You are a Radiant Beam of Light, Just as You Are!

Q. I believe I am in a process of surrendering in my twinflame journey. Could you tell me how can I become more “whole” beside loving myself…and anything else I can do to go to the next level of this journey. Thank you.

A. Honestly, the first thing to know is that you are ALREADY whole, exactly as you are, and that each step along the journey is there to continuously reveal this to you. We can learn as we grow up that there are things we can do to be better, that we should do this, be like that, look like that even…and these are all distractions that take us away from the truth of the radiance of our own being! What then happens is that we are meant to release such thoughts to open to the truth of our magnificence. One thing that does happen, when you encounter your twin flame is the mirror of all that you are being presented to you, so that you cannot run away or hide from all aspects that make you who you are, and therefore, you are already within the spiritual journey of loving yourself for exactly as you are. The surrendering that is called for, is honoring each present moment exactly as it is without resistance, because each moment is the way it is for reasons, which offer you opportunities to grow in your love, for yourself, your twin flame, and all that is, without any judgment, expectations. or limitations. I would recommend you getting in touch with your own heart, your passions, what makes you get excited, and take steps towards bringing them all deeper into every moment of your life, in all ways that you are guided. Relax and enjoy life, for it is truly meant to be enjoyed, and to have fun. Discover the beauty that you are in each experience, each encounter, everything that comes along your path…and know that there isn’t really anything that you have to DO, so much as that you ARE, and that the more you allow yourself to BE, the more you will feel the freedom that comes in such…and your steps along your path will become more clearly revealed to you. Sending you the deepest waves of love!

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3 comments on “You are a Radiant Beam of Light, Just as You Are!
  1. Tulip says:


    Can you elaborate on the MIRROR aspect on twin flames more. I KNOW I have met mine, but I am not real sure I totally understand this concept. I feel we are the same in the way we treat people our values and such.

    Thank you

  2. Joana says:

    I don’t know if I understand this concept either, but when I met my TF I kind of run away from him, even I whished never met him. Now I can understand that finding him made me face my limitations and fears. But also he gave me the opportunity to find this divine love in this 3D world. I neve thought I could love a person like this way unconditionally. Gabriella I listened your videos, thanks they answered my questions. You mentioned about synchronicities and the series of numbers 111. Last weekend we went to the theater, I bought 3 tickets, the numbers of these tickets were: 111, 112, and 113. One tikect was for each of us, my son, husband, and I, at the last moment my husband refused to go to the theater, so my son and I went and had a great time. I’m finding a lot this combination of numbers lately. ok, last Friday, I saw a man who looks alike my TF in the university library, I don’t wanted to stare to much on him, but yes he was!!!!!. Today, I saw him again in the library, he sit close by where I was stuying, but because he was behind me I did not notice until I left this room. I usually go to the library the days I don’t work in the morning. It is weird, it seems that he recharge something in me, I feel full of energy and so happy, I feel like I want to dance… when I left I looked him, but he was looking something on his laptop, I think he prefered not to do eye contact with me. He still too shy.
    Love to you and everybody in this site

  3. Gabriella says:


    Here is your answer…in a post to come, I will include this in the Q&A section of the blog.

    Twin flames are the clearest mirror for you of who you (and where you are) and when you open to seeing this, then it doesn’t make sense to place blame, either on yourself or your twin flame, but rather you are inspired to take a look at yourself to see what may be coming up, which needs reviewing, acknowledge what you see, what may need to be polished as it all desires to be loved. The patterns within relationship have kept us playing out or acting out behaviors of separation, such as blaming each other for what is “wrong,” instead of looking within, literally WITHIN each moment, letting go of the attachments or illusions of what should look like (and the roles and rules that go along with it) to consciously choose love in the moment. When you consciously choose love, you are willing to look at yourself in the mirror, to see what you might not like in that moment as you honestly notice it ~ and therefore, what happens, is you recognize that what you weren’t possibly finding attractive in your twin is also something you are meant to own within yourself ~ then from that space, you can choose and you can BOTH choose what you will do with its discovery. Our twin flame brings us within ourselves as we look outside back at our twins after going within ~ and after such an inward experience, we tend to view our twins in a whole new light. How many times I have looked upon my twin after releasing more of the illusions and attachments towards love and relationship I had held onto, and how much more beautiful he has become as a result. It’s not that he is any more beautiful, for he has always been that beautiful, but it’s just that my eyes are not clouded with debris anymore! You will find that you and your twin flame will have the core values and visions on life within a very similar if not identical vibration…though you are also the balancing aspect of one another ~ where you have less of, he will have more of and vice versa, to balance one another. The reason why the core values and the way you treat others is the same is because this tends to be where you will move together in service to the world…your passions in how you go about this will also be in a mutual vibration with one another.

    Love to you girl!

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