Everything Comes to you In the Right Moment

You may not know why what is happening in any moment IS, but I can assure you that everything is always unfolding in its divine, sweet and perfect timing. All of the pieces are aligning into place exactly as they are meant to. Trust that this is so. Later on down the path, you will look back upon your journey, and see the beautiful perfection that always is.

20 Comments on “Everything Comes to you In the Right Moment

  1. Dearest Gabriella,

    This post has come at the perfect time. Someone else had sent me this picture a while back, so the fact that I am receiving it again tells me this is so. I had a beautiful synchronistic moment with my TF a few days ago. Because we had not been in physical communication with each other for a few weeks it made it all the more magical to me. This is why this post truly does speak to my heart.

    With so much love to you and all,

  2. Yes, this post also has perfect timing again. But I would like my TF in this moment!! In the physical!! In all ways!! LOL

    I found out mine is moving away… but the synchronicities and messages I get only continue to escalate.. so I am sure hoping I will look back and and see why and that it was supposed to happen this way.

  3. Gabriella, Durinda, Misty…and everyone,

    This is perfect at this time for me too. My tf and I are making very (very) small steps. Right before I read this…I was thinking…if it all worked out in my timing how I wanted it…I would have missed this magical journey and lessons. Oh, the lessons. I was so closed off before this, and my heart is wide open to love again…everyone. But, like Misty said…I would like him in this moment too. lol. And for all of us to be with our tfs.

  4. Dearest Gabriella,
    So timely !!! Just the encouragement we all needed. Thanks and love to everyone here.

  5. Dearest Sleeping Beauty, Kay, Misty, Durinda and everyone else,

    How amazing the signs always are…and how timely indeed, how perfect indeed is this message…I am sure that many of you have experienced the divine sweetness that makes “everything comes to you in the right moment” ring true to our souls. Keep going on…keep taking the steps along your journey for you are creating your masterpiece of love piece by piece, and every step is essential to moving along in your own unique vibration of the love that you are. Love, love and more love to all of you!

  6. Hey all….im a bit frustrated with my situation…..I have finally let go of my twinflame….and moved on to try and date….but the crazy thing is I met someone I really like….thought he felt the same way…..but maybe he is a player….anyway the signs for my twinflame are everywhere…..and I do mean everywhere….the more I think of the other guy the more signs come about my TF!

    I dont mean to come across as a downer….but I feel so hopeless this morning…I try to move on…and this guy came on strong…then disappeared….all the signs of my TF and nothing from him….feeling really lost….


  7. Jessica,
    don`t worry, just let go and be in the flow, i know it is easy to say, but i am in the same situation and signs and dreams for my TF increased since i am seeing someone else, they even have same birth date, just different month…i don`t know why this is happening nor what will happen and what is the bigger picture, we can only listen to our hearts and if it feels good go for it, if doesn`t let it go, we don`t have to do anything, things will come up to us by themselves.
    Sending you much love and blessings and keep listening to your heart!

  8. Sunshine, That helped me too:) Great way of looking at it. It is so hard, but at least we can try…and hopefully have a calmer heart. My relationship with my tf is so on the edge right now…edge of something or nothing. lol. So, I’m trying so hard to truly believe that God/Universe knows whats best…and trust that the best will come true. Same for all of us:)

    Jessica, I hope you are feeling better…the only advice I can give that I know is true is to follow your heart. I didn’t hear from my tf for some time, and I knew he was expecting me to contact him because that was what was happening all year. But, I didn’t contact him at all…for months. He finally contacted me explaining his behavior and trying to make up for things. I think if you let go enough to allow him to feel the loss of you…he may realize some things. I’ve read that a lot…when the runner feels like they could have lost their other half, they do a turn around. I’m not used to game playing, but sometimes it’s needed…I guess. Hang in there:)

    Thanks, as always, Gabriella!!! :)))) Sending love to all:)

  9. Jessica, Sorry didn’t finish my point to well:) The whole time I didn’t hear from him, my heart told me to hold on that I will…

    So, what is your heart… and signs telling you?

    There is an article by Gabriella that I think I read everyday while I was waiting to hear from my tf…its something about “Doubt comes from the mind”..have you read that one? Its so true…I think we all deep down feel what is right…it’s just trusting it and not allowing that doubt (mind) tells us differently.

  10. Dearest Kay,

    I just had a similiar experience myself. After not hearing from my TF for several weeks we “bumped” into each other. When you think about how things would have to line up for that to happen this post spoke directly to my heart. I feel it was more to show him once and for all our connection as it was so amazing even he would not be able to deny it. A few days before it happened I had a vision two days in a row of my TF’s name on my cell phone display like he was sending me a text. Once we ran into each other I also did not contact him because my heart was saying wait and today I received a text from my TF, just like in my visions. So I agree, always, always, follow your heart. It will lead you to where you are meant to be.

    With so much love.

  11. Key, Durinda
    wow, your posts helped me a lot too :). I think that the key is to only act when you feel you should, when you feel guided…often times i wanted to talk to him or send him a message but i felt that it is not the right time and that i shouldn`t. I didn`t speak with my TF since november, he should call but he never did, so i left it that way. Key i had similar dream a few days ago, very strong one, except i was calling him i he knew that was me, like he was expecting my call and there was another one, i just heared the sentence “everything is coming to its place”. We will see, maybe the message was for the things in general, at least i know that everything is good.
    Love you all!

  12. I have been reading about TFs relationships, and I still don’t understand what is this relationship shold be or supposed to be. I read also that we learned the pattern of a relationship from our family or culture. I think this is the dilemma when we try to make our relationship with our TF like a relationship we have learned. Gabriella could you explain something about this. I don’t know if you understand my question.

  13. Hi! Just an opinion, I think that we attract people who are similar to our TFs, maybe have to do with our vibration of inconditional love to our TFs. In my case the more I try to go with my life, the more I recive messages from the universe remaining me my TF. I give up to do something to try to forget him, I can not, so I just keep a place for him in my heart.

  14. Thank you for all for your support! It has taken me a long time to come to the place where I am. I am finally ok moving fwd without my TF…I never thought I woild use those words. I love him with all my heart and in a perfect world we would be together, but there are lessons to be learned. I have thought a lot about the statements “whats in your heart”….and its weird because I dont really know anymore…I have had so much love for him…yet I push thoughts of him away now bc I dont want to go back there anymore…it took me so long to get where I am now…..the hard part was meeting someone else..and really trying to push that to happen…..but still having signs of TF…for..instance I keep seeing YTJ or YAJ…and those are his initials…so I was asking is the universe asking me ‘why TJ’….and if so what is the answer? Now things with the new guy seem to be disappearing….and I somehow feel I won’t be able to ever move fwd…or connect with someone….but I want a relationship….ive been patient enough….lol….how do I figure out what my path is suppose to be?
    Thank you

  15. Joana…..I understand….I dont think I will ever be able go forget him..bc that would be like forgetting my other half…and I also get fhe signs SO much lately….and to be honest….the signs used to make me happy and smile…..now they make me so sad….and think is this how I get to live the rest of my life….getting signs….and being alone! Just feeling so lost..


  16. Joana,
    i was thinking about that too a lot, about attracting similar people like our TF. After i met my TF i noticed so many similarities with him and my soulmate girlfriend that i met three years before, like she preapired me for him a bit, and after we split i attract people in my life who look or act like him, but if we are one soul and have similar vibration that is understandable. Before i knew him i had people in my life like him, but he is like me so…you see where this going :). A few days ago i wanted to find some information about telepathy in general but i couldn`t find nothing more profound, i would really want to know how this works i could understand this between me and him then.

  17. Hi! Me too I would like to know more about the telephaty connection between TFs. I always try to read all the information I can find here and there. I’m also reading about the integration of the bodies(espiritual, ethereal, emotional, etc.) before get together with our TFs. I have realized that in my case I have a lot of trouble with my emotional body….since I realize this, I stop crying like a baby. Mel and Nicole explain woderfully the role of these bodies on the TF Journey.
    Waves of love to everybody

  18. I don’t usually post a lot here because usually when I do it is me venting about how things are not going the way I want with my TF and I am really trying not to be so negative. I understand everyone’s thoughts here.. I too have had others come into my life that I suppose I could be in a relationship with – and it is easy to say ‘let go and follow your heart’ but at the end of the day my heart is with my TF and although I love everyone – anything else is second best. I do not want second best. In a sense I feel like it is not fair to the other person involved because I am not ‘all there’. It is easy to say be fully present each moment – but in each moment most of my heart is with my TF. I don’t know that there are any ‘right’ answers… some days I think I would like to go back to my life before my TF… some days it is a real gift and some days… most days.. it hurts.

    I thought I was doing a lot of inner work (I was, and am)… but then I synchronisticly met someone that brought even more to surface… It is a never ending process!!! I don’t know if anyone here has ever tried myofascial therapy… but I have gone a few times and during treatments I have been reliving old old traumas and feeling them leaving my body (there are many)… for every experience in your life.. your subconscious holds on to much of it, even if you think you’ve ‘got over it’.

    Point of the story is.. when things are not going the way we think they should with our TF.. sometimes there is more work to be done… and sometimes we don’t even realize it. I’ve been going through things that consciously don’t even bother me… but subconsciously they have been buried away for years.. perhaps even lifetimes. Things I for sure thought had zero effect on me. It can be a head banging experience trying to figure out what ‘more’ do you need to do… but so so much of the TF journey is being totally at harmony with yourself… and if we are not there with our TFs yet – then we are not ready, either. Which also sucks because trust me, there is nothing more I would like than my TF RIGHT NOW! And I feel like I’ve been ready a LONG TIME! LOL

    We can say ‘let go’ and get into ‘the flow’ all we want – and the mind can certainly think that way.. but sometimes there is much, MUCH deeper work to be done.

    Anyway, I would never promote any one type of treatment – everyone is different – just sharing something that has been helping me along (I think!!). This journey often has my hands in the air and saying “who knows?!?!?” lol

    Much love.

  19. Dearest Misty,

    thank you so much for sharing! I do certainly agree with you that sometimes also MUCH deeper work needs to be done, probably also work one cannot do on one’s own, and be it only because one is not aware of some of the blockages at all. I have also experienced this.

    Of course each of our journeys is unique and each of us has to feel her/his own way through this journey. Only we know ~ deep down on the inside of us ~ what is needed in each moment of the journey. And this may also change as we go along … of course. Sometimes nothing will really be necessary to actively “do” at all, and at other times some kind of help from the outside may be very beneficial indeed. I do certainly agree that also deep inner work can be very very helpful. Probably in this case we will be guided to somebody very clearly and will know on the inside that this is the next step.

    No one can truly say what is helpful for another right now and it is our own inner voice which knows the answer for us ~ and it is ONLY our own inner voice. I am learning this more and more. Really no one else is even qualified to say what is right. They can just give hints or tell what has been helping them (like you did, dearest Misty, and I am very grateful for you writing that !), and then our own inner voice will tell us the way … the way that will be the most beneficial for us in this very moment.

    I guess it is a lot about TRUST … trust in your own inner voice and in your deepest knowing inside of you … and trust in God and his angels to know better than we do and to love us much more than we can even imagine and to give us all the desires of our hearts ~ or something better.

    I believe this is the way God loves us: he will always grant us our wishes as long as they are the best he can give us … and in case he cannot give us a manifestation of a wish right now, it must have a reason: either because it will be a bit later or because God has something even better in store for us.
    In any case: God and his angels are already lining up all the things and people we need to find on our journey and also all the wonderful things he wants to give us in this lifetime.

    And regarding our twinflame wishes: I believe that this wish is so true, so pure, so full of DIVINE love that it can only come from God himself …. for me I can surely say: it was not ME who put this dream in my heart, but it was a higher power, it is a dream that is so pure I could never ever have had it myself, and so full of miracles that my imagination would not even have been big enough to dream this magnificent twinflame dream. It is from God, I know this clearly in my heart.
    And God will surely help us make the wishes come true he himself has put into our hearts! 😀

    Much love and light to all of you,