Revolutionary Road: The Inner Dream vs The Dream of Society

This movie was a great movie for observing the dynamics of an intimate relationship as well as realizing the power of restricting one’s freedom through society’s rules. Both the main characters fall in love, get married, have kids, the man gets into a corporate job that he doesn’t enjoy to make money to pay for the house and other material possessions, and in the process, they both become restless. I remember once reading a quote that mentioned how we are mean only when we are dull with ourselves. We bring happiness to any situation or experience we are having, and we also have the choice to change it if we don’t desire to have that experience anymore. When we don’t, we have the opportunity to stay within the unpleasant emotions that can be created as a result of staying where we are not happy, where we are not utilizing our natural creative talents we have as spiritual beings. We can also get stuck in the false image that society creates: that we need to consume and possess more material goods, and we end up getting a lot of debt, then feel we need to get a job for security to pay off these debts when we end up not liking this job and it is merely just wasting our energy. If an opportunity is presented that we can take to do what makes our heart sing, we have a choice, to develop a new belief that we can have anything we desire and that the universe will help us to achieve our desires. OR we can stay in the place of fear, that we have something good, or at least that pays the bills (though never actually doing that – only getting us by) or take that leap of faith and take a chance. Martin Luther King said, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” When we have a dream, taking the first step allows for the rest of the process to unfold but if we don’t take that step, then we are stuck right where we are, and will stay there forever, unhappy (if we choose – cause of course happiness comes from within us). We can break this if we choose. You will see during this movie the dilemma that Leonardo DiCaprio is confronted with, and you will see the result of what happens with what he decides. To stay within the “dream” of society or follow his inner dream? After watching this, I urge you to feel about where you are in your life with your inner longings, where do you want to be, what do you want to be doing? Then take the step to making it happen, knowing that the universe is in support of you and will guide you along throughout your journey.

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