Is Karma with Soul Mates and Twin Flame to Learn Unconditional Love?

Q. Isn’t the karma of all high level soul mates and twin flames to learn
unconditional love? Is it only with lower level soul mates that other
things may need to be worked out?

A. First, I want to bring to your awareness, that all of your soul mates, no matter where they are on the ladder of love are no less important than the next, for all of our lessons to be learned in every relationship are essential for our growth. All of our relationships, those with our soul mates and our twin flame, are meant to help us to grow deeper within unconditional love for ourselves, our partners and everyone else (the collective and each other). When you are having a challenging time within a relationship, you can be sure that there is a lot of love present within your souls, for it is through these challenges that our soul mates offer us the chance to grow past the ego to seeing the lessons present for us to receive. Therefore, we have the chance to choose to respond in unconditional love, knowing that our soul mate is coming from a place of his/her own experience and emotions which ultimately has nothing to do with us, and we can not take it personally, responding from a place of understanding and love. If it brings up painful emotions within us, then we have a chance to understand what is coming up so that we can release it, transition out of it, and help to heal it, growing deeper in unconditional love for ourselves in the process…it’s almost part of the natural process of loving ourselves, our partners and each other…they all go hand in hand.

The difference between soul mate and twin flame love is the karma that has been accrued and how it plays out within the dynamics of the relationship. You have had many lifetimes with your soul mates, interplaying romantic scenarios, so therefore you may have accrued karma between each other and therefore, there are things that need to be healed, released, transitioned out of through these relationships and interactions within them. You and your twin flame have had many lifetimes where you were not physically together. There is not much karma between the two of you (other than healing the sense and illusion of separation from one another) but you have developed your own individual karmas that may come up with each other, however your role before the divine realm orchestrates a reunion is for you to take your own healing into your hands so that when this meeting between you occurs, you are ready to heal the rest of your individual karmas together with unconditional love, respect and choice to be committed to healing, sharing, creating and giving to each other and the world. You don’t have to do it alone, but the truth is that you have never been doing it alone, even though you may have been physically separated from your twin. You are truly a part of each other…in all ways. May you always find comfort in knowing this.

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