Every Step is Perfect and in Divine Order for Your Reunion with Your Twin Flame

Q1. I found my twin flame purely accidental on the internet. This wasn’t any kind of dating service but a website called IMVU. Ironically we both joined the exact same day a year ago on Nov 18th. From the first time we connected it’s been an emotional, psychic roller coaster ride. Our need for each other is overwhelming and mind you that we live over 2000 miles away. We think ourselves as crazy at times going through the torment of not having that physical touch and not always in the sexual way. We meet once this past May and the union was something that words cannot describe, more of a merging of each other. It was as if we were picking up where we left off. After that the bond for each other has become overwhelming. Every time we try to reunite, something always seems to block us, like death in the families, at the same time or believe or not, we came down with strep throat at the exact same time and again we live 2000 miles away. She is a beautiful woman and can have the choice of any man, but her devotion and love for me keeps her connected and enduring this present situation of separation. I in turn only want to be with her and no other. Our psychic connection is so intense that 99/100, when I’m calling her she’s texting me and vise versa. This happens so much that we have learned to accept it. We tried again to reunite on Dec 2nd and something pressing came up on her side, two months ago it was on me. Is there any reason why we seem to be blocked every time we try to reunite?

A1. Ah, there are no accidents…everything happens in the divine flow…so you were definitely meant to encounter your twin when you did, the way that you did. One thing that twin flames are healing right now, individually and collectively, is the perception and emotions of separation. The irony here is that even though our spirits know that there is never any separation, our souls chose to experience it on a human level so that we could completely release it, shedding the layers of feeling the depth of this separation. In addition, we are also cultivating and strengthening the very strong, intense psychic connection with the twin flame, as you are aware of and familiar with from the many times you have reached out to each other at the same time, or the mirroring experiences in your life.

My recommendation would be not to focus on when you will be fully reuniting in all ways, nor to focus on the universe creating blockages, as truly everything is always perfect and in divine order. You will absolutely be with your twin when the perfect time arises…but right now, bask in the connection and love that is always present in each moment. I know you know this.

Q2. My TF and I still going to the same university, but this semester I have classes in another building very far away from his. And I guess our hours are different. Before, we used to see one another at least three times per week. I miss so much him, I wish, I could see him again at least from far away. I’m sad and many times I have been coming to my home crying, you know driving and crying. Many times I look carefully around with the hope to see him, but at the same time I still feel scared because I don’t know how to face him. I am still feeling and seeing him at the astral level. I have just a couple of questions, why the feeling for my TF is growing and growing like a snow ball? And why TFs meet if many times there are so many obstacles between them to be together in the tangible world? Is it about preparation?

A2. I understand the feeling and desire to see your twin in the flesh, yet understand that you are sharing with one another in each moment that your bodies are away from each other, as you are seeing and meeting with him in the astral plane. This will continue to increase as your journey unfolds towards reunion…(union = you and I are one and therefore re-union = remembering that you and I are one, experiencing this oneness again). There is some fear that is asking to be recognized, as you open up to the layers of what is causing the fear of sharing with your twin…are there some insecurities about yourself that you are aware of that needs to be healed? Do you feel that you can receive love and keep love? How do you perceive partnership? All of your past experiences in relationship need to be healed and seen from a higher perspective, that they have all served their purpose, allowing you to grow, to heal, to see love from a deeper place, increasing your capacity to give and receive unconditional love.

Again, there is no separation between you and your twin, even when not in direct, physical connection and the time away from your bodies sharing, you have consistent and various opportunities to increase the psychic connection that you do have, and will always have. This will deepen as you continue forward, and as you are open to it. I encourage you to always keep your heart open, opening more and more, even when you are feeling the intensity of emotions that perceiving you are separate from your twin can bring about. Let yourself feel them so that they can be released, healed and transformed. Hence, the feelings for your twin flame will continue to grow as you move into this deeper frequency of unconditional love for yourself, which naturally brings you into a deeper space of love for your twin flame, and then it will extend out to everyone and everything in the world…this is what the one heart of the twin flame creates.

Divine timing is so much a part of twin flame union, and therefore, there are steps to take leading up to the union. Preparation is a good way to look at this, for part of the twin flame union is about the mission that you take on, individually and together, to offer the world. So as a result, you need to be ready and your twin needs to be ready, knowing, believing, feeling, acting from the truth that you are both one and whole on your own, while also understanding that when you join together, your oneness and wholeness are increased. It is important to be aware of what fears are coming up within you so that you can move forward on your particular purpose here in the world, following as you are guided. You ARE here for a reason and it merely takes tapping into what you are passionate about, knowing that if you are feeling something strongly within you, then you can bring it into being in your life. Allow yourself to be here in this present moment, and take steps in each moment, as you are guided, to bring yourself into a deeper place of love for you and for life, which does enhance the love for your twin, and the clarity of your purpose and your mission with your twin will be revealed with each step.

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  1. Gabriella, Thanks so much for your answer, it gave me peace. Yes, I can not see my TF in flesh, but I feel and see him in the astral plane. I feel that he is always with me and we can communicate wonderfully. Yes, I have a lot of personal issues I need to solve in my mind and heart. Becoming more espiritual will help me a lot. I know, I need to look inside of me and look carefully for the answers to all my questions. Thanks for this site, before I was not mentioning to anybody all the changes I have been experienced after meeting my TF. One experience I remember right now for example was: I found him (my TF) in the astral plane and I started blending myself with him, My God! It scare me, so I stopped it, and since then I prefer to keep my body and see his body as we look in the tangible world. I was not ready for this, and I did not what it was about it. Thanks again.

  2. i was told very recently that my twin has not incarnated with me in this life (but he had in other lifetimes), and that he’s in the spiritual realm/ethereal plane watching over me. in fact, he is apparently around me a lot, but he is not my spirit guide.

    so i guess what i would like to know is, i want to be able to communicate with him, but i have no idea how? how does one open up their psychic/telepathic radar (going from ‘earthly’ to spiritual)?
    also, one night i felt a sort of like cold touch on my face and another time on my lips, then lingered away. could that be my twin? because this never happened to me before (and i’m sure i wasn’t imagining things), but only after i was told of this (twin flame)? could it be a sign that my psychic radar is in the process of opening up?

  3. M,

    All questions are awesome! 😉 I promise to answer your questions as soon as I can. Sending you love in every moment!

  4. Hi I found this website yesterday and I have really enjoyed reading all the posts and it has brought up a question 🙂 How can you ‘psychically’ connect with your twin?? And does anyone else experience synchronicities?? I have been experiencing them since before I met him, but lately they have been fierce and in large quantities.

    Its a long story but the last time we saw each other a few weeks ago….we had a huge discussion and he made such a strange comment to me. He said “i know if we were dating we would still be together and i wouldnt be kissing anyone else.” I thought this to be strange because we havent been together in a year and at that time he just couldn’t committ to me and i told him i wanted so much more etc…so it almost seemed like he was blaming me for ending it…

    I truly love this man and know he is my twinflame and since that night I feel it was a huge breakthrough because I told him I love him unconditionally and I walked away because he wouldnt let me in his heart. My friends all say he looks at me like he is in love with me which i know bc we have the connection. Even though he says he doesnt have feelings for me…intuitively I dont believe it.

    I think right now I struggle to figure out how to help him. I did contact him afterward to just sort of break the ice from that evening…because it was an emotional evening for me. I mean I have amazing friends and family. I just find it really hard to date since I dont connect to anyone like him. But I want to be in a relationship, so I want to figure things out.

    I would appreciate any insight into this or hear more about other peoples experiences.

    Thank you

  5. Jessica, I met my TF almost two years ago. I’m married to a soul mate for almost 14 years. Sometimes, I wonder if I had met my TF before when I was single; I will be like you, indecided to go into a relationship with another person. The feelings for my TF are intense even though we don’t see each other for almost three months, and I don’t know if someday I will see again. I always feel connected with him. There are a lot of obstacles between us. First, I’m married, and older than him. My soulmate and I look more like room mates than a a married couple at this point, but I guess our son keep us together. My son have been one of my happiness in this life. Many times, I think in my TF, he is single; my inconditional love I feel for him let me understand if he decides share his life with somebody else. Anyway, I know deep in my soul that he loves me as I love him. And our love is growing and growing. I’m living a life lesson with my soul mate, I don’t know if some day I will make a transition from this relationship, only God knows. But I just listen a song sing by Luther Vandross that touched my heart. ============ Hope you like.
    I’d Rather lyrics
    By Luther Vandross

    I thought sometime alone
    was what we really needed
    you said this time would hurt more than it helps
    but I couldn’t see that
    I thought it was the end
    of a beautiful story
    and so I left the one I loved at home to be alone (alone)
    and I tried to find
    out if this one thing is true
    that I’m nothing without you
    I know better now
    and I’ve had a change of heart

    I’d rather have bad times with you, than good times with someone else
    I’d rather be beside you in a storm, than safe and warm by myself
    I’d rather have hard times together, than to have it easy apart
    I’d rather have the one who holds my heart
    whoo-oo-oo-oo yeah

    And then I met someone
    and thought she could replace you
    we got a long just fine
    we wasted time because she was not you
    we had a lot of fun
    though we knew we were faking
    love was not impressed with our connection they were all lies, all lies
    so I’m here cause I found this one thing is true
    that I’m nothing without you
    I know better now
    and I’ve had a change of heart

    I’d rather have bad times with you, than good times with someone else
    I’d rather be beside you in a storm, than safe and warm by myself
    I’d rather have hard times together, than to have it easy apart
    I’d rather have the one who holds my heart
    who holds my heart

    I can’t blame you if you turn away from me, like I’ve done you,
    I can only prove the things I say with time,
    please be mine,

    I’d rather have bad times with (please be mine) you,
    than good times with someone else (I know)
    I’d rather be beside you in a storm (anytime),
    than safe and warm by myself (so sure baby)
    I’d rather have hard times together,
    than to have it easy apart
    I’d rather have the one who holds my heart (my heart)

    I’d rather have bad times with you (surely),
    than good times with someone else (surely)
    I’d rather be beside you in a storm (oh yeah),
    than safe and warm by myself (all by myself)
    I’d rather have hard times together,
    than to have it easy apart (you know it)
    I’d rather have the one who holds my heart

    I’d rather have the one who holds my heart
    I’d rather have the one who holds my heart
    whoooo…..who holds my heart

  6. Joana, that was so beautiful I wanted to cry!

    I’m confused about my connection, makes no sense and I’m on a roller coaster ride of emotions right now. It’s almost like it’s not possible. I try to connect with my angels as much as I could, but the confusion is still there. I don’t even know this person but it knocked me over like a energetic lightening bolt. I just have to have faith.