Let Your Sparks Create a Fire

Don’t settle for a spark…light a fire instead! With each step that you take, connect to the infinite sparks of inspiration within you, dropping bits of your light along the way. The warmth of these pieces of you that you let come forth is received by others as they are encouraged to increase the flames you have helped ignite. What a rapid fire of lovebeams and lightstreams we will continue to weave together as we walk deeply connected to the sparks of our light ~ we shine forth the natural essence we are, building upon this foundation of love, in creation with our divine presence, expanding our consciousness as ONE together. We can then relax and abide by the many fires around our globe, coming together with each other as we travel and flow within…

1 Comment on “Let Your Sparks Create a Fire

  1. WOW, how beautiful, dearest Gabriella … thank you so much for this beautiful magical image. Yes, this is what we are doing and what I will do. 🙂

    I now know again (had forgotten today for a short time, even was about to deny my twinflame love or play it down … but thankfully have stopped before doing so and a beautiful soul by my side has put my head right again so to speak 😉 and given me courage ) and so it is the perfect time for me to find this beautiful post! 🙂

    Yes, we will let our light shine and we will let our twinflame love live and shine so that it spreads its light around the whole world ! We will create fires and relax in the warmth of the fire !

    Warm blessings of love and light to you, dearest Gabriella and all

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