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  1. yes I know who this person is,right now we are both married,but i can feel him and just know how he feel and when I see him its like he is the only person in this world.I have never felt this way .

  2. Michelle,

    It can be pretty intense when you meet your twin flame and there are times when either one of you may not be ready to fully reunite in a relationship. What do you do when this happens? All you need to do is send love, know that your connection always exists even if you are not physically sharing your love. This is an opportunity for you to stay in the place of unconditional love…truly this means loving without conditions, loving despite the current choice of not being together in a direct relationship. This actually increases the love vibration within you and the energy around you. Take the love you feel for him and share it with yourself in your life, your experiences, others you encounter and watch how miracles happen. I am always here if you ever wanted to share more of your journey…you can go here to learn more about my coaching services: http://emergingsoul.com/life-coaching.php.

    There is a radio show where I discuss connection with your twin flame in dreams. You might want to listen to this. You can listen live here: https://risinguptheladderoflove.com/2010/06/comunication-in-dreams-with-your-twin-flame/. You are able to comment and ask further questions here after listening. I welcome that. For more info on upcoming radio shows, please go here: http://emergingsoul.com/upcoming-events-interviews.php.

  3. so when do you know its time to reunite ? because this people that i talk about on my others post . i dream he is going to get a divoice . while i am still married. I would to be able to talk to you one day.

  4. There is an intensity that becomes stronger and stronger when reunion comes closer. There will be more synchronicities between you and your twin, your communication will also intensify. However, there is a balance in the process that needs to occur. In this situation, the relationship that this man is in will need to be released, and there are layers and levels of releasing when a relationship transitions. I like to call these break throughs instead of break ups because it is a break through of releasing the ego and the old ways of being in relation to another. Could this man choose to transition out of his relationship? Yes, but it is a choice and one that doesn’t usually happen overnight, so to speak. I welcome speaking with you and helping you further regarding this. You can send me an email about coaching services and we can share more together.

  5. I was having many dreams for years about a man that I was deeply in love with…this “Mystery” man was the one I wanted to be with and when I awoke from the dreams my heart was beating so fast and wanted to know who he was and where he was. These dreams continued until Heath passed and came to me. Now I don’t have them anymore and I truly, deeply feel these dreams were of my Twinflame Heath…..


  6. Cindy,

    It is truly amazing how powerful it can be when we are open and aware to the connection and communication we have in dreams with our twin flame all the time. When are aware, we are able to see what those messages we are receiving are telling us, and as a result connect even deeper to our twin and the love that is shared between the souls. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Hello, there’s something powerfull happening. From birth I always was a spiritual person (like all but many don’t remember). I met a beautifull person about 2 years ago, at that point he litterally could not talk because of a mouth injury. Still we had a two way conversation. He had my eyes, I also told him this later in the conversation, if I would have been a man, I felt I would be him… Also his coach walked by and asked if we where brother and sister.. It was an encounter that impressed me in the deepest form, but also scared me, I felt everything would change if we kept seeing eachother and I was dealing with a pretty violent ex at the time also that I did not want him to get hurt by.. Now little over 2 years later I had a powerfull dream of him where in he repeated again and again: I love you, I love you, I love you.. I was crying, then dirt came out of my body, I felt ashamed. He said with his eyes and gesture: It’s commin out, just let it come out of you. And watched with me.. When I woke up I felt so strong it was ‘nt a dream.. Couple of months later we started seeing eachother in the street, I even knew upfront somehow when I was going to see him and where, but we looked and smiled at eachother, we where always at crossroads, gasstations passing eachother. I hear him talking in my head. There were 11 days where the communication was so strong I could hardly foccus on anything else. We even played a telepathic game where he told me to go somewhere and we crossed eachother by car and on my radio was : what is ment to be will be.. During those 11 days I saw my recently passed mother as an angel, I started adding up dates and seeing the 11 many many times, also 3 and 7.. Before this time I was never checking numbers, I hated calculus in school, lol.. Got confronted with myself, my ego, my cigarette adiction, and so on, it was no picknick.. Also one night heard a thundering voice telling me: “You think this all happens for no reasond? The communication without talking. It’s waking up abilities. Remember who you are!!” Really my first reaction was: God? U.f.o.?.. I was humbled and highly alert when I heard this voice, really flabbergasted by it. The 11 days passed and periods of growth and stagnation came and went.. I know I got to get a grip of my smoking addiction, because smoking stands for enslavement to matter, at least in my case.. I have to conquer this ego. I know for sure I’m not psychotic or a scizo.. Is there something anyone can say?.. We never really talked in person after the first time..


  8. Oh yeah, and we where born the same day, but he is ten years younger. So I don’t know how that will be, I just know my heart swelles with love when I think of him or see him and when I first realized he is me, I nearly fainted and had to lie down, I really felt my mind falling apart, that was the beginning of those 11 days.. Further during those 11 days I felt sharper then ever, but at the first real fullfledged realization I litterally fel apart, I will never be the same and becoming more myself each day.. Can anyone relate to these experiances. I find it hard there really is no one that takes me seriously in my surroundings, the one that was was my mom and she passed away last summer. She said on her deathbed: “you will mary a prince,” she could hardly talk anymore she pointed to her forhead and then made a gesture “1”.. I’m crying, please someone say something..

  9. Gabriella,

    Sorry if you already started out answering, please stop, because I’m out of the blue.. In a much more calm state now then the one I wrote the first two pieces in..
    All will be on time and I can not force anything about it. I still have my ego to take on further and develop further.. Must say I wrote those two more or less against my inner knowing an answer from “outside” is not going to help at this point.

    Must say: that’s a great picture you posted with your comments, “cheese!!” lol. All will become clear in time, I’m beeing taken where I need to go. As are you 🙂 I wish you and those you reach out to a beautifull ongoing journey.

  10. Solveig,

    You are very intuitive and aware of the messages that the universe and our dreams send to us to help us along our journey. I did want to respond to further clarify what you received and give you what came through for me to share with you. In the dream, the dirt is symbolizing two things 1. the ego and anything that you feel you may need outside of you to be happy 2. literally, the smoke from the cigarettes. You mentioned that you are feeling that you need to release smoking and this dream is confirmation for you that those feelings are accurate. For you to move forward on your path of spiritual development and to continue along your spiritual journey, you are being called to release what does not serve you anymore, hence any attachments to things outside of you, such as cigarettes.

    I couldn’t agree with you more, that all will become clearer with each passing day. This is why I repeat over and over again how important it is to be in the moment, for it is the signs around us right now, guiding us, and the people in our lives right now as well as the experiences that are bringing us to the next moment and the next. I want to honor you for receiving the messages that the dream and the voice you heard were telling you…let the “dirt” out and let the light come through to remember that you are an amazing spiritual and powerful being that can create all you desire in your life, you don’t NEED anything or anyone to be happy, to enjoy life.

    As far as twin flames go and this special person you met, it is beautiful that you saw your own beauty and your own eyes in this man, for that is common with twin flames. We cannot enter into this powerful and intense relationship until we release the ego as much as possible, and it sounds like you are receiving the guidance, step by step for this. Continue to trust what you receive and know that you can experience this love relationship that your soul craves…

    I wish you also a beautiful ongoing journey…it is quite all right to express and feel your emotions as that is part of our process as spiritual beings in a physical body. I am always here to help support you and offer encouragement. If you ever desire coaching, you may contact me for further intimate one on one support. 😉

  11. Thank you Gabriella,
    That answer did not confuse me. Thank you for following your intuition and posting it anyway lwm (laughing within myself):)
    .. Today was a rough day.. I’m tired, I’ll keep your website in my favourits for another time 🙂

    Thank you,


  12. Hello Gabriella, I met my twin soul., I believe., I am currently married but separated. I was in a very abusive and bad relationship. One month before I met him I told my famy that I was meant to be with a guy with dark hair who looked like an italian singer. Then I met him at work. He was hired for 6 month period. We are friends and have gone out with my other coworker. I like hi
    very much.. Many things point me to him., but I still have unresolved issues with my ex and custody battle. I have an 18 month old baby, Also when I met him I saw my life with him like slideshow.. It was so beautiful ., I wish I could relive that moment, unfortunately he has no clue about anything. How can I be with him? He doesn’t seem to feel the same way

  13. I actually work with my twinflame!!! This is very difficult but i look forward to it at the same time. We havent spoke about this connection at all. But i feel all the energy and i feel his emotions as well as he feels mine. I always go out of my way to make our work day go as smooth as possible. I could be singing a song in my head and he whistles the rest of the lyrics. I react on his thoughts and he does mine. But one change I have noticed recently is that our energy has been getting extremely intense to the point where we need to take a break and i cant prevent my hands from shaking…We work in a healthcare facility so hands shaking is not a good thing, So i try to hide it. But i know he notices it. He got married recently to a woman i believe when he was in the “running” stages. My heart is telling me that she is very controlling and intimidates him. Ive been through a relationship like this before in my past. One time time she stopped by the office and i automatically picked up on his energy and it was not a good one. Very flustered, anxious, edgy, worried,”out of control”. Approaching this wedding and now afterwards our energy is the strongest!! Can you expain this to me? He has been in my dreams everynight for about 2 months. For the last to nights we have actually had intercourse.

  14. I believe I have met my twin flame over a year ago – The connection is absolutely like nothing I have ever felt. My life has been affected in every way. The way I think, feel and do everything has changed. We are both married. He will never leave his wife or beautiful family – But I would never ask him to do that, we talk more with our eyes than anything, and I have only told him about my marriage situation. I am so thankful I was able to meet him and at least get to know him in this lifetime. During the past year, I have lost over 20 pounds and wasn’t real heavy to begin with, just couldn’t eat or sleep. Felt like I was going crazy – The longing was so strong. I feel like i can feel when he is thinking about me. I wonder if we will ever have our lives aligned so we can be together. I know it scares him. He has ran several times and I have to. We have never been sexual, but the attraction is definitely mutual. One hug and sparks! We both wear blue and I gave him a butterfly after one of his running times.. and we both cherish and wear blue most of the time when we see eachother and I make sure I wear my butterfly – I barely knew him when he ran the first time and gave him a note that said “Will you look for me in our next lifetime?” And a paper butterfly. I felt so cheated meeting him now and not being able to be together. But I have learned so much about love. I love him regardless of whether or not we can be together. I care for him and only want the best for him. I want him to be happy and if that means not with us because of our prior commitments than that is what I have to accept. I have never loved before him. I truly believe that.

  15. Carol, you perfectly stated the way I feel after meeting my TF almost two years ago. Thanks

  16. Dearest Gabriella,
    Yesterday I had a dream that someone was gifting me with a beautiful bag with pure silver outline . Then I find it has a lot of pure gold trinkets attached to it and it is so beautiful . Then, I tell them, that in the light it looks like an ordinary bag and in the dark it is shimmering and glittering and so beautiful. I could see the beautiful bag so clearily, glittering and shimmering. What could this mean?

  17. The dreams with my TF are becoming more vivid, they seem to me like movies, where I have the freedom to move and talk to him. Yesterday I had a hard day with my husband- some problems and disagreements- I was sad, then I had this dream today, so vivid with my TF. When I woke up, I felf peaceful and full of hope. Yes, my TF came into my dreams to give comfort, I feel so happy. Sometimes, I get worry about him, I would like to know something about him…

  18. Hello Sleeping Beauty,

    I feel the answers to our dreams truly are inside of us, but felt guided to respond to your post. What came to me was that the way things appear to our physical eyes are not always the way they may seem. In a different light the true meaning can appear. But again, I believe the answers are available within us when the time is right. Much love to you on your continued journey.

  19. Durinda, Thank you for expressng this interpretation. It was a vivid dream and quite unusual. Thanks and love to you.

  20. Your welcome Sleeping Beauty. I love how this journey encourages us to expand(our perspective, our hearts, etc). Teaching us to continually return to our core being and the Truth that all is well. Increasing our abililty to experience peace, joy, gratitude and happiness. The beauty of it all never ceases to amaze me! Sending Love to everyone!

  21. Sweet Sleeping Beauty!!

    I apologize for not responding to your dream before now! But what a beautiful one it was…silver and gold are opposites yet also balance one another, and to see both takes an awareness of the wholeness. It feels like you were awakening to the wholeness within you, and also realizing that even in the moments that seem “dark,” there is light and beauty. Someone gifting you this bag, is acknowledgement that not only are YOU seeing your beauty and light, but others are noticing it as well…and then the extension of this is that something beautiful, beyond your wildest imaginings is on the way to you. You probably have a sense of this…keep staying connected to this…you’ll know when this amazing happening occurs, and I see you having an aha! moment remembering this dream 😉 SO much love to you as always, in all ways.

  22. Dearest Gabriella !
    These words made me burst into tears. It is true right! !! Something amazing is going to happen! As you say I do feel that something is coming up but I have waited for so long and each time it was “another few miles, wait… ” And so on… I am still keeping my hopes up and you are helping me go through this like a guardian angel. I feel you comforting me and I pray that you reunite with your TF soon!!! You are an amazing soul and sent by God to see us all through !! Love you loads.

  23. My Dear Sleeping Beauty!

    Awake…fully awake to the truth that you are so beautiful and perfect just as you are, right now. There is nothing you have to do to receive love but keep being love as it is what you are. Stay connected to your heart…and what you know to be, while allowing everything, this amazing happening that is coming up to happen, knowing that it is within your soul plan, and therefore already is in its sweetness and completeness. Don’t focus on anything other than this moment, right now, and feel the love surrounding you from your twin flame. As you know, you are so deeply connected, and surely this deep connection must come to complete fruition and manifestation in all ways, including the physical, in its opportune, perfect moment. Understand that this journey of our soul within the form of man is to experience the oneness and the love within us in each moment, both in our spirits and our bodies…and it is the journey that truly matters…your destination is right here and now, and breathe, BREATHE this in…relax…let it all be, let it all happen. Rest…I’ve been resting a lot, breathing, going at the pace I am guided in each moment, feeling the love from my TF all around me, as any thoughts or feelings from the past, such as “another few miles, wait…” has disappeared…that is not NOW…now is right now, knowing that sweet things are within me, bunches and bunches of love are surrounding me from all sides…wiping tears away myself right now!!!, for seeing the beauty that is me, my TF and our union, our mission to serve love to the world, creating community in the hearts and eyes of ALL in every way possible has me on my knees in such gratitude for choosing to be in this incarnation as a soul in the form of man to experience this. Be thankful my sweet beauty, for each moment that you have already been given to feel and to share this love that you have and hold with your TF between each other and the others that are and will be witnessing such love. Balance the desire to receive this love with the desire to give it…for I can say, by all means, that each time I feel the waves of love from my TF, I desire to give it all back to everyone else…and so this physical reunion with my TF that is approaching is truly Godsent as a present in this pre-sent moment for me to embrace and then to extend it back to you ALL!!!! Please continue to allow yourself to feel this love as it is neverending, such a blessing, and always truly desires to give more of itself…and through the giving, is the living, the true living in light and love. Continue to embody this love…as twin flames united in all ways, embodying this love with each other is God’s intended gift to humanity and our Earth, to continue to aid us in this ascension we are all holding hands through ever deeper in these days unfolding. I love you loads more than words can ever express and sending you the warmth from my heart and my arms to exactly where you are…holding your hand…as you, we all are truly ONE and IN this together!!!!

  24. HI gabriella,
    i was wondering if it is possible when you saw your twinflame on video and the word twinflame screaming out loud at your mind the next day you woke up? is this a sign that is your twinflame? Thanks you.

  25. Gabriella, I read somewhere else, that only a 10% of the people who claim they met their TF is true because a soulmate from the same soul family can be an intense relationship too. When I read this I wish I be in this 10%, but I can not believe I’m in this 10% . There have been a lot of signs in my case.

  26. Dear Joana,

    Follow what your heart feels combined with what your soul knows…only you can confirm and deeply know when you have met your twin flame. Take everything that you read, that you hear and run it through your own filter system that is guided by your inner voice and intuition. Lots and lots of love to you!

  27. Dear Seeker,

    That can absolutely be a sign yet what that sign is giving you is up to you to be open to feeling what is coming through and hearing what your inner guidance gives you as a result of noticing the sign. You will know when you meet your twin flame and who that is, as it is a deep soul recognition that only you can confirm and know. Sending you a lot of love always! Stay connected to your heart…in every moment.

  28. I am the “runner”. I wish I would have had the guts to stick it out, but I just could’nt. The hands shaking, sleepless nights. Just too intense. I knew the first time we looked in each others eyes this was the one. It was scarry! If the energy sourounding us was’nt so intense I may have stuck it out, but It was so raw.