Joining the Spiritual and Human Experience ~ Remembering Union Consciousness in Creation

If you are reading this, I can guarantee that you are aware that you are increasing your vibration in remembrance of the love that you are.  Part of this process encourages you to become conscious of all of the foundations you may have created or attached to within the energy of separation.  These foundations are in the process of review ~ are they in alignment with you now? If they are not, then you are gently (though sometimes it may seem intensely) encouraged to let them go. This process may bring you into some uncomfortable places as you feel through the emotions (energy in motion) that are leaving your presence, as you bring the light into the illusions.  This enables you to acknowledge that through the experience of separation/illusion, you are able to remember the oneness and love that you are, and that the truth of union always, and in all ways, has been connecting you with all that is.
These foundations that are breaking down within you and around you are allowing you to have the freedom from them so that you can build back up with a foundation based in your own truth…

Article with more coming…

3 Comments on “Joining the Spiritual and Human Experience ~ Remembering Union Consciousness in Creation

  1. Dearest Gabriella !
    This video is so timely. I was feeling quite out of sorts and you seemed to catch on exactly how I am feeling . Your words are like balm. It is so soothing and I feel as if you are personally sitting next to me and consoling me. Thank you. Letting go.. I came across the same message in another place and I wonder why this message is so strong for me. What do I have to let go? Am I going to face more challenges and turmoil. Oh Gabriella, can’t these transitions take place smoothly. Is the worst not yet over? In fact a short while back I felt happier and all messages indicated that we have moved forward and reached the finishing line, climbed the mountain, end of the tunnel, reached the last leg of the journey, etc, etc. but now again, there seems to be this setback and again we seem to be trudging along as if another long winding road has opened up. It’s like ” oh no not again, no more long painful journeys, no more mountains to climb.. Have I not reached yet…” finding our calm centre in the midst of chaos ??? It is not easy. We do tend to worry. How can we overcome this?

  2. Dearest Sleeping Beauty!

    I am so glad that you resonated with the video as it confirmed what you were feeling ~ yesterday I wrote much more regarding what was expressed in this video which will be posted on Monday, so I’m sure that you will receive so much within that article. Stay tuned! Now when I was reading what you wrote, I kept hearing this repeated, “transcend it.” In particular, this came through when I read, “how can we overcome this?” In order to have a different experience, our perception/vision needs to transcend from the way we have been seeing and feeling about something that is or “is not” happening. The journey is always unfolding and it’s only what we feel about that which can create pain, suffering, uncomfortableness, etc. What do you have to let go of? Only you can fully answer this as you continue to hear what your inner guidance is sharing with you…I have mentioned before about the significance of not focusing on the “destination,” but rather honoring the journey, for it is through the experiencing of and feeling within the journey that we move into the “destination” and become in complete embodiment of the union (both in form and beyond form) with it. This transforms the physical part to merging the “beyond form” with the integration of it within your own form, as you become it within expression in every moment of your life, in every experience, relationship, etc. I AM including the link to the piece where I talk about this Soul Journey Man. I know you read this before, but sometimes when we bring our expanded perception to something we received before, we take in more and see it with new eyes. Also, moving with the flow of the synchronicities of this glorious universe, I feel guided to share with you what Neale Donald Walsch posted this morning,

    On this day of your life I believe God wants you to know…

    …that just when it looks like life is falling apart, it may

    be falling together for the first time.

    I have learned to trust the process of life, and not so

    much the outcome. Destinations have not nearly as

    much value as journeys.

    So maybe you should let things fall apart at this

    juncture if that’s what’s happening. Don’t hang on so

    tenaciously. The nice thing about things falling apart is

    that you can pick up only the pieces that you want

    …and you know exactly why I told you this today…

    Trust the journey Sleeping Beauty ~ trust each moment ~ let your inner guidance continue to embrace you as you remember that you are one with everything and everyone surrounding you, therefore everything is in its divine order. Allow yourself to be here, right now…and let the journey continue to unfold as it is infinitely doing so. Sending you such love from the deepest parts of my heart to yours!

  3. Wow! I may have to forward Walsch’s post to my TF. He (my TF) falls back on his Buddhist philosophy- accepting whatever life sends him when all seems to be falling apart. I think he might like the bit about “picking up only the pieces you want”.