Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Can you Show me the Oneness of All?

Q. Can you elaborate on the MIRROR aspect on twin flames more? I KNOW I have met mine, but I am not real sure I totally understand this concept. I feel we are the same in the way we treat people, our values and such.

A. Twin flames are the clearest mirror for you of who you are (and where you are) and when you open to seeing this, then it doesn’t make sense to place blame, either on yourself or your twin flame, but rather you are inspired to take a look at yourself to see what may be coming up, which needs reviewing, acknowledge what you see, what may need to be polished as it all desires to be loved. The patterns within relationship have kept us playing out or acting out behaviors of separation, such as blaming each other for what is “wrong,” instead of looking within, literally WITHIN each moment, letting go of the attachments or illusions of what the relationship should look like (and the roles and rules that go along with it) to consciously choose love in the moment. When you consciously choose love, you are willing to look at yourself in the mirror, to see what you might not like in that moment as you honestly notice it ~ and therefore, what happens, is you recognize that what you weren’t possibly finding attractive in your twin is also something you are meant to own and love within yourself ~ then from that space, you can choose and you can BOTH choose what you will do with its discovery. Our twin flame brings us within ourselves as we look outside back at our twins after going within ~ and after such an inward experience, we tend to view our twins in a whole new light. How many times I have looked upon my twin after releasing more of the illusions and attachments towards love and relationship I had held onto, and how much more beautiful he has become as a result. It’s not that he is any more beautiful, for he has always been that beautiful, but it’s just that my eyes are not clouded with debris anymore! You will find that you and your twin flame will have the core values and visions on life within a very similar if not identical vibration…though you are also the balancing aspect of one another ~ where you have less of, he will have more of and vice versa, to balance one another. The reason why the core values and the way you treat others is the same is because this tends to be where you will move together in service to the world…your passions in how you go about this will also be in a mutual vibration with one another.

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  1. Hey, I was wondering if you could maybe give more details on the path to re-uniting with your twin flame. I have been spiritual since October 2011 learning all I could about it. Early in December I had a dream about my twin flame. Upon waking up I knew exactly what his name was. In the dream we just hugged each other and it was just wow. Words cannot describe how it felt. After that dream I decided to try to become a bit more spiritual and also meditating regularly (not sure if it helps for spiritual stuff, but it relaxes me) After that dream I have seen him twice in my dreams and know his name and know how he looks. It’s hard to explain, but I know he is my twin flame. What is your take on this? And could you explain a bit more about the path to re-uniting with you twin flame?
    Sending you much light and love
    Anneke xoxo

  2. Dear Anneke,

    I encourage you to explore all of my blog posts and all of the Q&A’s in the Questions Answered section of my blog for more information on the path of reunion with your twin flame. But ultimately, my next book, Rising Up the Ladder of Love: The Path of Union Consciousness will give you a thorough and expansive view on the twin flame journey and all that it encompasses. Keep updated on its release! Lots of love and light to you my dear!