You are Beautiful Just as You Are, Right Now

Have you Felt Your Beauty Depends on Your Outer Appearance?

With beauty magazines galore telling us what is considered beautiful, it’s no doubt if at any point, you felt that you just weren’t up to par with the popular notion of what is beautiful. Then again, we’ve always heard, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is so much the truth. I will be joined by Stephanie Rainbow Bell, Chief Conscious Creator/CEO of THE PLUS SIZE INNER PEACE NETWORK. Her mission is to completely transform all feelings of GUILT, SHAME,
BLAME, ANGER, FRUSTRATION, RESENTMENT, UNFORGIVENESS and SELF-LOATHING related to how much a woman weighs or how she sees herself and to help women develop and maintain a deep inner knowing of their extraordinary Power, Peace and Potential as the exquisite, unique beauty they are right this instant!
Stephanie is a best-selling author of the book Beautiful At Any Size, Inspirational Speaker and Empowerment Mentor for Plus Size Women. She uses her unique gifts of clarity and compassion and her low-key, fun style to guide women to embrace their size and shape and cherish their unique beauty in order to gloriously accept their full power and create lives filled with joy, peace, love and prosperity. Visit her website at Plus Size Inner Peace