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Surrender into this Moment of Not Knowing to Bask in the Experience as it Brings you into the Known

*Here is the MP3 link if you choose to listen or download it* Have you witnessed yourself trying to figure things out, wanting to piece things together? With everything that happens do you try to understand it so that you

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Insights Along the Twin Flame Journey of Divine Love and Life

Let Go of Why in Resistance into the Why of Observation. Ask, “how can I be love now?” and “How am I receiving love now?” “I don’t know” surrenders you to the experience and to the moment in a profound

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Ride the Waves of Each Now Moment Unfolding to Shape your Life Plan

Q. What if twinflames cannot be together.. how does one go on? How am I expected to live life, to be with anyone else? I cannot see it possible to ever touch anyone or kiss anyone or allow anyone else

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Feel Your Way into Love Within Each Moment

Q. Why when I meet or see someone who I am attracted to I automatically day dream of how our relationship would play out? Why am I always looking for a partner??? They say it will come to you when

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Be Wowed by the Magic that Every Now Moment Holds

Have you Felt Yourself Amazed by the Awesomeness of Life when You Hold Yourself Fully in the Moment? Join me and Brian Piergrossi, Life Coach, Spiritual and Meditation Teacher and Author of The Big Glow and the new book The

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Surrender to the Flow: Choose Unconditional Love and Presence in the Moment

Q. My twin soul has 3 children with different women. We met on the internet after he moved to CPT to find himself spiritually. We fell in love and connected spiritually, heart and soul. I’m further along the path spiritually

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Be in the Moment with your Intention

Do you have an intention of what you want to create in the future within all areas of your life, including a romantic relationship? Are you allowing yourself to be in the moment to notice the signs along the way

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