Individual and Combined Soul Contracts

If you grew up in any organized religion as I did, you may have been told that what happens to you and around you is not of your control, that all you can do is the best you can. I am here to tell you that what happens to you and around you is of your control and not only that, but also your choice and your creation. Do you know someone who has an illness or an “unfortunate” life situation that you view as “negative” or “horrible?” How would you feel and how would you view their experience if you knew that they chose it? You may be asking the question, “why would they choose such a thing?” Let me explain…

Before incarnating into physical form, our souls make contracts with other souls as to what we desire to experience to help elevate us to the highest level of unconditional love. In order to do this, we need to have the actual experience of being the homeless person, the villain, the one whose young son dies as an infant, having an illness that we are struggling to release, etc. Two things I want to discuss: how illness is created within our bodies as well as what our role is once it does, AND the individual contract that souls make as well as the combined contracts, which includes another soul.

Another question you may be pondering is if we choose our experiences then where does free will come in? Yes, we do choose things before physical incarnation, such as other souls we will encounter along our journey, where we will live, however those souls have free will within their own experiences, which you will be subject to, and then you have free will as to your reactions and actions as a result. There are an infinite number of choices that you can choose in each moment, and as you choose one path, there are other experiences that will occur as a result of that choice, which then brings you to another place to choose again. This occurs throughout your journey.

Ok, remember soul contracts with yourself as well as others and free will, now, imagine this. You go about your life, growing up, and as you near puberty, your father is killed by another person. This adds a variety of emotional experiences around you…your mother has choices on how to react and act, your siblings have these choices as well, those not directly in your experience have these choices too and YOU have these choices. Now, since you are young, you may take it personally how those in your circle respond to you as well as to themselves. You could choose to feel as though you are not able to express yourself or be yourself, so you make adjustments within how you treat yourself and how you interact with others. As you go about getting older, you begin to develop a skin disease. An illness is your reactions, beliefs, and emotions to and in your experiences which create certain results within your physical body, hence the diagnosis of a dis-ease, which is an uneasiness in your emotional and perception system creating a discomfort in your physical body. How can you overcome this difficulty and begin to feel healthy again?

What are the steps to overcoming an illness that has been created? The first step is to realize that it is your chosen reactions, beliefs and emotions that have collected and multiplied within you to develop whatever it is that you are going through, and that this is not “bad.” It is actually a wonderful thing…

2. Feel gratitude for the experience for it is in appreciating our experience that helps with releasing it and fully choosing not to experience it anymore.

3. Observe what you may gain from the experience. How can you then take the experience and continue along your journey of life? Many times, that which we can perceive as a “horrible” experience can be one that helps us to determine what our life purpose is…

4. Change your beliefs and emotions of the experience.

5. Know that you have control over your experiences, reactions, beliefs and how you live your life, and that you can heal yourself.

6. Be patient with the process of healing because a lot of times, the illness has taken years to develop in your body and it doesn’t release overnight.

7. Allow yourself to feel the emotions throughout the process of healing.

I have received concerns from those that have expressed how those that have mental illnesses do not have the capacity to be able to release this experience from their lives. First, I want to express that NOTHING is impossible! Also, only the soul directly feeling and living through an experience can choose how long they will stay within it and whether or not it is the intention to overcome it in a “lifetime.” There is no way for us to know what they are gaining from their situations and reactions nor what their intended purpose was of why they chose to go through what has been created. They may not even consciously know themselves until they transform into spirit. Therefore, we can change the way that we perceive other’s experiences, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t offer our support and love through their process. For truly, we are here to help each other to reach the highest levels of unconditional love. One step of this is to offer love when we don’t understand someone’s choices, actions, etc., and to try to help another out of the perception of suffering. If we change our perception, we can see how everything is beautiful and there is nothing to be sad about, ever, and that everything that happens when it does and how it does is absolutely perfect. When we take a step back to see all the connections and the growth, it is easier to notice and understand the perfection.

Individual contracts are made with ourselves on what we have intended to experience for the benefit of the growth of our soul. Combined soul contracts are for the same reason, the growth of our soul along the path towards complete unconditional love. These combined contracts are multiple sided: for both of the souls within the contract as well as the souls outward from there. For example, a mother and daughter, and then the extended family and friends. The example that was given earlier with the young son dying is now relevant here. The boy who has died young has chosen to come onto Earth for however long he has to experience growth, but also to help the other souls around him to experience and grow. There are two factors that are involved when this occurs on how to perceive it:

1. If you believe in time, then his life will seem short and such a horrible thing.
2. If you believe that you don’t have any control or choice as to your experience of life and death, then this boy’s death will seem like a horrible thing.

Can you see how if you change these beliefs, then you can change the way you feel about the situation you are in or that someone you know is in, and therefore you can then choose how to react and/or act? You can also see the process of life and how beautiful the journey is, that it is NEVER the destination to arrive at but it is the journey, and that there is nothing that you NEED to do in your life except what you choose in the moment, and that no life, no matter how “short,” is ever wasted for there is always an intended plan

NOTE: For more details on soul contracts, please read the children’s book by Neale Donald Walsch, The Little Soul and the Sun. It is such a simple, clear way of explaining what I am referring to regarding the soul contracts before physical incarnation and the purpose of them while we are experiencing on Earth. If you read this and want to share, please contact me. I enjoy sharing the journey of life with you.

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2 Comments on “Individual and Combined Soul Contracts

  1. Gabrielle,
    I so enjoyed meeting you yesterday. And I resonate with much of what you say. I do believe we have choice, I also believe we have programing that can be very unconscious and can come from family, groups, ancestry, past lives. What I have begun to work with is energetically releasing that which keeps that programming in our energetic space. It has helped to answer why sometimes intention and decision are not enough to remove what blocks us. It has helped to create “miracles”.
    Blessings to you – you are doing wonderful work!!

  2. Marcey,

    It was equally pleasurable to meet you as well! Yes we absolutely do have unconsciouis programming that we have the choice to release throughout our life…unless we are aware of this programming and the details of it, then no matter how much intention and decisions we make to release, things cannot happen. I believe that it is essential to be self aware in all of our experiences, beliefs, emotions, decisions, etc…when we are self aware, we can develop the patience with the process of letting go of the program so that we can completely go within and BE always in all ways. 😉

    Thank you for your support and for joining this work in the world! You ARE a blessing.