It is All Revealed One Step at a Time

The universal flow is truly divine, constantly revealing the interconnectedness of everything. Open your eyes, keep them open. You are always given the signs to guide you into walking YOUR path, and completely embracing YOUR destiny. Stay true to your heart.

13 comments on “It is All Revealed One Step at a Time
  1. sunshine says:

    Again, perfect timing 🙂 Sweet divine flow! In this moments i feel like life is huging me, it`s wrapped all around me!

  2. Sleeping beauty says:

    Dearest Gabriella!
    Again you have sent this at the perfect time. I was wondering what I should be doing as I am in the divine flow and you are giving me the answer. I have been closely following all your words, so thoughtful, so loving and encouraging and indeed I feel as if you are holding my hands as we move forward. We are all interconnected and wherever I go I get the messages , that the time is short, IT is Time, etc. But I do not know what to make of it. When we have to live in the NOW, what do these messages mean. What is meant by TIMe is SHORT and IT IS THe TIME to ASCEND etc. As we are continuously bombarded with various issues in our 3 D life, your blog helps to keep me calm and centred. thank you. Gabriella. Your recent posts have made me feel so connected with you and I can sense a strong divine guidance in all this. I can feel a kind of pull in your words . It is very profound and I cannot come up with any other words to express the strong connection that I feel. Thank you for sharing with us, Angel Gabriella!!!!

  3. Gabriella says:

    Dearest Sleeping Beauty!

    Thank you for your words ~ as your words and the vibration within them always help to uplift me! I am so glad that you have been resonating so deeply with my words as the flow continues to move through me in bringing forth the posts as they are meant to be brought forth…honestly, what I feel such messages as “Time is Short” and “It is the time to ascend,” are for is to bring us to the awareness of what we are choosing in each moment and what is most important to us in each moment ~ and if we are witnessing or choosing something other than what we truly desire, we can make a change ~ then also each moment, and living in the NOW, calls us to honor and know that each moment offers us blessings and gifts to receive as well as to give. No moment is more beautiful than another, as they are all gifts our souls have given to us to experience along our unique and blessed journey. I am getting the same messages…and “It is Time…” actually, there is this song by Imagine Dragons, called “It’s Time,” that someone brought to my attention recently as I’ve also heard it many times throughout the past few days on my travels ~ the line that sticks out for me is, “It’s time to begin, isn’t it?” It is time to begin whatever we are guided to in each moment…while we also know that we are continuing to create what has always been…what are we meant to continue to begin…to begin to continue! YES! It always goes back and forth…as we are reminded that this journey is always, in all ways, ongoing and divine…constantly the support is surrounding us and encouraging us to stay connected to our hearts, our inner promptings and continue to follow our own path as we create it. I am holding your hands as we move forward…as you are holding mine. Truly, we are that connected! So many blessings to you sweet one ~ stay calm and centered yet forever flowing with the intensity of the pulls of your heart!!!!

  4. sunshine says:

    ah, i can`t describe how i feel that ” it is time”, my whole being is screaming to start something, i feel like it`s time for action, to bring all to NOW, to this reality, to Earth. the last few days i am really helping people in their lifes, there are so confused and a lot of them are on the edge of something. a lot of them experiencing “strange” things. i feel that i have to do this now, but my daily routine and obligations are on my neck so to speak, i`m trying to deal with all this but my mind and soul wants to do something else. i can`t say i`m afraid, but i still feel that i need that security from the system. what to do with this?!

  5. sisi says:

    This is off-topic, dear Gabriella, but every time you mention a particular artist (in this instance Imagine Dragons) it is someone or a collection of someones who has recently resonated with me …. (I am so drawn to the music of Jason Mraz, for instance, most lately You and I). Imagine Dragons just started coming to my attention last week, so frequently, that I commented about the group to my daughter a couple of days ago ….and now you mention them here.

    I love these connections … they both delight and calm me. Thanks for sharing…..all that you are.

  6. Gabriella says:

    Thank you dear Sisi, for bringing this up, even though it is off-topic, it’s actually ON topic! For one of the main themes always expressed here within this blog is the connections always surrounding and present around us reminding us of the interconnectedness of everything, and that bind us all together ~ allowing us to feel the oneness that we are. Yes I know that one by Jason Mraz too on his first album…and how I resonate with it too ~ I am such a lover of words…I breathe through them, exist through them as I am lost and found within them…they are just beyond delightful. Thank you for bringing to light once again, the connections between us. Please feel free to continue to share all that you are, as you are, and as you feel guided here. So much love!

  7. Joana says:

    Gabriella, sorry to heard that your little dog just passed. Our little dog passed last year, then I dreamed her and she was so happy and playfull as she was when she was alive. I still in a kind of bliss these days after seing my TF. Sunshine don’t worry about it, everythig will be just fine just keep your faith. Love to everybody…

  8. Joana says:

    Talking about connections, I feel so connected to the music and lyrics of Josh Groban. The songs: AWAKE and WHEN YOU SAY YOU LOVE ME just make me cry of happiness.

  9. sunshine says:

    Joana, thank you, it`s always good to hear you 🙂 yesterday was such a strong day, i think that would be the right word. so many things were coming through me, i think i changed three mooods during the day, but it was fun also, beacuse i was able to observe all that. i think some major shift happened yesterday, i can almost feel it my head. i think all this have some connection with a full moon, i was reading something about that

  10. Gabriella says:


    Thanks for the wishes of my dog passing. I haven’t dreamt of her but still feel her presence with me! As for those connections, those specific songs you mentioned make me feel such deep love within my heart, warmth within my soul…and rather than bring tears, they bring a peace and comfort where words fail to encompass just how much peace and comfort enfold me!! Sunshine, do continue to keep following your guidance in each moment and know that everything you do in these moments are shaping the next moments to come along your path ~ as Josh Groban writes/sings in AWAKE ~ “keep your eyes wide open…” Sending such love to you all!

  11. sunshine says:

    Gabriella, thank you. i just read your post on your web site, i can`t describe you how this experience exchanging is helpful, i feel current closeness when i read it and it is helping me on my journey. I was just thinking how already my two close friends found their TFs and they are with them in very happy relationships but they are not aware of TF connection, they just live it, they now that they found something special…they feel all that experience but unaware, i feel their every feeling beacuse i know what they talking about. i`ve got the impression that we, who are aware of all this experience, at least one of a TF couple, have more struggle so to speak?! i know there are different paths for each of us but sometimes i ask myself why did i choose this “aware” path. i found situations in my life when i see that all this knowing have purpose, i really can help people around me and my heart grows bigger every time i do that…i just want that safe sanctuary with my TF, lay my head on his shoulder and tell him my every “struggle” and laugh with him to this beautiful life…i do that in my thoughts every night…
    aaah i just wrote all of this and put josh groban song you mentioned…i think i got my answer: “We can’t stay like this forever
    But I have you here today”

  12. STARFIRE says:

    Hey, Gabriella-

    Condolences to your loved one. Kinda out of touch with this blog happenings since so much has happened in a very short space & time! I hope it is relevant to this topic…”one step at a time”…been totally focusing on my own precious divine flow relationship with Ascended Masters. (without allowing myself getting overwhelmed with external stuff.) Am currently going through 12 stages of light body experience and most recent is the Merkaba activation (in between 9-10th stage) – haven’t gone inside it JUST yet. What does this mean to you? (if you have gone to this level yet?) Totally NEW & have so much to learn about this cool & awesome 3-D thingy! 😉

    Still haven’t seen or heard from my TF, btw! Does this mean my recent experience has nothing to do with my physical Soulmate (or TF who’s now considered a runner)? Or is it relevant to this whole light being business? Just that I’ve been going thru this whole SM/TF experience for 2.5 yrs- esp. after seeing Mary & Jesus – it went super FLAT!!! (my heart says SM/TF is still with me but feel VOID for a month since- kinda struggling in between faith & doubt even ‘tho my soul feels so CONTENTED & WHOLE!!! My ego is disspated…guess that’s a good sign!!!)

    Thanks for reading me out & I hope I make sense here? Have a super blessed weekend! Much love to you ALL light beings!

  13. Gabriella says:


    Thank you for your condolences for my sweet dog ~ she is definitely a loved one and always will be. Yes, one step at a time, as it always helps to be reminded of this, right? One thing to remember too is that when you feel disconnected, you are never so ~ you are always connected to love as it is what you are, and the love present between your soul mates and twin flame is always there, regardless of what you perceive in any moment, despite whether or not their physical bodies are beside you…this is what we are remembering and merging with our physical presence each moment along this journey.

    As far as the Merkaba activation…stay tuned for I shall be making and posting a video soon on the Trinity within Infinity, which will explain some of what I received … though it will be shared in much more detail within my next book. Until that time, keep connecting to your inner light of guidance, reassuring you that the “contentment and wholeness” is there, growing ever more clearly and profoundly around you. Many times along this journey, we are called to go within (which may seem like we are not feeling the connection from without) as we are to glean the expanded information as we integrate it within our perception and bring it into our consciousness and our vibration ~ which we then bring into creation and expression around us, as this includes everyone whom we touch. SO, your recent experience absolutely does include your soul mate and twin flame as well as all that is…sending you such waves of love!

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