Twin Flame Relationships

Q Is it possible that even though we’ve met on this earth plane, that we’re only to be together in spirit/soul? It just seems that we’re not meant to be together physically right now. Too many outside interferences. What is that all about?

A In order to come together and remain together in a twin flame relationship, both people need to release the ego and old ways of being(relating and reacting) in a relationship. This is a choice on each persons end, and if these ways are not released, then the relationship will not be able to continue because it is very intense. You are literally the mirror for each other. All of your weaknesses and strengths will be revealed. In order to handle them coming at you, you need to be aware when they come, to not direct them at your partner, and take charge yourself to release them, if you choose. There is always choice…your soul could have planned to connect with your twin but if you aren’t actively releasing the old ways of relationships, then what you had planned on the physical plane may not occur…don’t give up my dear. Yes, we can meet on the physical plane and not choose to continue a relationship on that level but we are always connected in soul.

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7 Comments on “Twin Flame Relationships

  1. I am in a Twin Flame relationship and it is hot all the way. Fiery conversations, Fiery sex, Attraction like I have never known, and I know that I know that I am always with my Twin always and in always, but boy can it be HOT! We don’t live together now and I am looking forward to being together under the same roof. WE ARE the same and I love his mirroring me!!! I wouldn’t have it any other way, the connection is sublime! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Twin!!!!

  2. The mirroring within the relationship of your twin is very amazing as you are expressing. Thank you for sharing in your excitement and the intensity that it holds. I do feel the same way as you…it is amazing the deep love that is expressed and felt while we are connecting and communicating on many levels. Though we are not physically next to each other yet, I already feel this…and am also very excited for all that you are excited for. 😉

  3. Dear Gabriella,
    I am not sure what is happening to me. I am deeply attracted to a young man who has helped me with my studies. Every time when we are studying, I can feel the energy surrounding us, it feels so intense and unbearable. I can read his mind, I can sense everything in him. I had my back towards him one day and all of I sudden, I felt his presence, a yellow light radiating from him and I sensed his feelings and emotions even though I didn’t turn around. We decided to stop studying together and now my heart is in such pain. I am so attracted to him, like a magnet. I am married and this is totally wrong to have feelings for someone else besides my husband. My thoughts are always on him from the first day we met in the classroom, to every lesson we have together.