Will You Committ Yourself to Live in the Divine Flow with Me?

I have mentioned how important surrender, constant surrender, is along the twin flame journey but also of life in all areas, all aspects. This place that I have been in since November has been the most surrendered, liberated, FREE space I have EVER been in. I made a decision mid November to give my notice here at my dwelling in Hawaii…up to February 1st, technically…and after that, reached out to the universe, releasing emotionally all of the meshing of “attachments” to friends, Hawaii, what I created here…for even though I deeply knew that it was what was needed and what I was being guided to do, there was still a process of thoroughly surrendering it all, emotionally, spiritually, mindfully, physically…and then take action…which I did. I didn’t know where exactly I was going to be going…though of course everyone was asking me (since we automatically want to know the next 5 steps before the first one even presents itself), yet it is a process, and a committed willingness to live in this moment, completely surrendered to what the next moment will hold (at least all of the details – because as you get used to hearing your intuition and noticing/following the signs of guidance around you, then you can know what lays ahead but not all of the details in between…and that’s the fun of it!), with a profound faith and trust that you are loved, supported by this abundant universe, and that you will know what step to take when it is before you.

So as I sit here and write this, my bags are packed, and I am ready to get on the plane at a moments notice…I have received so many signs, every single day that LA is the place for me to go…and this is a great circle for me, in that it is where I was guided when I began this journey of union in all ways with my twin flame…what will happen from now until I place my feet on the plane…I don’t know…nor do I know in this moment what will occur during my plane ride or when I arrive in LA…we never know fully what each moment will hold, do we? Yet when you commit yourself to live in this way, you are constantly calm, and excited, as these emotions merge and mix together within your heart…and you embrace inspired action as a result of your intuition and the loving nudges/guidance of this sweet universe, consciousness of all that is. I am here…completely liberated as I have let go of everything to receive it all…we truly do need to walk away…so that we can walk into our destiny, which is always moving us forward, yet you are never, never walking alone. Please remember that, I’m right there with you, now and in every moment for the rest of my physical lifetime…I choose this freedom of being in this moment for the journey is truly amazing…may you join me…

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  1. Hello Gabriella!
    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months how, saturating all the amazing information you provide about the twin flame experience. Thank you so much for sharing!! Your blog has really helped me along the way 🙂
    I’ve recently become very perplexed about two relationships I am experiencing, one of which I thought was a soul mate and the other the twin flame. Now it seems as though I am thinking the opposite and it’s causing confusion. I’ve been going through this transformation for 4 years…
    I live in Los Angeles. Are you moving here or just visiting?

  2. Hi Caro!
    Since you have been reading my blog for a little while now, you may be familiar with how important it is to feel from the space of your heart on the truth of your twin flame. I noticed that you said, you “thought” one of the relationships you are experiencing is a soul mate and the other the twin flame and are now confused because you *think* it may be the opposite…thinking comes from the mind…and you *know* your twin flame deep within your heart. To come to clarity on this, you do need to feel from your heart…it will not steer you wrong…the twin flame recognition is so deeply embedded within your essence. Let it guide you…

    To answer your question, my intention is to move to LA…as I mentioned above, there has been so many synchronicities in addition to my intuition that is clearly guiding me to this next step on my journey of twin flame union. My twin flame is currently in Los Angeles…for the past 5 years, we have both been on the path of laying out our individual pieces of our joint mission, and now I know so deeply within the recesses of my entire being that it is time for us to truly walk together on this amazing journey of co-creation in the most unconditional, loving space of willing and committed service to our selves, each other and the world. Both of us have been guided to create projects this year…and it feels so natural and divinely perfect that we create while we are also sharing in our deep connection and love. As I mentioned above, even though I know that the next actual step for me to take is to move to LA, I don’t have any specific details (in this moment) of where I’ll be staying, what will happen tomorrow, nevermind when I arrive in LA. It has been a process for me to live in this state of constantly surrendering to the divine flow in the form of intuition, signs from the universe, and the profound faith of believing in the abundance of this universe as well as the assurance that I will be taken care of. This truly is the space where one is able to receive and create everything for there are no blocks to flowing from one moment to the next with the flow of co-creation with this amazing universe, that we are all a part of. 🙂

    Love always,

  3. Gabriella!

    Thank you so much for your response!!!! I was away on vacation last week – a well needed break from LA but happy to be back now.

    I am SUCH a mental being… I need to make the distinction between heart and mind… yes yes yes.

    I KNEW I had a connection to you somehow… my birthday is also January 24th! COOL!!!!! I turn 30 tomorrow, yikes! I love it! And last week on twitter you mentioned something about lions… girl, my life “myth” is ALL about my connection to the lion and the Strength tarot card (lady and the lion).

    I would love to meet you and make you feel welcome upon your arrival in Los Angeles. Do you have a place to stay?


  4. Caro!

    I must say that I truly love your exclamation marks 😉 and your energy…so my birthday isn’t January 24th *wink* but it is 10/25…which is the time I arrive in LA. So needless to say, IF January 24th is your birthday and 10:25 is mine, then I’d say a HUGE celebration is in order, don’t ya think? However, I’d say that another birthing is indeed in process, and THAT is downright, upright, any which way right exhilarating!

    Yes, last week on Twitter I did mention something about lions…beautiful how the universe gives us constant signs along this journey that if we are open and aware to notice, point us to where our destiny is, and mine is in LA…by all means, by all means, and my heart is already there…actually, I can even feel my body already there…powerful visions…

    I would also enjoy beyond words to express meeting YOU and basking in the energy of your creative welcoming into Los Angeles. To answer your question honestly, no I don’t have a place to stay…and I am open to where destiny is bringing me… 🙂

    Let the good times roll baby!

    Love Always,

  5. Hi again!

    Oh silly me, I got so excited about my birthday and the date of your move I just linked the two together 😛

    You’re in LA!

    How’s it going so far? It’s been BEAUTIFUL outside for the last 2 days.

    I’ve been searching for my own studio for a few months and want to move between Feb 15-March 1. I still have my one bedroom in Mar Vista (just east of Venice) that I’m living in now. I could offer you a place to stay for a few days/weeks in exchange for guidance with my situation and a small fee. I have a fold out mattress.

    I live really simply. I’m a massage therapist and I love fitness. I have a cat. I don’t have a TV. I’d like to meet you before agreeing to anything. This is so strange for me, I’ve never done this before but I have a hunch help you 🙂 as I really need some guidance.

    Let me know! It could be a place to start your journey.

  6. Hi Caro!

    Perfect timing for your comment to come…as I was just arriving back to my hotel room at the Radisson and am able to respond. Hope you had a great celebration of your birthday…big 30, not a youngster anymore!

    It has been very beautiful today, which is a nice welcome to LA since it is so sunny all the time in Hawaii. 🙂

    Ok, to get right to all that you shared, honestly, I’ve also never done this before, feeling so comfortable right from the start with someone that technically is not “known,” though in the soul, I believe we do know each other…so in regards to all you said, I am completely open to it, and agree that the next step would be to meet to feel what the guidance/intuition is in those moments of exchange and connection.

    How have things been? I’m on the 11th floor…as 11 represents the union of twins, it did make me smile. Enlightening and liberating…I am staying an extra night here at the Radisson, however I have opened up to the universe that tomorrow, I am feeling the urge to depart from the hotel and go to the next step…then your comment arrives, beautiful timing in many ways. On that note, I’m open to meeting sooner than later if it’s in the flow with your creations because tomorrow by 12pm is a moving day of some sort, whatever may be…

    I don’t have a car in this moment, so do let me know if it would be possible to either come by the hotel or I could meet you someplace perhaps in close proximity to the hotel, do you like coffee? 😉 May be renting a car, but wasn’t going to do that until tomorrow…

    Going forward, why don’t you send me an email (coaching@emergingsoul.com) or call me (I will share my number in the email) to discuss the specific details of our meeting, etc. instead of sharing it all on the blog thread 😉

    Looking forward to it Caro!

  7. you are actually so close to me now that you are in LA! i’m from vancouver, canada.

    and speaking of 11:11, i noticed that number, along with other repeated number sequences appeared a lot while i was reading intensively into “twin souls” around christmas time and during first week of january. all of them appeared on my digital alarm clock and the digital clock on my computer though. i wonder what that means?

    also, is it possible that twin flames don’t feel any attraction/pull from the soul the first time around? or is it possible for only one of them feels the pull, while the other doesn’t feel it (yet)?

  8. and i just remembered, as i was about to type up my first message, i saw 2:22 again. it hasn’t happened that frenquently anymore as school has started on the second week of january.

  9. Thats how i was guided to this website, i was meditating and praying about my life and realtionship and i kept noticing 11:11 kept showing up on my phone and clocks. I googled 11:11 and its significance in relationships and was guided to this website through several other search options i found this website and the information on twin flames and it changed the way i looked at my life and realtionship, i am looking forward to a mentoring session with you.

  10. Thanks for sharing Diana how you came to my website…I truly love to see the journey of connection and the path that leads to it. I am also so glad that the information that is interspersed throughout the website has been helpful to you in your life and relationships! Very much looking forward to your session soon 🙂

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