Moving Deeper into the Heart and Truth of Divine Love which Includes us ALL as ONE

Q. I would like to share an experience of a past life workshop that I attended. It was very deep and in one birth I could perceive that I had hurt my TF deeply in a love affair. I had encouraged him though I was in no position to commit and later I broke it off and hurt him terribly. However, I regret it so much, that I long to seek his forgiveness. I do not know how I can validate all this, but it resonates so much with my relationship with my TF now. And there are many coincidences. But I know my TF will never believe all this. But I feel I am repeating the same pattern now also. I am committed to a soul mate relationship and I am still encouraging my relationship with him. I feel terrible. In that workshop i have sought spiritual forgiveness from him and he has given it. That is part of the therapy process. But now I am petrified. How can I do the same thing again?? No wonder my TF is so reluctant to express his feelings. I understand it all now. This is preventing us from closeness.

It seems as if we have now been brought together to face this. But the situation is as impossible as ever. How can I now communicate with him. I will once again hurt him. It is so painful. I am just sending him unconditional love and being in the flow. My inner guidance just says, if you have come this far, there must be something to it. Gabriella, I am stumped. I seek answers from the Universe. If we are here to resolve it, then why put ourselves in such an impossible situation??? Is there any solution or do we just wait for another incarnation?? If my relationship with my TF is authentic and divine, and our union in all ways is for the highest good of all, then can we go ahead inspite of our marriage to our respective spouses ?

A. I’m here to share with you girl, and have recently felt a strong pull to answer thoroughly some of your questions that are deeply calling to be addressed…because I believe that from all of your comments and your sharing, you deeply feel that you are meant to share your love with your twin flame in all ways and spread this love to the world. One of my intentions with my work is to help facilitate such happenings and to move beyond any and all limitations that seem like they are blocking such! SO, that being said, let’s get at the heart of what you were sharing here in regards to your past life experience with your TF. The thing to know about past life memories that come up in this lifetime, is that they are there to be healed…therefore your soul has intended to have circumstances/situations which would bring up similar emotions from the previous lifetime so that you can become aware of it, and feel it deeply, then make a different choice to move through it…the forgiveness then becomes a deep sense of gratitude for all of your souls for giving you the chance to move past separation and limitation into the truth of union consciousness, and the way of ONE ~ that all love is shared with all, as we all take upon our intended places to assist each other (and all) into this deeper love with compassion, passion, and acceptance with open arms, as well as an expanded open heart.

You expressed that you had hurt your twin flame in the past, that you led him on while being committed to another person and therefore broke it off with him…and because of your commitment in this lifetime with your soul mate, you feel that you are in a similar situation…and in a way, yes, this seems to be the case. However, in order for your TF to be healed and for you to be healed from the “pain” from this previous lifetime, the situation as it is now has been created…but you have the opportunity to recognize this (as you have done with the past life regression and even taking it a step further by expressing about this lifetime to your TF). Now, both of you have the opportunity to heal those wounds and to move forward in love with one another (as you’ve expressed your soul remembers this to be your plan in THIS lifetime)…consider this from your husband’s perspective. Could it cause pain? It could, but through pain, we come to deeper love. Many Christians say there is suffering to get to happiness…this does not have to be the case but sometimes our soul chooses to experience the “opposite” so we can truly understand the truth. Since you chose this experience to heal with your TF and yourself…your soul mate no doubt also has a plan with this, for what he wants to experience as well and what his role is in helping the both of you to heal, bringing all of you into deeper love, as you mentioned, the highest good of all. Now I also wouldn’t doubt that this is true, as you expressed, “My soul mate and tf are well known to each other. Maybe we all planned to incarnate at this particular time for a grand mission.” Heaven on Earth, right?! As it is above, so it is below!!! You have all chosen to come together to move through the roles associated with partners in a relationship and the rules placed upon the committed relationship…these are things that can limit us, and coming from a oneness perspective, love is always underlying every experience and every relationship, even what could be considered “challenges.” Now the kids involved are an extension of this…you can see how their souls may have also chosen the experiences to go through to move into deeper love, and see the love there within it all…kids also completely feel what we, as adults, try to hide.

Your situation does mirror my own in so many ways, in that I was sharing with a soul mate in a committed loving relationship while also sharing/connecting with my twin flame (through it, we have become the best of friends and at this point on the journey, I AM fully committed in union with my twin flame as we move forward in our mission) …and all the while, there was healing and opening, expanding going on within all of our hearts…and we ALL have chosen to take on “a grand mission” together (we’ve had other past lives together too, playing different roles with one another)…which will continue to unfold here for the highest good of all!!! I am so intensely excited to be sharing this more publicly as things progress, for how excited all of our souls are to bring this new paradigm of relationship into the spotlight and embody fully the truth of unconditional, eternal divine, limitless love. The world is ready and we are ready!!!

So this brings me to answering your next question, “If my relationship with my TF is authentic and divine, and our union in all ways is for the highest good of all, then can we go ahead inspite of our marriage to our respective spouses ?” The answer to this question, if you take a moment here and close your eyes, breathe in and out, feel it, you will know. Take that moment right now. ..

The answer is YES. You can go ahead, knowing that if you express yourself in the highest vibration of love and you handle the transition in this highest vibration with the intention of serving this deeper, sacred love to all as ONE, that ALL are being served, and that everyone is fulfilling the contracts their souls have chosen to, as they have chosen to. You will know how to go about this, when to go about this, and just how everyone fits into the grand mission that your souls have chosen…and the fact that you expressed that the jealousy is no longer there is proof that you understand what I’m saying. If you can get there, others in your soul group can and will get there too, especially with all of the openings and union consciousness rising!!!!!!!

If at any point you have doubts, go within again (read again that post I wrote for you) ~ Strengthening Your Connection to Your Inner Guidance and feel your way in each moment. I believe somewhere you also expressed that you heard from Source, “the outcome is assured,” and I have no doubt that it is, for if you planned it, then it is assured, as it already is. (actually before I wrote you, I received that same message like a whisper in my ear – so take that as an additional sign). It’s just a matter of when you feel you are ready to take the steps forward and make it happen. I’m right there with you, holding your hand, cheering you on, whatever you choose, as you choose it. You are not alone and you are so very, very loved!!!

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  1. Ah Gabriella, I am so glad you touched this as I am finding that a lot of us are currently in soul mate relationships and or marriages when awakening to who their twin flame is. One of the battles I know I encountered is how can I love my husband when I love another. It was really hard for me at first because of how we all be programmed. To love someone with the same intensity as a spouse people would call that as cheating, when it is not. My twin is also married and has been when we met in college( he was engaged then). I think even with him and our correspondence he is also battling the feeling he has and how can he when he has a wife and children. To be programmed so long to think on way to change the perspective is hard for some. For me it is a daily progression. I have grown so much since finding out who my twin is and I have seen my marriage transform for the better. I use you saying everyday that “all love is shared” and it really is!

    Sending love to you and all that are in similar situations as I?

  2. Dearest Gabriella,
    Your words are from Source !! I can feel it ! You are indeed human angel ! YES YOU ARE RIGHT WHEN YOU SAY YOU FEEL A STRONG GUIDANCE TO RESPOND TO MY QUERIES.. B cos, each I time a get a messAge saying ” emerging soul ” . My inner guidance asks me to read your blog for answers and today you have validated it with your words!!! It is overwhelming and indeed this blog is bursting with energy. I feel so blessed to be connected with you and all here. Today after reading this I feel like jumping up and shouting to GOD , “thank you !!!! You have answered my prayers “!! Your answers are giving me goosebumps and I ask myself ” am I so blessed” . I feel deeply humbled and extend my deepest love to you and all here. We are all in this together and we will make it through!! The whisper you heard, “outcome is assured ” and all the other messages you received boosts up my energy, spirits and vibration. WE WILL BRING HEAVEN ON EARTH !
    When I think of my TF I feel the waves of energy flowing inside me. He keeps saying he will come soon and make love to me! This has become more frequent now . I have waited for ages and so now also I just stay in the divine flow. As you say when the time comes We will know what to do. I am also so excited now and feeling this vibrant energy in this blog, I think we will give things a strong divine push with our combined energies for the highest good of all . Thank Gabriella. Seeking your guidance always. Sending you deepest love and your words do touch the deepest strings in me. We are blessed !

  3. Dearest Sleeping Beauty!!

    WE ARE BRINGING HEAVEN ON EARTH right now!! with each divine truth that we uncover, reveal and bring forth into the light!! Wow…phew…this is exciting, isn’t it?! I am so excited that you have resonated with the words that have come through for you…I feel beyond any words for me to express that what is expressed herein this blog post and many others that you and I have co-created are very profound, and bringing US as ONE into the world anew!! This IS and WILL bring the deeper awareness to ALL that Heaven is right here, right now and has always been, that as we release the illusions that cloud such truths, we are in THE ARMS OF LOVE…Heaven on Earth! How exciting it is to move beyond the perceptions of limitations and separation within relationships, to allow for the freedom of love that we ARE to be expressed ~ flowing in and into creation ~ as we offer that freedom to ALL within their relationships. Divine bliss, right now and building SO SOON!!!! YES, we are blessed…truly blessed.