2013: Creating Balance, Living in Union and Focusing on Love

2012 has been a year of bringing through and letting go of all that has blocked us from living a life of the deepest love within and without. For many, many years, we’ve been walking a path of separation, attached to beliefs, emotions, patterns of such. What happened in 2012 for all of us in some capacity has been a rush of events, some of them could be considered tragic, which have brought about the awareness of what needed to be recognized. Through these experiences, we’ve had many chances to balance the vibration of love within and bring that balanced vibration of love into expression outside with all who come along our path, with how we handle, respond and view our circumstances, ourselves and others. We’ve been called to constantly surrender into what is unfolding, what is happening within our lives in each moment, riding the waves of the uncomfortable emotions (energy in motion) as we know that they will pass, clarity will come and a renewed sense of the connectedness of life will arise.

With this has come an intensified connection to our intuition. When we balance the masculine and feminine energies within and then bring them into expression without, we are able to clearly hear our intuition, trust it and follow, bringing about a deeper understanding of the balancing aspects of both the feminine and masculine ~ allowing and receiving ~ following and acting upon what we receive.

I welcome you ~ I invite you, to share your personal experiences along your journey of 2012. Please share what you have experienced, how you’ve felt, what insights you’ve received, what you released, what you reconnected to, how you responded, and anything you feel guided to share with us all. You can post a video on your own youtube channel and send me the link via email. You can write a description and send me it through email as I’ll post it for others to receive from also. We are in this together, creating a world of balance, union and love, holding hands to shape, mold and weave it together, intertwined with all that is.

Waves of love from my heart to yours,
~Gabriella Hartwell

3 Comments on “2013: Creating Balance, Living in Union and Focusing on Love

  1. Hi Gabriella. You have been a source of support and inspiration on this journey of expanding in love. As a result I have been able to release the past, reunite with my Twin Flame, begin the life I always desired and start working with teens and their parents to expand love in their relationships. I am so grateful. Bless you! May 2013 bring you great love, joy, health and prosperity.

  2. Dear Alicia,

    This just has me smiling, all that you have expressed and all that you’ve shared with your experiences as a result of expanding your heart! Knowing that I have been a part of this has me truly happy with tears of gratitude brimming in my eyes. I can feel your happiness through your words and am just so excited to hear of all that you have created, the love that you are basking in, and more of this love mixed into your creations and creations mixed into your love to come! Much gratitude for your wishes on my own personal journey of 2013 as I send you a continuous abundance of all that you have sent me right back upon you. Such a pleasure to have you along the ride of this beautiful experience of remembering ourselves into the deepest love and oneness that we are!

  3. If only you could feel the joy this puts in my heart and soul. I am beginning to bathe my heart and soul into everything that is unfolding right before my eyes. I never understood what balancing the masculine/feminine energies comprehended of, yet have grown into blissfully enjoying every ounce of the balance. Although my twin and I are physically separated at the moment, I believe and trust in divine timing and have witnessed myself and my twin (due to the fact that we are one) within an internal journey full of telepathic and cosmic energy aligning everything that we are. Essentially, we are love. I am love. You are love. We are love. All is love. Experiencing the deep soul pain due to the ego’s belief of separation has allowed me to reveal and release those negative and unaware beliefs that I had once imbedded into my being. Twin flame relationships are real and the greatest blessing one can experience in this lifetime. If it weren’t for every single thing I have gone through with my twin, I wouldn’t be half the soulful, beautiful and light young woman I am today. As each new day dawns, I continue to spread the love I feel within towards the universe and make sure to give myself a big old piece of that love as well. I love my twin unconditionally, and believe that we will serve humanity and be great beacons of light when the time is right. Namaste.