How to Relate to Your Own Body in a Positive Way

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by Stephanie Rainbow Bell


Begin to shift your body identification from that of a damaged thing to that of a Holy thing

~ Marianne Williamson


Size Acceptance, Body Acceptance, Fat Acceptance in the world begins one person at a time.

And that person is YOU.

And it’s pretty hard sometimes to accept “damaged” goods.  Or more importantly, what we PERCEIVE as damaged goods.

Do you think your body is “damaged goods” in some way?

Too fat?  Too short?  Flabby thighs?

Or maybe you have or have had an illness or condition that has changed your body in a way you don’t feel good about.

When we think, believe, feel we are “damaged” in some way . . . it usually lowers our energy – both physically and vibrationally.  It also usually evokes the “victim” mentality in us emotionally.  We end up with a “poor me” thing going and justify that by collecting evidence about why we are a sad case because of our size, our upbringing, or our medical history.

And as most of us know from the Law of Attraction . . . like attracts like.  So if you believe you or your body is “damaged”  . . . you will attract people, places, things and situations that confirm your belief.  It’s a quantum physics thing whether you want to believe it or not.

On the flip side and equally true . . . quantum physics and the Law of Attraction can go to work in your favor when you believe in your Holiness.  When you believe your body is a holy container for the always shining light known as your Soul.

You see your Soul really doesn’t give a hoot about the size or shape of your body because it just needs the container to have the experiences that only can happen inside a body.  We are all beings of unlimited Light and Love in our purest source energy form.  But one of the things that turns our Soul on so to speak, is having an unlimited variety of experiences . . . and being in a physical body . . . is one of the quickest and easiest routes to that!

I like to think of it this way . . . our physical lives are the Soul’s idea of a never-ending ideal vacation in Orlando, Florida at Disney World and all the rest of the theme parks!  Our souls experience the thrill and exhilaration of every ride by being in a physical body – just like we do.  But our soul sees EVERY part of of our physical existence as if it were the newest, latest and greatest Disney adventure.

You see our souls can’t judge whether the ride is “good” or “bad” .  . . it is just happy to have the EXPERIENCE.  And all experiences are equally valuable to our soul.

When we perceive of ourselves as Holy, we usually also perceive ourselves as valuable.

When we perceive ourselves as damaged, we usually also perceive ourselves as being of lower value or even worthless.

Our bodies do not determine our value.  Damaged or not, our bodies are valuable to our soul for giving it a vehicle to expand its experience.  And remember, our soul believes ALL experiences are equally valuable!

So the next time you think your body is damaged . . . remember this article.

Remember your Soul is actually having a FABULOUS time so put a smile on your face and enjoy the ride!!!

Accept your greatness!

Rainbow Blessings!

About Stephanie Rainbow Bell

If you feel like you are missing out on joy, peace, health, prosperity, success and/or relationships, it’s probably because you have conflicting thought patterns that are creating a push-me/pull-you effect leaving you disillusioned, disappointed and downhearted.  Using her gifts of intuitive knowing, compassion and a giant toolkit of techniques and transformative life experience, Stephanie Rainbow Bell identifies those conflicting thought patterns and with grace,  sensitivity and humor, teaches you how to integrate and transform beliefs that aren’t working for you anymore, and create supportive and empowering new ones that will bring your heart’s desires to you.  Claim your free gift from Stephanie right now at her website.