hovering in transcendence from the common consistency of form. I join you there, translucently observing your smile when you think no one is watching, silently chuckling when you do something in the nothing you think you are basking in. Even in the nothing, your being trances me, your essence dances with me, as we are like those monkeys jumping on the bed, yet our heartbeats are the springs, our souls surely feel in flight, with wings of gold.

Poetry, perform me, reform me in this beholding. I have released form in this warm scenery, floating in the spaces between endings and beginnings, that place where all is as it is, untainted, painted in a perfect tapestry, moving at the pace of beingness, not slow, not fast, but flowing, naturally.

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