We are Remembering the Spiritual and Human Experience into ONE

If you are reading this, I can guarantee that you are aware that you are increasing your vibration in remembrance of the love that you are.  Part of this process encourages you to become conscious of all of the foundations you may have created or attached to within the energy of separation.  These foundations are in the process of review ~ are they in alignment with you now? If they are not, then you are gently (though sometimes it may seem intensely) encouraged to let them go. This process may bring you into some uncomfortable places as you feel through the emotions (energy in motion) that are leaving your presence, as you bring the light into the illusions.  This enables you to acknowledge that through the experience of separation/illusion, you are able to remember the oneness and love that you are, and that the truth of union always, and in all ways, has been connecting you with all that is.

These foundations that are breaking down within you and around you are allowing you to have the freedom from them so that you can build back up with a foundation based in your own truth.  Your relationships, beliefs, your job, your perceptions about life and your connection to everything in your life is shifting as you transition out of the patterns, actions, and creations that were built upon the vibration of separation. As you move forward reconnecting to your natural essence of divinity, becoming more attuned to the truth that you are a vessel of love to express, create and be the love that you are as you are guided, you are continuously moving deeper into the awareness of your power to transform and transcend the experience of limitation/separation.

What can this experience look and feel like in the area of relationships? Many of you are having friction/resistance between biological family members, longtime friends and romantic partnerships. You may feel distanced from others and not understood by those around you who are still choosing to create separation between the spiritual and human while you are expanding your consciousness by remembering the oneness between them both, bringing all of it into ONE. As you move deeper into remembrance, your sense of observation and perception of the power to create your own reality has expanded – you no longer see, feel, express or choose to be in the energy that brings the focus upon the separation of your human presence and spiritual essence. In your heart, you now know that the separateness IS the illusion and that the experience of union is not only your inherent right, but it is what you have chosen to experience, to move through the perceptions/feelings of duality into the freedom of merging it all into ONE.  Yet you also know that there isn’t any merging needed, for you see that it is already and has always been ONE, but experiencing the separateness has served the purpose to bring you into the depths of the intensity of remembering oneness, which moves you, literally, into being this oneness within your form. Hence you embody the union of the spiritual and human!

When you witness others choosing to remain in the creation of separateness, you now notice yourself shifting the way that you respond. You know that you are the creator in connection with all that is of your own vibration, and in what space you will reside. Therefore, you can be around others who seem to be experiencing chaos, drama, and profoundly elaborate 3D breakdowns, but you are not affected.  You empathize and you understand what others are feeling yet your energy has not changed. You continue to see, feel, remember this oneness and love, as you be come its vessel and communicate within the energy of its presence in expression.  If those that you are interacting with are in tune, they will be able to sense your vibration, and can be immensely affected by it, if they allow such waves of pure love to penetrate their barriers of illusion.  Please know that if you are hearing the concerns from others of the future you are creating, and being told what you should do or how you should be living…that this is their own creation within their perception of what they feel is the way – however, it is the way that they feel most connected to in that moment. Always connect within you, feel what is your truth, yet also allow others to feel and connect with their own truth – therefore, you can hear them but you do not have to respond, agree, or follow what they say if it does not resonate with you. Rather than try to change another, let them be, and let your essence be. If there is a change to be made, it would be within you, then you become the expression of that change, which has the power to inspire others to do so as well by watching your embodiment of it. This is what Michael Jackson meant with The Man in the Mirror. If you feel guided, listen to this song.

Within your jobs – you may notice that what your heart is so deeply connected to is bringing you away from the structure and “security” of a job that brings financial abundance (possibly in limitation) but rather a service that allows you to create within your natural essence. As we move deeper into remembering this oneness and love that we are as ONE, we desire to serve ALL within this knowing. We will continue to see a huge shift within our world foundations of occupations – the types of occupations that we have held popular which were based in separation will fall away as we build upon community and services that bring us together, services that increase our natural ability to create within artistic pursuits. We are all pieces of the Creator/God, and therefore, within us, is this intimate enthusiasm to bring expression to our remembering and experiencing here on Earth.

Within you – there will continue to be emotions (energy in motion) flowing through as you release the illusions you may have attached to or followed and remember the divine essence of love that you are. The divine truths will become illuminated within you, as they desire to be brought through the light and shared with all that is in your experience. Have patience with yourself as you move through the places that can seem uncomfortable for those unpleasant feelings are just perceptions, and as you shift them, your observation of “uncomfortable” changes. You then just become fluid, knowing that what you are experiencing in any moment is not permanent unless you choose to make it so. You are experiencing into the remembrance and then bringing that remembrance into your experiencing.  Make sense? You are creating and always in creation as you change form by moving beyond it and back into it. You are spiritual essence and human presence as one, moving always within both, yet you can move beyond them in the same moments. You, we, are always IN formation and the formations that we are creating as one and ONE together are out of this world to be brought back into this world. What a divine intention for us to experience our remembering through separation in union as we bring this oneness into expression and creation!!