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Divine Timing ~ Everything is Always Happening in Perfect Order

Divine Timing ~ yes those famous two words you probably hear quite often, which usually asks us to have patience with the flow, and trust in the order of things. Patience and trust, while having faith that everything is truly

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Every Step is Perfect and in Divine Order for Your Reunion with Your Twin Flame

Q1. I found my twin flame purely accidental on the internet. This wasn’t any kind of dating service but a website called IMVU. Ironically we both joined the exact same day a year ago on Nov 18th. From the first

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The Power of Surrender in Reunion with Your Twin Flame

This video shares on surrendering to attachments, expectations, limitations, control from the mind and moving into flowing from the heart and allowing everything that is to be. Everything and everyone in your experience is there for a reason and has

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Surrender to Love: Let the Flow of the Universe Guide and CoCreate With You

Surrender, why is this is so important on the journey of life and love? What do I mean by surrender? Surrender is when you let go of everything and everyone that you may have been attached to as well as

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