The Message of the Moth and Seeing Beyond Seeing

There’s a moth on my window as I’m listening to Merlin’s Magic ~ a chakra meditation piece…as I glanced over at the moth, I noticed that its wings were the union of all colors, like a rainbow, but beyond it, more colors than are known, colors upon colors upon colors, colors under colors under colors, infinite color and intensity. I know the meaning of the moth, how she trusts of her feminine, sweet, beautiful, natural essence to attract her mate regardless of anything…she brings a timely message and reminder. When I stood up, I noticed that she is actually beige and brown, yet I see the iridescent shimmer of her true colors through her wings. I’m smiling for I’ve been, I AM, beyond the surface. I AM within it all. Tis not only Merlin’s magic that is surrounding us, but the magic of the ISness, the beingness, the completeness, the wholeness that IS. We are here together, receiving the reminders, the visions of HOME. We have arrived!  *I’d put a picture here but some experiences have to be felt and seen beyond our natural sense of sight. See it beyond seeing.*