Ride the Waves of Each Now Moment Unfolding to Shape your Life Plan

Q. What if twinflames cannot be together.. how does one go on? How am I expected to live life, to be with anyone else? I cannot see it possible to ever touch anyone or kiss anyone or allow anyone else to touch me…he is the ONLY one,.. and I have never been like this until now. Please answer that question.. how does one go on without their twinflame? How I’m suppose to live the rest of my life without my TF?

A. I encourage you to feel within yourself as to why you are asking how to live your life without your twin flame. The journey is so much about letting go of the need to control everything, the need to know everything right now, but rather to let yourself be in the NOW moments as they unfold, trusting that everything is always, all ways, flowing in perfection. If you think of what I’ve shared many times previously, that your soul has chosen your life path, your life purpose and the people you have and will join with to play out all you have intended, you have already chosen everything you’ve experienced up to right now, as well as everything that will play out from now forward. If you feel a deep connection to uniting in all ways with your twin flame, and you feel this to be your truth, then why go into thinking of it never happening? Move into trusting that what is showing up right now, what you are experiencing right now is perfect, that you are where you are meant to be, sharing with who you are meant to be sharing with, and experiencing what you are because you have chosen it. Therefore, you have the choices to make right now, as to what you can give and receive right here and now, and with each step as you walk your path.

For so long, we have walked the path of wanting to know ahead of time, to plan out our life step by step, way before we are even there yet…and this twin flame journey encourages us to be in the moment, following our heart and our inner guidance as it comes, flowing into one experience to the next, etc. You don’t need to go into wondering how tomorrow will be when you are right here, right now, in THIS moment…let tomorrow flow and unfold as it will, as you ride the waves of your emotions and intuition. If you are feeling that you don’t desire to be intimate with your soul mate (if you are in a relationship) or if you are single and wondering how you will ever be able to love another, I ask you not to focus on such thoughts…let it all take care of itself…if another comes along, you will know what to do in that moment. If you are currently with a soul mate and feeling like you need to connect within and desire not to be physically intimate, express your feelings to your partner. Know that you are not responsible for how another will perceive your truth and your emotions, but you have every right to express how you feel in any moment. The truth is that your emotions are energy in motion and always flowing within fluidity, ever changing with each moment, and the same is the case for your truth(s) as they may be shifting and shaping themselves anew as you move along…ride the waves and express yourself as you are guided in each moment. There is no need to attach to how you are feeling in this moment…let it all flow through, as you are guided into each step. My advice: Live your life right now, moment to moment, constantly connecting within and following your guidance as it comes…you don’t need a plan RIGHT NOW for the rest of your life. You are shaping it with each step that you take, creating it with each choice you make and being it with each expression of love you extend.

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  1. That is so nice expression, of how to deal with self. It is so hard, it is some times heavy and beyond to Handel the emotion. Some time just all need, all energy, all vibration.
    And you right let the vawes taking care of all. Some times the moment and now has no meaning and at the same time sent you signals, but is not enough. Some times the moment and now is so precious that there is no time, no place for it to identify. You are spaceless, timeless. And these are occasion that it should maintain foever until infinity. And still you are right better to live in moment and have hope that under each vawes, is beauty of peace, silence and light.

  2. Dear Gabriella, Mar just answer to you the way I was thinking. Thanks for your beautiful answer to my question. You are right, I should live in the moment and not to worry on what will or wont happen in the future. Anyway, as you wrote; everything it was planned before my TF, soulmate, and I came to this life.
    Waves of love to you and everybody

  3. Dearest Gabriella,

    thank you for your beautiful words. Just wanted to let you and all here and in fact let the whole world know I am now going about unravelling the things that have been woven around me and my twin and our love. All those rules or limitations, all those thoughts of fear. I am now sick of it and no longer willing to endure it. I am feeling like taking free breaths again.

    I am going to stop hiding whereever possible, all in its own time of course, and step by step. But I am tired of hiding because of fears.

    I am going to let my twinflame love shine and I am going to let the love shine to the outside so that it can melt those fears into love again.

    I don’t want to be a slave of my fears any more or of the fear of others.

    This is the wave I am riding right now, just thought you would love to know. 🙂

    love and light to all,

  4. Dearest Delphina,

    It is so wonderful to feel the strength and conviction of your beautiful words. You are truly an angel, shining your light and sharing it with all of us here.

    with love to you and all,


  5. Dearest Durinda,

    thank you sooooo much for your loving answer! Thank you, dearest soul sister :-). I’m sending you a sweet smile and love and light,

    waves of love to you and your twinflame and all,


  6. Dear dear Delphina!!!!!

    I can’t even begin to tell you how much I am smiling right now, and how beautiful your words are, your emotions, all that you are expressing and letting come forth! Source has given me, as we shared before, a message to walk with you on this journey of “letting the whole world know who you are!” in all your beauty, your glory, your sweetness. To hear you at the point of this unraveling and allowing your light in all areas to shine, as this warmth increases your love within and that you bring into expression without just has me smiling like crazy over here! YAY! *jumping up and down in the biggest excitement you can imagine!* 😀 Reminds me of that song “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!” YES! You shine girl, and watch what your light continues to create, weaving a beautiful path of brightness all around. Oh, I just LOVE this wave you are riding right now, and I’m walking right there beside you, between the raindrops, within the wave, as it brings us ALL into a deeper ONEness.

    So much love to you sweet one…and to all of you!

  7. Dear Delphina,
    even if I have only a short visit here and my english is not the best, I MUST tell you, that I am so happy to read your powerfull words. 😀 😀 😀
    Truth makes us free – and it is a healing power to live our truth – step ba step…
    Your golden heart is leading you.
    I´m sending streams of light, courage, love and joy to you and everybody here!

  8. Dearest Gabriella,

    thank you so much for your beautiful answer which makes my heart dance and sing and smile :-). Yes, I can feel your excitement, too, and I am so thankful for you walking beside me as I can always feel that and all the love you are sending me always 🙂 and I am so happy that we all are encouraging each other into shining our lights brighter and brighter and that it is getting easier and easier as we all connect and unite in LOVE.

    I LOVE that song you mentioned and have beautiful memories of singing it :-). Thank you so much, dearest Gabriella !

    Yes, I am now weaving a new path of brightness. The old path of fear is slowly collapsing and I will do my very best to love those fears into LOVE again and the strings of those fears will be transformed into beautiful shining threads of star angel dust while showing their true meaning of LOVE and I am going to weave a new beautiful heaven filled with stars and angel blessings around us.

    Blessings and waves of love to you, wonderful Gabriella … and to everybody

  9. Dearest Doreen,

    how happy I am to find your wonderful words here ! 😀

    Thank you so much, dear ! Yes, truth makes us free, you are right ! I have just felt this afternoon that I might have called too loudly for all the fears to be healed as they have presented themselves in all of their “glory” to me …. LOL …. and I am so happy to come here and receive all, and especially the courage you are sending me and your true words about truth.

    Thank you and thanks to all again for your beautiful support!

    Dancing beams of light and love to you and all
    and all twins of course 😀


  10. Dear Delphina,
    I want to send a sweet pillow to all your voyces of fear – a pillow with the mighty words:


    So they need not to be afraid ´cause Delphina already knows their little voyces of fear and is able to handle it – isn´t it?

    Goog night and good bye to all of you – I send you clouds of light and love

    and a nice lullaby :

  11. Sweet Doreen,

    you are making my heart smile … how wonderful … how sweet and loving your present for me is … Thank you so much, dearest Doreen!

    Yes, they don’t need to be afraid cause Delphina takes them to her heart lovingly and takes good care of them … they can snuggle up with me in the wings of the beautiful angels … 🙂

    Thank you soooo much, sweet Doreen, I am soooooo grateful … and sending you my sweetest smile and am also saying good night to you … and my heart is singing a lovely lullaby …

    Love and light to you and to all

  12. WOW! Dearest Delphina, days ago I received a message from my TF, I did not give too much time to it. He sent me a message: “I don’t want to hide my love for you” while he was looking into my eyes. Your words made analysed this message my TF sent me. I feel that we are communicating by telephaty so frequently.

    Waves of love to you and everybody

  13. Dearest Joana,

    WOW !

    Isn’t this WONDERFUL? There seems to be a big energy of “not hiding your any more” in the air 😀

    I am very much in the process of not hiding my own truth, my twinflame love and my light, my wings and letting it all be more seen by others.

    I needed a big reassurance and resting in an inner peace for this and my small steps always only go as far as this inner peace carries me. It is this inner HOME, this place where I just KNOW, this place of divine LOVE inside myself where I find the trust that I am SAFE ~ whatever may come ~ however people react to me, my light, my twinflame love, my being ME . As long as I can feel this safety, I can move forward ~ slowly of course.

    I also want thank you, sweet Doreen, once more
    and all those beautiful souls who are standing by my side, some further away, some nearer to me,
    and you, dear Joana, are also sending me so much love and light and I can also feel it 🙂 and am very thankful for it ….
    because as I am moving through these fears and was reassured yesterday evening with this beautiful pillow of softness and carefulness 🙂 something beautiful happened during the night for me that I want to share with all of you:

    It is somehow really new to me …. but these weeks it is happening more and more often …. only if I feel safe of course … but when I am in my inner room of HOME, LOVE and PEACE, and when then these fears are coming about …. it is as if a beautiful heavenly light is guiding me through those fears ~ as if they were a tunnel ~ and after some time I arrive on the other side ~ and what I can see from there very often amazes me completely because I had not expected that at all.

    The fears that came to me yesterday are a wonderful example of this. Now, that I have arrived on the other side of the tunnel of fear, I know that what I thought I was called to do yesterday was not at all the intention the angels had when giving me that idea.
    When I had this idea and took it seriously, it made me surf the internet and gather a lot of information and in the end at lot of fear came up and the fight between my feeling “I have to do this” and “oh, no, this is not for me” and a big inner fight digging up fears of all sorts came about.
    But today I see: it was only about gathering this information ~ which I most certainly wouldn’t have done otherwise, if I was not convinced that I needed to really do this. And now I see that it never was the intention of the angels for me to put into action what I thought, but I just needed the inner motivation to find more information about it …. until I finally arrived at a place where I found a lot in common with my twin …. surprise surprise 😉 …. and now I see that by gathering this information I have come to a closer understanding of my twin. 😀

    Sending waves of love and light and the beautiful winter sunshine that is here with me to all of you
    and wishing that we will all be able more and more to see behind our fears ~ I am slowly coming to the conclusion that fears are only an illusion and a tunnel to the truth hidden behind them ~ and this truth is never anything horrible that we have to be afraid of, but in fact something nice and always a relief, once you have found it

    With all my love,