Feel the Love that IS You ~ Have a Happy Holiday!

There is a sadness that seeps through my eyes and that of my Beloved…people can feel and see this…but you know, I do feel that it isn’t exactly a sadness. We are both so deeply open to the waves of emotion that comes with being spiritual yet also human along this journey. We have such a strong remembrance of home and how this home is a space where all are accepted, truly loved, respected and allowed to be and love as they are ~ this is one reason why it is such a strong passionate urge within us to bring about this love in expression as we promote equality and justice, acceptance and an abundance of love for us all. Being that love in every moment…

May you have a beautiful, beautiful holiday filled with the sweetness of knowing the depth of love that you are. I am seeing it shining back to me all the time from all of your string of lights burning…such warmth surrounding me because you are being, you are loving, you are here!

Love to you all!

~Gabriella Hartwell