Surrender into this Moment of Not Knowing to Bask in the Experience as it Brings you into the Known

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puzzle fitting into placeHave you witnessed yourself trying to figure things out, wanting to piece things together? With everything that happens do you try to understand it so that you know or so that you feel that you know? Does it matter if you know? We spend so much time wanting to know, putting the energy into piecing things together so that we feel we have a grasp on things. Yet if we didn’t do that, where would the energy go? The energy would go into experiencing what is happening, experiencing the moment, being fully present  within the moment or moments that are happening. By letting go of the desire to know everything right now, to put everything together right now, you allow yourself to experience right now, to bask within it, to be within it, to create within it, to play within it, to have fun within it!

magic creationFive, six, seven steps down the road you may look back on what has unfolded and understand, but it’s not because you put so much energy into trying to understand and piecing things together, holding your head with frustration that you don’t know in those moments.  Rather you’ve moved along the journey and allowed each moment to take you beyond shape and reshape you. It is the journey, the intended journey is for you to really experience each moment along it. It is through the experience that you discover who you are now. Each moment is adding upon who you are, what you desire, how you truly wish to create, what you really choose to focus on, what you want to put your energy towards and in. What you may have thought was so important to figure out may very well not be anything you need to figure out. “I don’t know” is a very powerful place to be. It really brings you into the balance, into the middle ground, not there and not another future there, but right here and now. You are not wondering what has been, why it has been. You’re not wondering what will be and how it will be. You just ARE, breathing, being, living. We so often go through not living. Wondering and thinking all the time is not living. Living is really in the experience of being alive and feeling all of the nuances of what being alive is.

In these moments, when you allow yourself to be and experience deeply, profoundly within them, you receive inspiration. You discover. You remember. Such a gift you give yourself, you give everyone, when you fully allow yourself to be right here and now, when you allow yourself to admit by speaking it, by feeing it, by thinking it, “I don’t know.” Many of you may experience if you are speaking this to someone, a response like “what do you mean you don’t know?” You may respond back, “simply, I don’t know.” We live in a world where we have so much and for so long been programmed to know, to need to know. You are important if you know. You are understood if you know. You are accepted if you know. Yet I think it’s interesting because many people who express that they know something and this type of knowing I’m talking about is through the experience but not through the factual, where people can tangibly understand or see what this person is expressing they know, that’s not considered valid. However the true knowing comes about in that way, through the experience, through feeling, through the knowing that cannot be grasped with the hand right here and now, possibly. How do we come about this knowing? By letting go of trying to figure things out. By allowing ourselves to come to that knowing through the experience. “I don’t know” is the way to get there.

surrender not knowingAnother way we could label or term this is surrender. You are surrendering into right now. You are surrendering into the experience. You are following what you know by what you feel so that what you feel becomes what you know, fully, deeply and profoundly know. This is the knowing not from the mind but from deep within your essence. Then there comes a time where that knowing through the experience will merge with the knowing from the mind. Therefore, you will be able to, at some point, if you choose to, verbally express it to others, or write it, however way you create in expression so that others can witness, be a witness to your experience, to your journey that brought you to that knowing.

Even if we take something factual, like a scientist who has a hypothesis, has a theory and he wants to see if it’s accurate. He has a hypothesis but in that moment that he has a hypothesis, what he does is he surrenders, hopefully. He surrenders into that moment, “ok now I have this hypothesis, I’m going to just let this go because now I’m going to be in the experience of allowing this hypothesis to prove itself true.” Through the experience, within the experiment, the knowing comes about. The awareness of if the hypothesis is accurate comes. It’s not through the scientist sitting there with his hands on his head wondering if the hypothesis is true and how he can piece things together to make the hypothesis true. It is through the surrendering and allowing the experience, that brings about the knowing from within to merge with the knowing from the mind, bringing about an understanding.

butterfly hairIt is almost like we hold on, we hold on to what we are in right now, what we’re experiencing right now, what we have right now and then we let it go. When I say let it go, I don’t mean go through it out the door, put it in the river and let it go away. I mean releasing the tight grasp that we have on it. We’re still experiencing it and we’re still within it, but we aren’t holding on so tightly. We are allowing the fluid emotion of it all to flow. Emotion is energy in motion. If we try to stop energy from flowing, there becomes blockage, resistance, fear. That’s not what we intend. We intend to really, fully BE. Grasp onto what you’re experiencing right now, be in it, feel it, let it consume you! And then release it. Surrender.

Instead of wondering, “why is this happening?” “If this is happening, what must happen next?” all of these other things that can bring you into the grasping energy, allow the flowing that always is in each moment, that always desires to be in movement. I can guarantee you that if you encounter each moment like this, such a liberating feeling you will have that will just continue to increase and it will enfold you. You will begin to live as though you are in a river, literally, flowing along with the current, with each moment, with each experience. Your life will be so rewarding and so fulfilling. You don’t waste any time when you’re in those moments of trying to figure things out and wondering because that in itself is an experience. The divine essence of life allows you to be in that experience, to discover, come to the clarification of, “I don’t like this. This is not exciting for me.” When we have moments and experiences that don’t exactly seem pleasant, they are gifts. They allow you to recognize that you don’t enjoy having that experience. Therefore you can make another choice and create a different experience. If you feel right now, while you’re reading this, that you’re not exactly living like you are in the river, moving along in that way, with constant surrender, constant basking in each moment, it’s okay.

vision imaginationEvery moment you are in you are receiving and you also have opportunities to give. Instead of trying to figure out why something is happening, how it should be happening, trying to piece things together, trying to know, allow yourself the freedom to just be in it.  Instead ask yourself, “what am I receiving here?” and “what can I give here?” “how can I be love here?” and “how can I receive love here?” such a different vibration and it is so rewarding. This is what I wish for you. As you continue to move through this year of 2013, which we are halfway through now, moving into the halfway mark, choose right now how you want to flow into the rest of this year. Whatever you choose, may you enjoy it. May you allow yourself to really fully immerse and bask within it. This is the joy of being alive. I send you so much love within the deepest places of my heart to you. Such an abundance of joy here for you, in every moment, if you just open, you allow it. If you just open so that you can see it.

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  1. It`s been a while since i wrote here but when i saw this picture i just had to share it. I`ll put a link and i hope you can see what it says below the picture (it`s on english) I think that stories like this show us the magnificence of the Creator work and beautiful connectedness of souls. I just hope the link will work, because i don`t know how to put picture in here. Much love to you all, from my heart!!

  2. Glad to see that you are doing well Sunshine! 😀 and I also thank you for sharing this picture. It is quite something when you have the proof that you were in the same place at the same time with the one that you love so dearly. Just goes to show the magnetism is always in motion even when we aren’t focused on it or even know to be aware of it. The forces that are within us and that surround us are so strong, so loving, and intend to bring our hearts emotions into creation. Bunches and bunches of love to you!