Divine Timing ~ Everything is Always Happening in Perfect Order

Divine Timing ~ yes those famous two words you probably hear quite often, which usually asks us to have patience with the flow, and trust in the order of things. Patience and trust, while having faith that everything is truly happening in its perfect order, AND that everything as it happens IS perfect ~ especially when you feel uncomfortable and your beliefs, thoughts, patterns are brought into review ~ it is only your attachments as well as the perceptions connected to those attachments that create the suffering within your experience. Yet through those emotions (energy in motion), you are releasing your attachment/focus on the illusions within your psyche, which bring you into the remembrance of your divine, natural essence of sacred, true love.

I encourage you to notice the happenings in your life, which you may label as “tragic” or “sad,” as amazing opportunities to expand your consciousness within love, bringing you ever more profoundly in tune with the divine energy that you are. We are here to remember that we are both spiritual and human ~ these are both ALWAYS, in all ways, in oneness ~ therefore, we are remembering ourselves into the experience of the union of both. If this is the case, this oneness always present, then everything, AND I mean EVERYTHING is happening in its perfect order, as well as in its PERFECTION.

Such love to you all!

7 Comments on “Divine Timing ~ Everything is Always Happening in Perfect Order

  1. Dearest Gabriella !
    HOW are you able to catch on every mood that I am in !!!!!!! It is amazing ! Pretty shocking things have been happening around me and I was questioning. GOD as to why, where and how do I fit into all this. I was feeling sad, horrified, indignant and confused. Now you are saying that it is all in perfect divine order and how I should take it. I am very sorry to hear about Shaila. But now your uncle’s progress should be making you feel better.
    Speaking about transitions, I do feel that I have to let go of my perceptions of a lot of things. I feel stuck by rigid perceptions and sometimes my too strong sense of duties, etc. …everywhere around me I get messages, to take it easy, to enjoy every moment. But seeing and experiencing emotional shocks keep me sunken in painful emotions and fear of what the future holds for me.
    Hearing your experience of taking care of your uncle, I see that we have to take things as they come. But my God Gabriella, to stay detached is so difficult. How can we attached yet detached?!? It is a big lesson indeed. I do not know where my TF figures in all my personal tragedies, though. I constantly think of him. I realise , WE WRe ONE and that HE is inside me.. But why do I still feel that emptiness, that searching, that ksomething is missing…. I keep diving inside and after each step there is still some searching and longing…
    Thank you Dearest Gabriella for helping me in this journey. Without this I would have been really lost. Holding your hands a moving on together with all here is soothing.

  2. Sunshine,

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful song ~ so profound, so beautiful, and so synchronistic ~ “a million forms it takes your disguise…” yes, tis the beauty when we see, love and connect with our TF through every person, every experience, every moment…merging and dissolving into one (as two) but as the ONE that we ALL are together…mmm, that just feels SO divine, in time…divine timing!!! Yes!! How important trust is, again and again, along this journey ~ trusting within the guidance from within ~ and following within the vibration of the strength of that knowing despite what outside circumstances “could” show, regardless of what others express about your journey ~ the promise of where you will be caught is in the truth of your own heart, your own being and what you know to be ~ this is what will embrace you always, in each moment…so much love!!

  3. Gabriella,
    yees,ah, i love that tingly feeling when everything connects….i feel that every word in this song resonate with me and all i know and feel about this love…”Silent Kisses on my neck…”, dreams with my TF, ah… Thank you for your words, they are so in flow also…my heart can`t be fuller!

  4. Dearest Sleeping Beauty!

    Chalk it up to another sign to remind us of how intimately connected we are!!! Yes, my uncle’s progress is certainly bringing a smile to my face, though I must say that I was never feeling “bad” so to speak of Shila’s passing, for I truly did see the perfection in the timing of it all and noticed the feelings I had within my own experience of what those happenings were giving me. It truly is a big lesson to be connected yet also “detached” from things, for in that space, we are able to observe the puzzle pieces moving themselves into place ~ and then we realize that there is no such thing as being “detached,” or disconnected, for we are always, in all ways, connected to everyone and everything within us and around us. So beautiful! Yes…you and your twin flame are ONE…and HE is not only inside you but around you…stay connected to this…and know that the feelings of something missing is bringing you to a deeper understanding and integration of this oneness. You are so beautiful! Continuing to hold your hands…as we ALL move forward, move on, move IN together!!!

  5. Sunshine ~ thank you again for sharing this song ~ it has been embracing me this evening as I am resonating with all of the lines too ~ just had a dream last eve, and feeling so deeply connected to my sweet and beautiful twin flame. Sending you and everyone here such waves of love as you keep flowing into each moment!

  6. Gabriella,
    i`m so glad that this song so resonate with you. i just read your words again that you posted here, it`s like you knew (hm) that i will be needing them, this is excatlly what is happening: “…what outside circumstances “could” show, regardless of what others express about your journey”. today i have so many “tests”, from my TF, from my friends…trust is all i need now, trust in my heart.