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Underlying Every Challenge is Love: There is ONLY Love

Underneath every challenge in your life experience, there is only love. When you know this, it offers a bigger picture and higher perspective of the “unpleasant” experiences/moments you have had in your life. You may have heard the cliche “everything

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From Heartbreak to Happiness: An Interview with Aurora Winter

This intimate diary reveals a single mother’s odyssey of tragedy and triumph after the sudden death of her 33-year-old husband. It’s about trust shattered, then renewed; faith destroyed, then rebuilt; hearts broken, then healed. This inspiring book can give you

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Individual and Combined Soul Contracts

If you grew up in any organized religion as I did, you may have been told that what happens to you and around you is not of your control, that all you can do is the best you can. I

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It is Possible to Receive Love after a Dear One Passes On

Have you or someone you know had a loved one pass on and would like to experience a loving relationship again? Have you found yourself doubting whether or not it is possible to love again? In this show, we will

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