The Letter Writer ~ Your Actions and Choices have the Power to Affect Others

“There’s a god given ability that if you find it and nurture it, you’ll be able to bless the lives of others.”

“If I’m the one person who has something nice to say about you, I know you better than anyone else.”

letter writerWithin you, you have a unique gift(s) to bask within which can give you comfort and joy, and as you bring those gifts into expression into the world, you have an infinite capacity to bless the lives of others. The words we choose to let flow within us and outside of us combined with our actions and emotions have such a huge impact on the world we reside in. Everyone along our path benefits from what we emit and the frequencies that we are sending forth. You always have a choice on how you decide to be the love that you are and let that love come back upon you. This is such a sweet and gentle movie that brings about the remembrance that in each moment, within each day, we truly have the power to not only give ourselves the joy of being love, but we can inspire others and we can give to others, which brings a smile to the faces of those we encounter. For how short life here on Earth is, every experience, within every relationship, is a world waiting to be explored and played in. May this movie remind you of the impact you have on others for the choices you make along your path not only affect you, but everyone around you as well.