Sexuality, Spirituality and Relationships (Radio Show)

Join Colin and Gabriella as we chat with Brian Piergrossi, Life Coach and Author of The Big Glow, in the area of intimacy and tantric sex within soul mate relationships. Sensuality is such a part of our true essence and it is not only natural but also healthy to desire to express this with your partner. We will talk about how when both partners are in a spiritual space, self aware and willing to remain in unconditional love, how powerful and healing intimacy can be. Perhaps we can also get Brian to read a beautiful sensuous poem from his amazingly inspiring book.

This conversation will be continued when I am interviewed on Brian Piergrossi’s show on Thursday, April 8, and will be posted on Friday April 9. If you have any questions from now until then, please forward them over to me and then I will forward them to Brian…let the love continue, the interconnected beautiful, inspiring and uplifting topic of love and sensuality, intimacy and relationships.

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