The Twin Flame Journey is Equally about Loving Self, Loving your Twin and All That Is

Q. How the twin flame may know each other, what is the different when we talking about love. How we can find out is this love is just a love , we may have to a person or is this love vibrating the heart just because he or she is our twin flame?

A. Knowing the twin flame comes from a deeper inner recognition and remembering of the divine love that is flowing within you and between you. This deep inner knowing, recognition and remembering comes from within the recesses of your soul. It encourages you to move past all you ever thought was love into the truth of what love is, the all encompassing, limitless expansive wellspring of love that IS. You don’t need to “know” it all right now, let each unfolding step along your journey bring you to the clarity of your heart’s melody.

Q. What you said, is what I feel, with all some times frustration, up and down, some other exclusion. I do not know, how to react, I see some in my meditation related to my past life may be, I have close connection and at the same time not being close. May be a fear, from my twin flame related to our closeness, but these all is pure love, I never experienced this much of peace and happiness when we are together , just talking, I never could be hurt by some one one and at the same time still feel that i could not even have a anger with him. Just may be for a second. And at the same time of scraping by him, still I feel the energy, the vibrations. I feel peace and comfort energy anytime I am sad, any time I am tired, any time I am stressed and I feel the same energy in frequent during the day time by time. It is so painful for me that i have to control me not to call. Not to text or just a little. I am so in need to have communication, even just now, I feel that receiving the energy. I just wanna know for sure if he knows about it . He is spiritual and powerful practitioner, so I do not know ,why he kept it inside and try to ignore or better pertant that way. Just tell me why. If the god, the source, the cosmo did not want us to be close, we might not meet together. So what is all these ignorance?

A. This twin flame journey is equally about loving your self as you love your twin, and loving all that is as you love both your twin and your self. This journey is so much about experiencing separation to come to the full remembrance that you are always in union…the Universe, the Cosmos, your own soul intertwined with your Beloved creates experiences, circumstances, to bring about such depth of love ~ for you to remember that love always, all ways, IS, to bask within the wellspring of love within you that is always flowing and asking to be released outside of you within all of your relationships, experiences, perceptions, emotions…therefore, I encourage you to look at what may seem like denying or withholding your love from your Beloved as many and various opportunities to reconnect to the core of divine love within you, loving yourself beyond self and back into self, beyond form and back into form, then allow that love to come through you as you touch others…then allow it to come back upon your response and perception with your Beloved (even if there is no “response” in how you anticipate, and especially so) for this journey of the heart and soul requires you to release all that you may have attached to which blocks you from being love and being loved, not only from your Beloved but from and with all Beloveds everywhere. When you be this love that you are always, and you allow it to come back upon you, while knowing that you are always connected and never separate from your twin flame (regardless of getting any physical, direct response), then you will come to feel on such a deep level, that you are always receiving the love, beyond form, which brings a renewed and increased sense of that love in form.

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  1. I met my twinsoul in 2008, when we met I had no special feelings for him, but I felt from the beginning that I could trust him, which was very unusul for me, because I didn’t trust people so fast, especially man, because of my past, after several months we had eye contact and it was if I had an electroshock, after that moment i knew he was the men of my life, although I was married and I never heard of Twin Flames before, after several months I told him tht I had feelings for him, he was a bit surprised and told me that it would be difficult to begin a relationship, the years went on and everytime I was in his neigbourhood I had a strong love feeling with him although we’d neighter had kissed nor made love i had the feeling that we both want to make love to eachother, the energy between us was so strong. After two and a half years he moved to another place, I felt a lot of pain and was very said, but at the other hand I knew we would be reunited some day in this life. I kept on with my life but I knew that I couldn’t stay in my marriage with my husband, it all felt a lie to me, because I loved one person with my heart and soul and that was my twinflame.
    I send him several cards and letters where I wrote my deep feelings for him and just before my divorce with my ex-husband I had a beautiful experience, a out of the body experience of him, when I lived one week in my new house as my children were with their dad, I saw a second out of body experience of him, he conforted me, i felt so much love of him, after that I received songs where he explained his feeling for me, because in my letter I had written him that I wanted to know his real feelings for me. After that everything went very fast, I realised that I could talk to him, and that we could make love of distance. Afterwards I had also a out of body experience I wanted to be with him so much that in a short time I was in his room I could hear everything i saw what he was doing and he saw me and we had an conversation. Though it’s still difficult to don’t be with each other in real life. I have my bad days that I’m crying when I’m alone and he keep telling me that we meet each other soon, but I also saw him crying, I helped him through it, and told him that we will meet soon, we both know this. I understand now that he don’t write me back, because he isn’t such a writer he rather want to talk to me in person, so I have to accept that he will choose now his time to see each other again, but after all these experiences I can hardly wait to see him in person, so I really hope he will surprise me very soon. Till then I enjoy the moments we have on the spiritual level.

  2. Dear Natasja, Thank you for sharing. I have such experiences out of the body with my TF too, those experiences give so much happiness and keep me going. It is hard to talk about these experiences with anybody, so it is great to know that I’m not alone feeling this way. I can see or feel when my TF is sad, happy or has problems too, and I believe we have a telepathic communication. Hope more people talk about these experiences. I believe our rational mind many times interfere with these spiritual experiences because it does not find a logical explanation.
    Blessings to you and everybody.