You Will Find the Time to Do What You Enjoy

You absolutely find time to do what you enjoy. If you haven’t been finding the time, it may be because what you feel you should be devoting your energy to is no longer in alignment with who you are right now. Feel on this…and you’ll know where you are placing your energy but WHERE you desire to be focusing your energy. Then those things you enjoy that you’ve been putting off will become your life…and inspire you, love you into new creations, limitless and beautiful.

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  1. Dear gabriala
    I had very hard time, too much up and down. My TF constantly had changes, but still he had his connection with me , even some times i see he scaping of me, and he is stressed , but still we are connected ,when we are close is. Everything in peace, i know is for both of us. He just hide his emotion, even not looking at me, but the viberation is there between us, even we are far away. When helooked at me before without hiding himself behind whatever block him, and wanted him to block me . I just when we star at eachother i totally forget what i was talking about, i completely moved to emptyness, to narvana and beyand. But i do not know what make him to contorl his emotion that many, he told me one time his gardian does not let him of doing some connection, even is all about teaching and transforming energy that is part of my classes . He has fear, he afriad, how can i convence him of our pure and divinity love, i can not talk about these any way, but how my energy can help to bring back that peace, and pure love that godissh love.

  2. Dear Gabriella, I found this question made BY somebody else in the internet. I WILL paste here because it is the same question is hunting me since I met my TF almost 3 years now.

    “wouldn’t ask a question, but one needs to be answered about.. what if twinflames cannot be together.. how does one go on? How am I expected to live life, to be with anyone else .. I cannot see it possible to ever touch anyone or kiss anyone or allow anyone else to touch me…he is the ONLY one,.. and I have never been like this until now. Please answer that question.. how does one go on without their twinflame?”

    Dear Gabriella, How I’m suppose to live the rest of my life without my TF?

    No kidding, I’m an optimist person and I always try to look for the beauty in this world, but I can not denied or hide how sad I feel sometimes.
    My soulmate is starting noticing those moments when I’m just on silence and staring on something…a quite moments praying for my TF and our final reunion.

    Blessings to everybody

  3. Dear Joana,

    I can feel so much beauty in your words.

    So much.

    How beautiful your love for your twinflame is, dearest ! How wonderful to love someone soooooo deeply that even when he is far away in the 3D, and won’t even notice on the 3D level (and won’t mind on the level of the heart and soul because all love shared is more love as Gabriella so beautifully tells us so often), but yet … you love him so much, dearest, that the thought of anyone else kissing you or touching you in this way seems unbearable.

    I do hope with all my heart you can feel how much I can see and understand your pain and how much I can feel (and also know myself) how painful this is … and how desperate you are …. and yet, right now I can feel also the love so much … the love you have for your twinflame … this eternal love … this love which is one of a kind and cannot be compared to anything else … It is so beautiful, dearest, hear this love, feel this love and welcome it in your heart, sweet Joana. Really welcome it, even if it brings pain. Take it in your heart, it is so much a part of you, dearest. And it is beautiful beyond words.

    with all my heart,

  4. Dear Delphina:
    IS it like being in love eternally with a soul? PROBABLY I don’t understand yet the TF concept. Ok, I’m his half and we are always connected in some way or many ways. I feel his emotions and HE feels mine, regarles if he is concious or not of this connection. AWESOME! Last week I have a vivid dream and he was there and for the first time he looked at me and asked me a question related “why I was taking classes in his math department. I answered to him, then he left while I was in this room, but I could feel that he was there around waiting for me. I know that when I start dreaming with him, I Probably will see him.

    I feel that this whole experience of meeting my TF has open the door to situations, esperitual experiences that in many times are hard to understand. This is beyond everything I used to belive….Sorry I’m pouring here all my confusions. My soulmate is asking me for more intimacy, I can not have intimacy with him at this point of my life, so I know that I will need to talk with him about it. The true is that I don’t feel scare like before if sooner I will have to do many changes in my life.

    WELCOME Dear Sunshine, me to sometime I just would like to go to a quiete place and just rest and rest and find myself,

    Blessing to everybody

  5. Beloveds!(And an extra hug to Mar)

    One of my favourite quotes is:

    -What is love?
    -Total absence of fear, said the Master.
    -What are we so afraid of?
    -LOVE, said the Master.

    This is why everything turns upsidedown and we get opposite reactions and emotions from both ourselves and our beloved twinflames. BUT if we have trust and faith, LOVE is always stronger than fear and with this twinflamelove it´s impossible (for me) to turn my back on this bliss and beauty even though it brings out my deepest fears (to be healed).

    With this soulmate issue I found out that when I´m present with him in every moment, recieving him and the children as they are, I´m also present and recieveing my beloved twin as he is. I was in a severe divorcesituation when I met beloved twin and this actually saved my marriage. I can be more intimate with my soulmate and more loving when I´m PRESENT NOT RUNNING AWAY from where I am in my life right NOW.

    With love Shakti

  6. Dear Joana,

    how beautiful to have such a vivid dream with your twin!!! 🙂

    I can feel you so much, dearest, and I do feel so many things you are sharing as well. We are all confused, dear Joana, this is nothing to be sorry for. Embrace your feelings, they are ALL o.k, dearest, all of them! Without exception!
    It is o.k. to be confused, it is o.k. to feel insecure in this unknown and completely new situation we are all in, it is like this for all of us.
    It is o.k. to be scared to have to tell the truth. I am, too, very much so. There are a lot of truths for me that will need to be expressed when the time is there. I am trying to rely on the angels guiding me as to the when and how and who.

    You said it is beyond everything you used to believe. I agree, dear Joana. My twinflame journey has changed me so much and has melted so many of my beliefs and so many rules I thought life was built upon just into LOVE.

    This love is so immeasurably big that it does all these miracles for us, if we allow it to. I believe that all feelings are completely o.k. on this journey, and that we travel in the easiest way when traveling with trust and faith into this higher power guiding us and arranging things for us.

    All of us can see it every day (if we choose to) how this power is leading us and arranging things for us, in our favor. For me this journey has certainly helped me develop an eye for this. Many people around us are not aware of all that is being done for us behind the scenes and don’t appreciate this, but I think once we embark on this twinflame journey, it is made more and more obvious for us … until we all reach the point where we simply cannot deny it any longer that there is a bigger power at work, and that this is beautiful and most importantly: in our favor! Even if we don’t understand it right now.

    “This is beyond everything I used to believe” …. yes, it is … with one exception: the twinflame journey has melted a thousand rules into love, a thousand obstacles into love, and is continuing to do so …. and this is way beyond everything I ever thought possible …. but for me there is one thing that the twinflame journey has not melted away, but strengthened, and this is my belief in a higher power at work for us.

    I have always believed in God and I knew all these wise words spoken by believers or wise people … but they were just words for me …. yes, I believed them … but in a way that you believe someone who tells you the way and you just assume they are right, and you yourself not knowing anything about this unknown place you are in. But once my twinflame journey started, the angels were right there, with us, so strongly that it was not possible to ignore. And since then all those wise words have come to life for me. The are not words any more, but they are filled with life. This has changed my view of life again ( I have already had some changes of my view of the world so far 😉 .. or let’s say: expansions of my view of the world 🙂 ) and I am moving more and more into this LOVE that just IS how Gabriella says so beautifully.

    This journey is of course about our deepest sacred love for our twinflame and in being this it is at the same time a lot about

    * remembering who we really are (LOVE and LIGHT)

    * and about finding our way to our inner HOME again and again, in special times like retreats like Sunshine’s 🙂 , but very importantly also in everyday life,

    * and about discovering our truths and strengths and all that is within us

    * and about learning to discover the miracles and good things that have already been lined up for every one of us, about learning to understand the language of the universe.

    Accept your feelings, dearest, and embrace them with all your love … I know you always tell others the same here on the blog 🙂 … everything is o.k, dearest, try to discover the beauty in each feeling and take them into your heart. This helps tremendously!

    Rejected feelings drive you bonkers, they are like little children hammering on the door to be let in … let them in, dearest, you can love all of them! Your love is most certainly big enough!

    And about your question: what is it really, this TF love? Well, to tell you the truth: I am on the same road of discovery as all of us, and to put it quite simply: I don’t know, dearest, I also don’t know.

    But I am sure all of us will find out as we walk along this journey together, and we are all here, joining hands, embracing, hugging, encouraging each other … and we will make it ! 🙂 We will find out ! Together !

    Waves of love and light to you, dear Joana, and everyone

  7. Dearest Shakti,

    how wonderful your answer is. Yes, your answer leads me the road of remembering my inner truths … yes, the uside down things are caused by fear of love. I think this is very true indeed.

    You said:
    “LOVE is always stronger than fear and with this twinflamelove it´s impossible (for me) to turn my back on this bliss and beauty even though it brings out my deepest fears (to be healed).”
    I couldn’t agree more, dearest, this is exactly how I am feeling!

    With the soulmate issue: wow, your answer sounds so wonderful !!!!!
    This sounds like what Gabriella always says. So you are feeling it as well. Wow, this is beautiful! Can you explain more, dearest? How did you find this out and how can we all find this ?(for the ones who desire to find this of course only).

    Waves and waves of pure love to you, dearest Shakti

  8. Dear Delphina, thanks for your words it help me so much, in these moments of weakeness. I feel that sometimes I’m walking in a desert and I don’t see anything but sand, no sign of anything. But yesterday, thinking like this while driving I saw a white car with the 101 in it. Amazing! I thought, I always relate the white car with angel, don’t you? So there it was my answer, from the universe. I got it, the universe try to tell me to keep my faith. Also, I received in my mail a card with a mistake on my name. They dropped the M my initial for the N the initial of my TF. Then it is the first time I realized that my TF name is within my name, if I just dropp the M and the R and add the N two times my TF name is there. Is it so marvelous!?
    Waves of love to you and everybody

  9. I’m still reading the stories of TFs on the site Collapsing duality. IT HAS been helped a lot to read the experience of people meeting their TF. I’M older than my TF as you know, and this situation keep me so shy even to approach my TF. But I read the story of a twin flame couple which the lady is older thant her TF. and she looks the same age as her TF. She believe that probably those gap years between them; it was the condition for them to be compatibles in this life time. When I was in the hospital, the nurses could not believe I was the age I was telling them. So, I don’t know, I just sharing my situation. Does somebody knows or can explain what is the kundalini energy?

    Blessings to everybody

  10. Dear Joana,

    when reading your answers today I am getting again this feeling: I don’t know what to write and answer here. You are writing so many things that are so close to me and my experiences. I would love to share with you, via email or facebook, but not here. I can’t share more openly here … all of our stories are just so individual and precious to our hearts.

    Waves of love and beautiful angels
    to you and everybody and their twins 🙂

  11. Dear Delphina:
    I’m a extremely shy person. I have been writing here my experience because it is anonimous, otherwise I’m sure, I will not write anything about the spiritual changes I have been experiencing since I met him (my TF). My life right now is a TURMOIL. my soulmate is talking about divorce, on one hand I feel relief that this word came from him, and on the other hand I’m going through a totally new and unknown experience. Living by myself, I say WOW! but in a nervous way. I feel that I should let my soulmate go, if I’m unable to give him what he is looking for. Dearest Delphina, I will like to communicate with you and many other people here on this blog too. But I’m afraid we are separated for enormous distance. I feel so esperitual close the people who write here that I can feel their suffering, setbacks, happiness,and hope with this TF journey. I also, feel that you are writing or putting words to my thoughts that I can not decipher by myself. I have a dream, in this dream I was talking with my soulmate about our separation and then I feel that my TF was so happy. I was shy to write about it, because I could not underatand why he was so happy that finally I have the courage to talk with my soulmate about our situation. Is it posible that our TF feel happy because we are getting out a troublesome relationship? In my imagination I have been talking with my TF and telling him why,and how I got together with my soulmate. SO, so much to write,

    Waves of love to you Dearest Sister and everybody.

  12. Beloveds!

    Thankyou beloved Dellphina for recieving me! This means a lot to me because I often feel like the others giving me the “silet treatment” here. I´m as equal shy as Joana and all the rest and I have many times tried to not respond, but sometimes I feel guided to write posts so I do it anyway even if others don´t think I´m writing the “right” things.

    This is what I mean with being in the NOW. Dropping stories of the future and past in favor of the NOW. Not making compromises with who I AM to please others or to fit in. My experience is that almost ALWAYS the key for me is to recieve without defence with an open vulnerable heart. When I can recieve without judgements true magic happens for me! When I can see that everything in 3D is my own creation and I´m the only one who can change it, I find my true powers! If I can´t be present with the people around me NOW – how can I be present with my beloved twinflame in the future if we reunite? I need to practise with the tools I created myselfe as my own life NOW recieving everything the way they are. This is how I see it and what I try to do.

    I know much about Kundalini energy and power because I work with it a lot. It depends on who you ask what explanation they give you. Simply put it it´s the energy of creation and sexual power of creation, creating life and living. Often it´s pictured as a serpant wiggeling it´s way up the spine. You can awaken this in many ways and for many purpouses. But it´s the energy of life itselfe.

    Love Shakti

  13. Dearest Shakti,

    I feel your posts are always very insightful. As we travel this TF journey, I find the answers that resonate with our heart always come when we are ready to receive them. Your energy is beautiful and I feel you have reached a place in your journey where the surrendering can be felt so sweetly. You should continue to post as you feel guided, as I for one receive your beautiful energy with an open heart.

    with so much love.

  14. Dear Beloved Shakti,

    I want to express my gratitude for you sharing and exposing your open and vulnerable heart as this is so inspiring for all of us on this twin flame journey, making our way through each step as we are guided. One of the things that I feel we are to remember as we move through our paths is to allow ourselves to be who we truly are within each moment, no matter what others think and especially regardless if others respond or how they respond. So many hide their true selves or their full expression to their twin flame or others because of this fear…and whether or not you feel you’ve received “silent treatment,” you still chose to respond and speak within your vibration of truth. This is what is courageous and this is what we are called to do again, and again, truly in such limitless ways with our beloved twin flame and all beloveds. For this is how we stand strong in our own power, which is our own vibration of love flowing through in each moment, not changing who you are, but being who you are…as this truly inspires others to do the same. It doesn’t matter if anyone thinks you are writing the “right” things, for it matters if what you are sharing is the right thing for you. And if it is, let it flow through and shine like the beautiful light of love that you are, that I AM, that we all are, for as you know, when you shine, you give others the courage to shine themselves. I do truly feel that we are beacons of light here shining brighter because of the love present between and with us all.

    Waves of love from my heart to yours!

  15. Beloved Durinda!

    Thankyou so much for recieviing me so beautifully! This puts tears in my eyes of gratitude! Sending you love from the bottom of my heart!

    Beloved Gabriella!

    Thankyou so much for your beautiful respons! This also puts tears in my eyes and shows me in the most wonderful way what this is all about! The way being in my beloved twinflames presence burnt away everything that was fake and unreal in me! When I look him in the eyes I can´t lie to myselfe anymore, I have to embrace who I AM, ALL of who I AM without separation. I can´t stop this avalange aucoustic wave of LOVE, that I AM! I can´t turn my back on his powers of clear presence without compromising with who HE IS, as this is also the powers of our ONE soul! Also his vulnrability is the most beautiful thing I´ve ever comed across, and it makes me cry when I realize this is also one of my own abilitys! My heart is so full of love, so full of gratitude, so full of bliss and the only thing I can ask myselfe is: How can I be worthy all of this?

    Waves of love to everyone Shakti

  16. Dearest Shakti,

    how beautiful this all is ! I can feel so much your overflowing happiness and joy and you are making all of us smile and tap into this happiness …. and helping us remember this happiness that comes when you feel truly HOME again in your inner home!

    Once more I am convinced that this is exactly what we are doing here on the blog as we are holding hands on this twinflame journey … we are loving each other HOME again, to our inner place of deepest trust and light … and then our own light can shine once more and shine into the world.

    I am deeply grateful for everyone of us here,

    and dearest Durinda: you also feel like a dear soul sister to me 🙂

    Sending all of you waves and waves of love and light,

  17. Dearest Delphina,

    I am humbled by your beautiful words. They instantly touched my heart. I see your beautiful light as it shines so brightly, it is so beautiful to witness and experience. As I come to this blog and connect with all the amazing souls on this TF journey, my heart feels lighter. As we embrace each other in this circle of love, all of our combined light and love truly does shine out into the world.

    with love,


  18. Dearest Durinda,

    your words are also touching my heart! I am so happy we are in this together and that Gabriella has created this wonderful circle of love. Yes, my heart also feels lighter and I can also see how much we have already shared and learned together and this fills my heart with so much gratefulness !

    Waves of love and light to all and your twinflames
    with all my heart,


  19. Dear Shakti, I always read your posts with great interest because they are full of wisdom as well. It is me that many times after posting my writings I would like to erase something I wrote, but it is to late. So, in person I don’t like to talk about my inner feelings with people, maybe just with a close friend. But, so far nobody around me knows about my TF journey, I guess people around me have been noticed my changes because I talk in a very different way I used to talk about things. I asked about the kundalini energy because somebody was writing about the way she felt when she was close to her TF. In my case just thinking about my TF make me feel something weird inside my whole body, I just describe it like a bliss.

    Blessings to you and everybody

  20. Dearest Joana,

    I can understand very well what you are feeling and that you don’t like to talk to people about your inner feelings and have hidden the TF journey from people around you.

    It is exactly what I am experiencing as well. I have always been somebody to hide my own inner truth from others.

    I feel guided to share with you and the people here in Gabriella’s circle of love on this blog what somebody said to me yesterday about just this topic.

    I have an osteopath I go to regularly and he asked me how I was feeling. Well, that day everything was quite fine and if I hadn’t had this appointment (which I made several weeks before as I only go in longer intervals) I wouldn’t have gone to him that day. Nothing was wrong with me in the physical that day. So he said he would just feel his way through the areas of the body and work on what was coming up. O.k., that was fine to me. So far, so good.

    The first area he checked he found something … and he said something about it on the physical level and then he gave more meaning to it and said: well, this feels like as if you are trying to protect yourself from something …. but it may as well also just be fatigue (because I had told him I nearly hadn’t slept two nights before * 😉 to the dear angel who met me that night*) … but I knew he was so right about the protection. And so a kind of funny conversation developed in which we were talking about protection only in mental images but I didn’t mention what I needed protection from. For me it was of course crisp and clear what it was all about. I had just that morning got a bit of a shock when I had met somebody very spiritual living just around the corner and had opened up t her … and after she had left I at once had this feeling of “ooooops, what have I done?” and this fear of what will happen if she tells my neighbors etc.

    You see, in my circle of friends and family nobody knows that I am thinking about angels and spiritual things and I am so afraid they would be so shocked if they found out. This is not because they just don’t know, but because they really object to this so very much. They keep talking against it and although I know it is just their fear, it is so difficult for me to reveal how I am feeling on the inside. Of course I have great fear of rejection and of the need to explain and also defend my spiritual views and they are just only sweet little plants just coming to life and stretching their first little leaves into the air so to say … and right now I am not in a position to defend them against people who are so much against this. I need to have more protection first and need to water them and feed them …. until I feel strong enough to let it be seen more.

    And by the way, as nobody knows about this spiritual little plant growing in me, of course also nobody knows about my twin. This is even more inexplicable to people not open to spirituality.

    So that morning I was shocked and afraid everything might be happening much too fast for me, and I was astonished that this had a physical reaction right away. So the osteopath, not knowing what I had on my mind and what it was all about, started a conversation in images about protection. He compared it to a knight wearing an armor, and he said that this armor also creates a distance between oneself and people around oneself. When even wearing a helmet, the other people can’t even know who is behind and not feel who this person really is.

    I also thought at once: oh, and how heavy heavy heavy is this armor ….. and I can feel it now as I am writing …. this heaviness of the armor I am carrying because I am so afraid of letting people see what I am feeling like on the inside.

    I can also say this: this topic arises of course because it wants to be healed and because now healing forces are with me, both in human form and in the form of heavenly helpers and because I am gathering the inner strength to love this need of protection in myself a bit more into the light. 🙂

    It somehow happened last autumn that there was this moment when I just *had* to reach out to someone (who has now become very precious to me 🙂 ), there was just this nudge I felt and I could not ignore it … in this moment I was given by the angels all I needed to reach out to her, and after that things started developing.
    After some time I began to write here on Gabriella’s blog and started feeling at home here and since then I have connected to many people, have found another soul sister 🙂 … it was always one at a time (because this is how it works for me, I am not good at receiving loads of people at the sam time and need to build a relationship with them first to know how they are and how we are together), but more and more people are coming into my life, and I can only say: it is incredible how many people there are who do understand and who I can share now with.

    Opening up and doing it in my own pace (very very important!!!) has been the best thing I ever did on this journey. For years I was sooooooo alone with this whole TF journey and it was sooooooo difficult. I sometimes thought I had gone nuts although I always knew deep inside that of course I hadn’t. But really connecting to people more and more has been a blessing to me I would never want to miss any more. I would even not trade it in for my TF coming back. If she insisted on me quitting these things I am doing now because she might be afraid of them, I would not do that. So you might be able to measure by this how very very important, in fact crucial this has become for me. Of course we know that the thing my heart desires most is to be with her again. 🙂

    It is a process of course and I am still very cautious and can easily be shocked like the other day. But I can feel that the osteopath is right: not only does this armor I used to carry take a lot of my energy in its heaviness … but it really creates a distance between me and people. And I find: the more my inner light is starting to shine, the more difficult it gets to keep the armor on, the heavier the armor gets …. and it is just not possible for me anymore to carry all of it. I need to find ways to let people know more and I need to let them know a bit. Otherwise I will just be a dead armor with a helmet, carried by an invisible being that nobody knows.

    And of course I do not want to be like that 🙂

    Blessings and love and light to all you and everybody and their twins

  21. Beloved Joana!

    Thankyou so much for this beautiful post! I love all your posts and I think it´s time for us all the eraze this crazyness that there actually are right or wrong things to write! ALL posts are so BEAUTIFUL since they are sharings from open loving hearts!

    Also THANKYOU beloved Delphina for your wonderful sharings! You are so warm and fluffy with your angelfeathers for us all to be sweeped into!I think you´re so on the spot with this STOP HIDING mission! All the beautiful COURAGE everyone who writes shows is astonishing!

    This was also what my beloved twinflame showed me! Whole my life I had hide who I AM to make people feel “safe” around me, but this is not possible anymore. He burnt away ALL my defences, melted the ice arouns my heart, making it so warm, hot and intense so it simply popped like a popcorn. The shell is gone and all the yummie stuff flew out in this amazing pattern, impossible to hide.

    Waves of love to all the courageous hearts out there! Shakti

  22. Dearest Shakti,

    thank you so much for your beautiful beautiful post! How wonderful is this to feel that we are all in this together, that all of us are so courageous and all posts are indeed so beautiful because they are all written from loving hearts. Yes, this is so true and I thank you so much for expressing it here so that all of us can more and more feel what really is the truth: that EVERYTHING is o.k. and not only fine, but wonderful.

    It reminds me of a beautiful spiritual song I have got to know while opening up on this journey, unfortunately it is only in my mother tongue and so it doesn’t make any sense to share the link here, but the meaning is:

    ” I want to see LOVE, I want to see LOVE in all that IS,
    I want to see it in every human being, in every animal,
    in every tree and every stone.”

    Yes, and one might add: in every thing that is happening, too, and in every behavior of my twin.

    Because really LOVE is what we all are, and I have come to realize n a deep level that LOVE is also underlying all actions, both from us and our twins. Of course this TF journey showed me, because it was only through the hurts I experienced with my beloved twin that I was able to see this. She sometimes hurt me so much, but at the same time I knew on such a deep deep level that she loves me that I then started to think and change my views. I knew she could not have acted because she wanted to hurt me, but very much on the contrary: she always wanted to send me love …. so I had to do some serious thinking, or more of an opening up to seeing through the layers of life we normally see … and when I look behind all those veils that normally cover everything we see, I was more and more able to perceive the LOVE in all she was doing. Regardless on what it looks on the outside.

    But: I would never ever have gone this path for somebody I didn’t love that much. I would simply have said: what an idiot! and gone my own way in life again. But with her I this deepest love taught me so to say, and this is one of the miracles of the TF journey I guess.

    And yes, dearest Shakti, you are so right, so very right: what has happened is an irreversible act for me, it has opened my inner eyes to love, it has changed my heart, and it just cannot be kept inside. Me, too, I have been hiding for many years, and this was all possible, and I had some developments of spiritual life inside of me and was able to easily hide all of this. But now … with all this TF love going on in me and this overflowing love that even makes me see love behind all actions and all things, it is simply impossible to hide any more.

    Thank you, wonderful Shakti, for your beautiful words about me and my angelfeathers. I also LOVE reading your posts, they are so full of LOVE and of your beautiful being. You are so precious to me, dearest soul sister :-).

    Yes, I am joining you in sending waves and waves of love to all those courageous hearts out there! And I am sending a beautiful angel for this weekend to all of you to make it a wonder-full one O:-)

    with all my love,

  23. Dearest Shakti and Delphina,

    I am being swept up and carried on the waves of love being felt and expressed! To be able to receive this love is such a blessing! Everyday I feel like I am being lifted up to BE the highest expression of LOVE that I can BE. To have this safe haven where we can fully express all of the ups and perceived downs of this TF journey just confirms to me that there is a God, for who else but the Divine would give us such a beautiful place to rest and be held so we may continue on our journey.

    With so much love to you all, Durinda

  24. oh, how beautiful, dearest Durinda !

    Oh, yes, there is a God ….. who else could have called us here together … who else could have sent us on the twinflame journey in the first place …. and who else could hold his hands lovingly over this place to make it a safe haven for all of us ! 🙂

    Of course I think, too, that even the existence of such a place as this, which Gabriella has so beautifully created for all of us here to meet and hold each other, says that there is a God and that HE wants us on the twinflame journey. He wants us not to give in, not to bury our hopes, not to hide ourselves. I so often say to myself when experiencing a wave of twinflame signs: well, IF the universe and God and his angels had really wanted me to quit on this journey, the would certainly not having taken so much action to make me experience over and over again, in a row that really mounts up to a wave, all this remembering of my TF love. Just no action taken by the angels would/might have been enough to make me forget as time goes by. But they keep reminding me over and over again, so much that it is simply not possible to ignore.

    I believe there is a wise loving God and he wants us on this journey of deepest purest love that makes us shine and radiate this love to others as well. Love for ourselves, love for and with our twinflames, and love for all. The trinity.

    So much blessings and love to all of us, Delphina

  25. Dearest Delphina,

    Your words speak to my heart. I too feel this. There are times when I feel at a low point, my signs increase and I know without a doubt that God and the angels are surrounding me with Love and comfort so that I am able to persevere. There are days I feel such an expansion of Love that I want to scoop up all those who may not as yet feel this Love and hold them in my arms and tell them, Yes, believe what your heart is telling you, you are amazing beyond belief. This Twin Flame journey is truly amazing and sets my heart and soul on fire!

    I feel blessed to have connected to so many beautiful souls, and I feel a kindred spirit in you beautiful Delphina, so I know that God and the angels continue to guide my steps, so that I may give and receive Love beyond all measure.

    with so much love to all, Durind

  26. How beautiful, dearest Durinda,

    I also feel a kindred spirit in you, dearest! 🙂 I feel also so blessed that now there are all these beautiful souls in my life who I have connected to here both here on this blog and on facebook and I am so grateful for this, because this way we can all support each other on this journey of purest divine LOVE and love each other more and more into our own remembering of the LOVE we truly are and the beautiful HOME of LOVE we have in fact never left :-).

    So much love to you, dearest,
    and to all and your twins,

  27. Dear sister Delphina:
    The hiding is for me the state or not being ready for certain aspects of my TF journey. I feel that I’m still growing or maturing. Sometimes I need to go “to hide” on my cave. IT is helping me, but it does not mean I’m cutting communication with you all beautiful souls here in this blog. These days, I feel that I have been reciving from the universe a lot of information, I guess, so I need this time to “hide” myself to do some reflexion about it. It is so funny, I still having these incidents at work, where I’m looking the place of the items, and then item fell on the right place, close by, or my hand is guided to the exact location, WOW! Weird, but I always say thanks to these situations, because THEM make my work easy and enjoyable. Also, the series of number 1111, are everywhere, this I’m not undertanding why yet. Also, when I send a question to the universe, then I have the answer in very un-expected ways, I’m starting to pay more attention to them. The other day, again, I send the same question to my TF and the Universe, (WHY my TF came so late to my life and with this age gap?) then I came across with a post in someplace in the internet, this person wrote that she was aborted ones before this life, and that was the reason there were a gap of year between she and her TF) I don’t want to say anything, but it was so funny, that I exactly read this after sending my question to my TF and the universe. So, I can to begin to understand that, on books, articles, music, or people saying something we can have those answers that we ask to our guides, angels, or our TFs.
    Blessings to everybody