You are Love, Unconditional and Pure, Flowing and Growing into Its Full Expression

Q. I came across this because I think I met my twin flame, who then pushed me away. Our meeting was accidental and improbable. It was intense, and then he wanted to be alone. It has been six months and I have an intense feeling of homesickness, incredible homesickness. Is this how you feel when you lose a flame? I’ve been brokenhearted, but this does not feel like that. I am spiritually awakened. Though he is spiritual, he is not awakened. We tried not communicating, but he would come back to talk. Some days I try to give unconditional love, other days I’m intensely jealous of the time he gives to others. I feel like the only thing I know for sure is that I have to love him, even though my human characteristics boil to the top, and want things for me. I hate this because I have no idea if he’ll come back, but I also could never give up. Do I pray for him? Try to remove his blocks? Sigh

A. I know that it may seem like you try to give unconditional love but the truth of the matter is that you ARE unconditional, pure, divine love and therefore, trying to be this love that you are in expression is merely a process of letting go of the illusions of what love is and the expectations we place upon ourselves as well as our twin flame within the connection/relationship. Love does not know anything other than itself, as love merely and profoundly wants to give of itself and receive itself again, and again, without any limitations. Know that the love and time that he gives to others is not separate from your love as you are deeply connected to each other. When you are away from each other, when you are sharing with another, you are still sending and receiving the love between and with each other. It is only the perceptions and illusions of separation that make it seem not so.

There is an intensity within feeling the absence of your twin flame in physical presence beside you, yet with it, also comes a deepening of the love and connection that you have beyond your bodies. The moments between your physical expression and sharing is the times where you offered the many opportunities to strengthen your natural connection to this divine love that goes on beyond form, yet you can experience it while in form. When you remember that you are always this divine love that is open, expansive and continuously desires to give of itself, then you know that you will always give of this love to your twin flame, no matter what human characteristics, beliefs, emotions come about. Through these uncomfortable moments, ride the waves, knowing that once you allow the waves of pain or discomfort to pass, you will find yourself on shore watching the calmness of the ocean and feeling the sweetness of love flowing within and through you.

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  1. WAs given instruction to stop sending notes. we are both in relaionship.Bad as it is ,I took it is good for me to be more diciplined and to focus on my challenges to get free and there will be chance to met and talk out side our relaionships,Was so impulsive that I did not read all completely.turn it to pieces turn burn the paper.Bit ashamed of myself.Need to know my soul mission to provide for myself and be independent.