The Personalities of Sand Crabs

I went to the beach the other day, sat down for hours watching, observing and playing with the sand crabs. How much fun they are! They have personalities just like us:

1. Some where afraid to stray too far away from their sand holes (their homes) because of the wave that may come to “get” them

2. Others were territorial and also full of competition, trying to get the pieces of wood or food to bring into their homes, literally fighting with each other

3. They are curious as to what is around them, exploring the different things in their environment.

I took some videos of them for you to enjoy below:

This one is of a crab taking some goodies I threw to him back to his home. He comes back out to get more 3 times.

This next one is of 2 crabs fighting for a seedling to bring under the sand to emphasize their survival instincts that come out.

This last one is of two crabs both inspecting the same long stick to see if they might be able to use it. 😉

Hope you enjoyed observing these crabs like I did…may you make time to enjoy all the natural parts of life. Everything is really amazing and awesome if we open our eyes to notice.