Feel Your Way into Love Within Each Moment

Q. Why when I meet or see someone who I am attracted to I automatically day dream of how our relationship would play out? Why am I always looking for a partner??? They say it will come to you when you are not looking but i always am looking. Help!

A. This is a common thing! For so long, we (as individuals and as the collective) have been programmed to think of the future, to make plans rather than FEELING our way in each moment, and following our hearts as we are guided. Instead of enjoying the love present right here, right now, in the moment, we are fast forwarding to the next moment and so many more moments after the next…you can see how easy this is to take us away from enjoying the pleasant experiences and love to give as well as receive, right here in this moment now. It takes a conscious awareness to know what you are doing (which sounds like you are aware!), what is coming up (patterns, beliefs, emotions) that keep you from truly experiencing the love present for you in the moment. The other part of this is trust. Trust that you will receive love, and that you can remain with love in a relationship ~ that the one that is in alignment with you will come along. If there is trust, there isn’t a NEED to go into all of the details of how things will play out, but you know that they will in their perfect way and order…and if one who you are attracted to is not flowing into a relationship, then there is a reason for that. One must not flow for another one to flow in, which IS in alignment with you. The other part of this is to know that you are a being of light and love girl! So, therefore, you don’t NEED another person to be complete or to be happy ~ and your divine, perfect mate will absolutely come along when you are not “searching” or looking, but will come along your path when you least expect it. You might even hear whispers from the Heavens…which is what I experienced. However it is going to happen, it will. Keep trusting, loving and being in the moment…don’t go so much into the next one. Allow yourself to be here now and enjoy what is right before your eyes.