Returning to Love

Have you been experiencing shifts in your current reality? Are relationships around you changing, are some of them ending or transitioning? Are you releasing a lot of emotions and old ways of interacting and relating within the relationships you are choosing to be a part of? Have you noticed that your choices are changing? All of us are going through the process of evolving consciously as we continue on our journey upon this Earth, as we are spiritual beings moving in a human vehicle. Many of us have decided to help bring the earth back to love, literally Mother Earth herself as well as ourselves. Though of course, we are all connected and as we love ourselves and extend it towards others, the Earth naturally responds. We will be literally returning to the Garden of Eden everywhere we place our feet as well as our energies. Part of this return is becoming aware of the power of love that we hold inside of us. As we recognize this light, we can attract another true love partner, or twin flame that resonates with the vibration of who we are. When we enter into this powerful relationship, we are being called to release the old ways of being in a relationship, the habits of interacting and reacting to one another, the beliefs that we may hold that don’t serve this type of union, and to know that the union itself is for so many reasons other than just sharing in your love together. This union is meant to ignite the flame within the individual hearts of others as well as the collective one heart of us all. As more and more twin flames come together in their love, the quicker and higher the vibration will be felt at the core of our beings. As a result, more and more of us will be reuniting with our true love partner (twin flame) feeling the power of this love on such a deep level, then taking on the next steps of the purpose of the union. The purpose of the union is to show people the way of love, or rather to help them to remember the way of love…for we have these pieces within that have always been there guiding us, urging us on our path to take action when the moment is in alignment with our intentions.

This is an exciting time and I am honored to be sharing your journeys with you as well as sharing mine with you…together we are rising up the ladder of love, and feeling the seed growing stronger and stronger within our hearts…singing in harmony with the energy that so naturally flows within our bloodstreams.

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2 Comments on “Returning to Love

  1. Thank you for this blog, Gabriella. I personally am feeling and experiencing a shift right now in how relate to others and it’s definitely for the better. Suddenly there is love and an absence of struggle, and I choose not to analyze it, just enjoy it. Also my relationship with Bill has strenghtened lately. My soul mate and I have been together on this plane for 4 years and it keeps on getting better and better. I know we assist each other in spiritual growth and I get the feeling that our combined energies are very positive and have an impact on others. Imagine the love and power as we do work together~ working with addicts and alcoholics and the spiritual malady of addiction~~it is so humbling and awesome. Well, I just wanted to thank you for this blog, I love you, and I’m grateful for everything in my life today, including knowing a beautiful loving soul like you!

  2. Tori,

    Thank you for sharing your progress and elevation in your relationship with Bill. I believe you did tell me in previous sessions we had together on how you wanted to help those who were dealing with addictions. I am happy to know that you are moving forward with making your passion a reality and taking action with it. There is always shifts and transitions within relationships as we continue on our journey of life but right now, these are happening at a quicker pace and on a deeper level. I am also thankful for you.

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