Universal Oneness is From Within Shared Around as We are Guided in Each Moment

Q. My question is about relationships with others after you know your Twin Flame, even if you are not yet able to be together physically, as is the case with me and my Twin Flame. Early on, he told me he had a desire to be faithful to me, as I have to him. I’m single, so I can be faithful to him, but he is married, so has to divide his faithfulness. But I believe he is as faithful to me as he can be. So, my question is this: What about us who are not able to allow love from others, who have no desire to be with anyone but our Twin? Are we wrong in feeling complete faithfulness to our Twin? Are we failing to develop universal oneness somehow in not going into other relationships as so many seem to be doing?

A. Ah, a lot in those questions…nothing is ever wrong…and from the perception/vision of the one heart of union consciousness (which encountering the twin flame brings us deeper into) this is the way and the truth – that all love is love shared with all…and that love is not limited or based upon conditions, expectations, etc…there is nothing wrong with feeling completely faithful to your twin flame, meaning that you don’t have a desire to be in physical relationship with another in body…allowing love from others does NOT have to be intimate, in a romantic relationship sense. As we move deeper into choosing, seeing, being, feeling love in every moment (union consciousness), then we see more profoundly how any action or expression of love to and with anyone, increases universal oneness. There is no rule that if you are not in this moment beside your twin flames side, that you need to be in another relationship, or even that you don’t have to be…this path is truly about following your own heart, your own guidance, knowing that what you are feeling resonates with your soul is NOT wrong, as nothing ever is. The other aspect of this is that because your twin flame is in another relationship, that this gives you an opportunity to deepen your understanding that you are not separate from that love, for feelings such as jealousy can only come through in a heart that can’t see the oneness that is always present…again, even feeling jealousy is not wrong…it’s just an opportunity to become aware of what is causing it, and to shift perception into union, which can then heal the feelings of jealousy. These situations are such beautiful ways seen from the eyes of Spirit to strengthen the truth of eternal, unconditional, divine and sacred love. Follow your heart…and let it continue to guide you…as you open to seeing and receiving the love from the relationship your twin is in, and the more you extend and feel the love within every encounter and experience in your life, the more you enhance, develop and add to the universal oneness for all…as one awakens, that awakening is sent to us ALL.

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  1. WOW!!! I just asked for guidance and then this post came up. Thanks so much Gabriella. Not going to reveal my name but I had a session with you Friday 5 your time. Thank you, thank you x

  2. Gabriella,
    I fully understand what you say in all of your posts… and doing away with expectations, perceptions, etc etc. I have been learning a great deal about unconditional love for the self, for my twin, for others. But at the end of the day – I want to be with my Twin physically and do not have the desire to be with any other. The physical part of is part of the human experience… so how do we move past that? Because, at the end of the day I can not see myself going through the rest of my life feeling this love without the human, physical aspect. If we are spiritual beings having a human experience and physical connections are part of that – how we do just let that go?

    My twin flame barely knows I exist but I see small steps forward. Each time I ask the universe for signs if we are going to reunite in ALL WAYS including physical bodies and the universe hits me over the head with many signs.

    I’m just not sure if I should continue to trust that this will happen.. I am happy in the present moment and loving myself.. but not going to lie I will always want to be with my twin flame in a physical manner as well.

  3. I’m married with my soulmate. Now, I realized that I married my best friend and I have a son with him. Unbelievable! Probably I had never married him if I had known my TF before I married my soulmate. Now, I don’t want to be with anybody else but my TF. I know being with my TF is it not possible, but the connection with him is intense. Gabriella, I feel scare to get close to my TF because if he knows more about me, he will find out that I’m in a relationship and I’m older than him, I don’t look my age but I feel very concious about this age’s gap. He knows my son, and he has seen me with him many times; I don’t wear my marriage ring so I believe he thinks I’m single

  4. Knowing and meeting our twin in this lifetime does hold the magnetism to bring unity even when both are in different countries ……however getting to know our twin it is vital to acknowledge our own inner truth, values , desires and intention of what is acceptable to ourself within a relationship.

    Couple of years ago i met my twin …..as a single father and experiencing challenging past times i soon found my twin hindered and compounded any healing due to her ego she refused to release despite understanding and compassion …..however the first meeting began a accelerated spiritual awakening and development which has allowed myself to heal and further to develop self love for me (a new arisen personal mission) …… couple of years later she contacted me and wanted to visit ….prior to this she disclosed she had not told me of her true address etc and continued to refuse to do so…..considering my children personal values etc i have decided to cease contact and know in this life time i would find trust hard to do with her now …..therefore unity is not a option for me even if there is a pull . …… i have prayed and manefested since and the universe has delivered a soul mate to me who is acceptable and everything i ask for ……so i would say in self love Gabriella never settle for less than you know you deserve and desire as the best is not always the best ….but is the divine energy is always there to hold us and let us know and feel we are very much loved ! 🙂

  5. Dearest Gabriella !
    I need a clarification from you. After reunion with TF what happens ? In higher dimensions ? Do they become androgynous or is sexual feelings still present between angelic beings and if so how do united TFs exist. What happens in 5 D. Is it necessary to expand our consciousness to include our sexual desire for all souls if we are to balance it out with our TF here in 3 D. I read that love should not be incarcerated and in higher dimensions, everyone loves everyone in all ways. I was shocked to read this.In that case what happens to United TFs? When we feel so strongly for our TF how can we include other souls with us sexually. It does not resonate with me. Or am I too dense? I cannot think of having sexual relations with anyone other than my TF. does this restrict us from getting reunited ? Is it a stumbling block and will it upset the balance between us? I am confused and upset !

  6. Dearest Sleeping Beauty!

    Seen from the eyes of Spirit, what sexual feelings really are is the desire to merge into one with another. This comes about because of the love we feel within our being. It has been just seen from the human perspective, separated from our spiritual essence because it has been so focused on the human, physical merging of our parts, so to speak. That is the case because we are in these human bodies. We are actually merging our physical parts, however what happens when we are intimate with another in that way, we are merging our essence together. We are experiencing the oneness that already is. When do that, we not only are merging with the person that we are making love with, but we are making love and merging with all that is. This includes everyone. It is in the human mind we can perceive this union between only us and that other person, that other being. However, seen from Spirit, it is all ONE and we are all making love together ~ remembering the love that is ONE. Truly, that’s what it means, “that everyone loves everyone in all ways” because it’s always happening. It’s only the mind that sees this love as separate.

    Now bringing this back in to the human experience ~ through the spiritual essence, perceptions and understanding and feelings of this oneness, one can have such a thing as an open relationship or what we can know as an open relationship, meaning that one actually does make love physically with others and not just the twin flame. This can be a creation for some if it is chosen in this human experience and when they are in the space of understanding this oneness, then merging their bodies with their remembrance/essence of this oneness with more than one person…it becomes an extension of the oneness beyond form in form, enhancing the love for all. First of all nothing is ever “wrong” ~ it just is and it’s an experience. With every experience, it brings us closer to understanding into experiencing this unconditional, unlimited pure love that we are. What pure love desires is to continuously experience itself in form, moving beyond form and then back in form. Just as I’ve said, that the love expressed with a soul mate is shared with all, meaning the love in your heart and also the love you share with your physical bodies is not separate from your twin flame, it’s not separate from anyone because it’s connected to all that is (which includes everyone). When you make love from that pure, intimate space, you are loving with everyone. You are increasing the love for everyone.

    So the open relationship that I am referring to, is bringing that oneness and that love that already is into form by merging the forms with that oneness and that love. However, this is a choice. If you and your twin flame choose to have as you call it, no other sexual relations with anyone else, there’s nothing “wrong” with that, it’s a choice between you and your twin flame. Honestly, it’s really a beautiful one and it is one that I hold also, in this moment. As you make love with your twin flame, this will be more intense than any other loving experience beyond and in form that you’ve ever had. It will be so much stronger and so intimate, so loving, beyond the word “loving” could ever describe. What will happen when you merge in all ways with your twin flame is that your hearts and your souls and your consciousness will expand. Your perceptions of love will expand and it’s only in those moments, that you will know fully how it all will happen. But in that moment, you will be loving everyone. You will feel that love so immensely for everyone and with everyone. You will experience on such deep levels the oneness and love that you are, connected to everyone else.

    I feel what this is really asking you to do is to see “sexual relations” as a merging of your oneness and if you see that oneness is all that is, then the sexual relations rather become an experiencing of this oneness. If you are one with everyone, then the sexual relations change vibration. I am not saying here to go out and merge physically with everyone, nor will that desire be there, in that way. But your vibration and your perception around this will shift. It’s not exactly that you are including other souls with you sexually, it already is because we are all one. So as we are intimate with our twin flame, as we are intimate with anyone, we are intimately expressing ourselves and experiencing ourselves through and in this oneness. Your choice in this moment to not merge intimately, meaning physically, with anyone other than your twin flame is not restricting you from being reunited because the truth of the matter is that you are not just loving your twin flame when you love your twin flame intimately. That is the truth. But choosing to express this love in physical expression with only your twin flame is one way of making love with everyone else. It does not have to be in physical expression with everyone but yet spiritually, it is experiencing intimacy with everyone. Does that make sense? Seeing it like that, creates more of the balance between you and your twin flame, more of the balance between your spiritual essence and your physical presence. This is the way of oneness and love. I hope that this has helped with your feelings of confusion and all that you were feeling with bringing these questions up. Thank you for expressing yourself.

    How beautiful divine flow always is ~ just as I was finishing up responding to you, Vesna responded on a post I wrote a while back which is truly perfect to add here for it continues this discussion…if you feel guided to read more and to listen to the interview with me on this, please do so: Open Relationships: An Ongoing Discussion.

    Much love from my heart to yours ~ within the deepest vibrations in remembrance of the oneness that we are!

  7. Dearest Gabriella!
    It is indeed so synchronistic. Vesna responding at this time and both of us connecting to it. Your blog is god given, truly. Thank you for your insight. I am trying to understand. Thank god we can love our TF in our own way. So our reunion will not be affected if we decide to have physical relationship only with our TF. Our souls will still expand in consciousness . I want to ask one more doubt. What is the reason for sex between different people as a group or threesomes,etc.? How is this addressed in spirituality? Is it also some sort of growth Should it be viewed as acceptable practice ?these questions have recently been thrown up to me and I am forced to seek answers, Gabriella, I hope it is not out of topic.love to you,

  8. Dearest Sleeping Beauty!

    I encourage you to go within to see how you feel about all of your questions ~ not sure if this is accurate, but I’m sensing that perhaps someone(s) questioned you within the vibration of separation and perception from 3D, with judgment ~ feels rather strong actually. I feel that it’s important for me to share some things here. “Spirituality” seen from the vibration and through the mind of separation, to one who is used to judging and seeing things as black and white, right or wrong seems to be a way for one to do whatever they want and put it under the category of “spirituality.” However, let’s move away from even using the word spirituality for right now ~ and bring in union consciousness ~ understanding union (u n i as one AND u n i on a journey of experiencing the oneness that we are), then we no longer see things as separated ~ therefore, there is not a right and wrong, black and white, male and female even, for there is “right” in “wrong,” black in white and male within female ~ truly both together are in union with one another…the wholeness of it all. SO, with that, I ask you to read the post I linked in my previous response too to get some idea as to a reason why someone would choose to experience sex/merging with more than one person and more than one person at the same time. Yet, the truth here is that everyone perceives things in their own way ~ just as everyone’s journey in life and love has their own steps towards experiencing it all ~ there is no THE WAY (meaning that it is the right way to follow) other than the way that is within the heart of each person ~ we all have our own choices to make and soul intentions for creation, experiencing and sharing with us all as ONE.

    How is sex with different people as a group or threesomes addressed in union consciousness? It is a choice…and an experience…and through experiences, we remember divine truths, releasing what does not serve us and holding to what does. Every experience serves in bringing us more deeply into experiencing the love and oneness that we are…as expressed within the link I posted previously, some can choose to have such an intimately physical experience for many reasons that are not in the vibration or vision of union but rather separation…that is not “wrong,” but it is not what I would choose personally. I can’t answer the question to you on how to view such experiences as acceptable practices or not ~ this answer would come from your own heart in what you would personally choose. But I do want to open your eyes to seeing such experiences as more than just one way ~ it is not only lust or physical pleasure or promiscuity, whatever words you want to place upon these experiences within the experiences themselves. One who is in tune with their spiritual essence and choose to merge it with their physical presence between more than one human body ~ this can be done within the vibration of union, experiencing the union of spiritual essence and the physical presence…this can be quite an intense and beautiful experience when viewed or acted within this vibration. Note here ~ I am not speaking from my own experience as I have only always been physically intimate with one person…and I personally, in this moment, choose that. (I say “this moment” because one never truly knows what one would choose unless one is fully within that situation with all of the circumstances present to make a choice in that moment ~ this is one reason why judgment doesn’t make sense ~ we can only hypothetically assume what we would and wouldn’t do in any moment).

    Now, many years ago, perhaps you have read that there used to be such practices as sacred Hieros Gamos rituals ~ this is also called Sacred Marriage ~ interesting when you mentioned before about Spiritual Marriage. Hieros Gamos Sacred rituals are where a group of people are celebrating the union/harmonization of opposites (man and woman) joining together as one. This would be a celebration and the couple, within their God and Goddess energy ~ the Beloved energy, would make love physically ~ merging their spiritual essence with their physical presence ~ yet they would be making this love between them in front of this group of people. By no means would this be seen as a “sexual” act of physical pleasure but rather the spiritual ecstasy combined with the physical experience of that oneness between them. Their sharing of their freedom and purity of love beyond and within form was meant to be an example of the embodiment of the God and Goddess expressing this Beloved energy between and with one another, as it is extended and given to others that witness it also. See how this can be seen as a whole different set of energies around such an expression of love making? I have seen visions myself of being in a room with other couples as we are all loving our divine mates together ~ couples expressing and sharing their love in the same room ~ yet the vision I see is not physically sharing with the other couples but all of us expressing our love at the same time with our beloveds and what I sense within this experience is a massive building of love we are all making within this experience. Would I actually take part in such a creation? I will not fully know until that choice presents itself, if it does, and it would of course depend upon the energies and intentions of all present…

    Thank you again for bringing up this topic ~ honestly nothing is ever “off topic” seen from the consciousness of union for all is always in union and never in separation. I hope that this has helped give you some peace and clarity within your own heart of how you personally feel towards the specific questions you presented. Sending you love!

  9. Dear Gabriella,

    I read your comments here and though it makes perfect sense that love shared with one is loved shared with all… but my question is this,

    “As you make love with your twin flame, this will be more intense than any other loving experience beyond and in form that you’ve ever had. It will be so much stronger and so intimate, so loving, beyond the word “loving” could ever describe. What will happen when you merge in all ways with your twin flame is that your hearts and your souls and your consciousness will expand.”

    Knowing this, how could one ever want to experience the physical/human aspects with anything other than their Twin?

    I am keeping my heart open and as a result I have been attracting some very wonderful people in my life. While I have shared physical contact with another other than my Twin, as he is not awakened yet, it is not the same. I do realize that I am sharing love with all… but ultimately I will always want to have this with my Twin… I do not feel anything other than physical satisfaction and perhaps a small connection with I am physically with another.

    I am just not sure how to forget the physical part of the experience… as it is part of the human experience.. I realize that we are one in all ways… but how can one step into that oneness when we are not physically one?

  10. Hello Dear Misty!

    I received your other comment recently about this also and I am determined to bring through what will come through for you, but am feeling to do this during my live chat this Friday ~ not on facebook but through another fun avenue ~ you can go to the link to submit more questions if you have them now or just receive more information ~ and the link will still be valid afterwards for there will be an MP3 recording to listen to at your leisure. Live Interactive Chat.

    Sending you love!

  11. Thank you Gabriella! I will try to make it, have a meeting that morning so will check into the time difference. Your guidance is so much appreciated 🙂

    Love and light

  12. Ah ~ I am so glad that we are talking about this now because I actually do have to change the time of the chat! So it will actually be at 5pm eastern time and go until 6pm.

    Sending much love and light to you!

  13. Gabriella, I will like to listen your chats, but in the place where I’m living I can not hear your radio show. So sad…Very intenresting topic. When I do intimicy with my TF in another dimention, the ectasys is incredible, just being in his arms is incredible. Having intimicy with somebody else, I don’t know. Maybe as Misty wrote only the physical gratification and a short connection with the person can happened, it is my opinion. This happened to me in the past with my soulmate, no more than that. I love him, but the complete connection was not there as I feel with my TF. I don’t denied to see around me handsome men and feel some little atraction to them, but I will never change my TF for one of these men. MY TF in my eyes is extremelly handsome and atractive to me. He is like a magnet to me. Gabriella, a silly question, why he and I are never tired to express our love(intimacy-sex) for one another, ok this is what I perceive when I find him in another dimension.

  14. dearest Gabriella,
    I feel so relieved after reading your post. Your are right. Somebody asked me this and I felt strongly that there was more to it . I now understand it is just a choice one makes. As you say , it leads to releasing what is not conducive for one ‘s spiritual growth. Making love with our TF is so special, divine ecstasy and I am sure all other experiences will fade into nothing compared to this. Love to you. Thank you for giving us the freedom to express everything freely here . We are blessed to be part of this.

  15. I have been hearing several voices claiming to be my flame, and mainly one in my right ear who is named Ardelia who says she wants to help me find my twin. The numbers 11:11, 6:13, 7, 5 and 8 have been frequently appearing more than ever in my life, and also, I have been hearing ethereal (astral) counterparts of those I met in my old school I just left, who heard my call for my flame and all immediately jumped to say they were my flame. I am so confused, because they say they are testing me, and they often stop and turn into one person I’ve never met who claims he is my real flame, and is testing me, and is always asking me to stop being so lustful (I am gay BTW.) and I have been open to a female flame, since I know she could be a masculine spirit, but I am so afraid I am just being messed with. I am so unsure, and I have been tested so much it is exhausting me yet I cannot let go. I have been told I have a gift of beauty by a spirit guide who is like you, she called me through a bowl of olives, with my flame, who I cannot remember, and we helped her sort seeds, and then I began to go blind (as I often do) and she said to use my gift of beauty to bless the world, and I had been using wrong. I also met my flame in one dream, where he showed himself, and we were both little boys, he was a black cat with white paws and a white nose, who came into the house and I went blind and he turned into my flame when my eyes were open, my head felt amazing pressure, and I was so blissful, he wrote his name, all I remember is a V,R,Y,and I think a D. and then we went to our old home, and erased our past life names from our wall, and rewrote our names in a heart. and then I cried as I slipped out of my dream. I am so annoyed, I just want to be with him, and know who he is, if he is in my life, I need answers and my patience is gone!

  16. Teo,

    All energies are always, in all ways, flowing in balance…and we are asked to be aware of when we are leaning a bit too much in one direction so that we can balance it back to love, which brings our perceptions, emotions and actions in the vibration of this balance. This twin flame journey is not particularly an easy one for we are asked to balance our spiritual essence and physical presence again, and then yet again. Yet those of us who have become aware of the twin flame, and divine love have chosen to move within this journey…and it is quite rewarding within all of its nuances. I am encouraging you to listen to the voices that you are hearing, sit in silence without judgment, without trying to figure things out from your mind, but feel within the silence of conflicting thoughts and let yourself receive the truth…kinda like the devil and angel on each of your shoulders ~ let things play out to balance out ~ and then from that space, within the balance of it, feel what resonates with what you are hearing. I ask you…to have patience, even if and especially when it seems like you have done all you can, when you feel like giving up because it can seem so overwhelming, bring in a deeper layer of patience…all things are happening in divine order…and as you move along, you are continuously balancing in and out your masculine and feminine energies. Fickle comes from leaning more one way or the other…there is no fickleness when you are in balance. Love is always flowing and desires to give, to give, to give some more…to continue to flow…as it is only your perception of it not flowing that creates such an experience, but it is always flowing. Sending you love dear one!