Flowing into Creation as you Create in the Flow

The awakened artist honors the flow of each moment, and knows the perfection inherently present within each moment. This flow brings about inspired energy as it moves the artist into creation without restriction, without planning, without order. Everything becomes cohesive through the movement of the inspiration through the body into the various chosen modalities of expression. Instead of bringing together the pieces of creation in a timely or organized way, the enthusiasm and allowing of this emotion (energy in motion) to flow through magnetizes the perfect pieces to each other, which extends into a myriad of beautiful, sweet and transcendent elements all loving into and onto the other. The awakened artist chooses to see the perfection always in creation rather than creating with the intention of making things perfect. There is no need to make things perfect if they already are. Open your eyes and your ears, your heart and your body ~ for as these days unfold, you will be surrounded with the release of many sacred, divine works of art from the artists allowing the sweetness and love within to come forth into being.

2 Comments on “Flowing into Creation as you Create in the Flow

  1. Dearest Gabriella,
    Written very beautifully. Waiting for the days to unfold !!!!! For the past few weeks this is how it has been, just being in the divine flow. I now feel no compelling need to achieve or prove anything. It seems as if life is just flowing and I am being taken along with it. Before I used to feel that I should continuously talk to my TF , are day to day activities,etc. but now, it is a deep sense of calm and knowing that things will unclog in divine order. Waves of love to you all. Hope you have found a good place to stay in Hawaii !! Love to you!!!

  2. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    Thank you! Rather than waiting for the days to unfold 😉 I AM riding the waves of each sweet and glorious moment within the days unfolding ~ hence no waiting but flowing ~ ah and creating as well!!!! And it is exciting, isn’t it? I can truly and deeply feel your enthusiasm! It is such a pleasure to allow the embrace of the waves of each NOW moment, and be taken along with the current so to speak. This is essentially what our Spirits crave, to trust and be within the ever expanding, always evolving creation of life, as it moves through us, surrounding us, guiding us and reminding us that we are a part of the WHOLE of it all. It makes me smile to hear that you are not feeling any need to achieve or prove anything but sensing this deep calm, knowing that all is always, all ways, flowing in perfection. I feel this too!!!! What a relief to feel such a weight lifted, huh? Such a peace has taken over all of my being as well. *sigh* Feels SO good!!!! I have found a very good place to stay here in Hawaii!!!! This place is just adding onto the calmness on so many levels. Thank you for asking my dearest. Lots and lots of love to you!!…as it flows into the hearts of everyone else here.