You Know the Truth of Your Path in Union with Your Twin Flame in Your Heart

Q. My Twin Flame is very close to me although we do not get to hang out regularly, we are trying to start a closer relationship together despite the separations due to work. We live in the same city and met almost three years ago when I started a job at the same company he worked for, our offices were only 15ft apart.

I noticed than when he would come near me my whole body would feel a pull toward him and when our hands would get close i would want to lock hands with him, it felt like a magnet wanting to lock them together and still does. He noticed the magnetic and static too because when we went for cigarettes he would purposely feel my hand when handing me his lighter.

We have a strong connection but have not seen each other in a month, he wants to see me very soon, I feel he misses me and my whole body just aches for him when he’s not physically near me. When we first met I began to have dreams of him and this went on occasionally for a year until I quit my job in our office. After I quit I would dream of him over and over for a year but it would be two or three times a week, then it slowly calmed down to not so much.

Almost exactly one year after I left that job he contacted me wanting to see me, we tried to be together as much as possible but work eventually tore our physical bonding apart and so this is where being separated for a month comes in. Since we have both established our feelings for each other and had a very thorough discussion about why we should take it easy due to work, he has been in my dreams every single night, every night. He confirmed with me and made it clear that he want’s to give me his whole self and not just small pieces, he want’s quality time with me and not just stolen moments with a mind full of work stuff nagging both of us.

Before I get to us being separated I’ll tell you this dream,

I remember the last time I slept beside him I had a dream that we were sitting in the box of a truck looking at stars in the sky, there were other people around us doing the same thing. I looked up at the sky and a bunch of ufo’s came flying all around and I saw people on ladders in the lit up clouds happily putting boxes on conveyer belts smiling at us. Then I saw the big dark ships begin to emerge from the sky and I was afraid but not showing my panic, I hid my panic so he wouldn’t feel fear, then he made me look at him telepathically and said to me…Don’t be afraid…don’t be afraid…it is okay, then I woke up.

Since we have been apart I have been what I call “seeing through his eyes and have strangely picked up some of his mannerisms such as the way I hold a cigarette and how I move sometimes, I feel like he is inside me looking out through my eyes. I dream of him every night, he always always comes into my dreams, it never fails. I feel a hold around my shoulders like he is holding me steady. This is getting intense, much more intense than I imagined, but I will handle it because he’s my one.

I have relaxed surroundings and he has chaotic ones, he is working for a very high paced business and I am in a holistic health zen setting. All I have been feeling lately is a rush of go go go! get it done…get it done! and stress inside and I think it’s coming from him but he doesn’t know I feel it, so I turned the tables, I sent him calming waves of love and peace over and over and over to ease his stress into releasing….it worked.
I have learned to speak to him through energy between my hands..rubbing them together and sending messages in thought form, I learned this a couple of days ago when I wanted to talk to him, so I sent him a message to get ahold of me and he did almost immediately, he says he was stressed “but not anymore and is now having trouble sleeping, he cannot sleep…no wonder! he keeping coming over to see me at night or I am going to him, and his job is crazy.
So I told him to do some diaphragmatic breathing to calm himself and we said goodnight…it’s funny because I relaxed on my couch “I figured if I relax and calm then he will too” if I just concentrate on him settling down while I do it.
So I made an energy field in my hands to guide him through the breathing into a nice peaceful state so he could calm and drift off to sleep and I could feel it working, I could feel him relaxing and calming his mind and I felt it when he fell asleep, so amazing.

I slept well last night with minimal action in dream land so I know he slept like a log which eases me. Balancing this energy between us takes awareness and practice and when done with love and peace it evens itself out, still intense but not throwing itself all over the place due to lack of self control with energy. We must balance our energy between us so we can balance in our lives when not together physically….this was a rough ride to understand and finally get the reins on but when it happens it’s pretty peaceful stuff.
Twin Flame relationships are about kicking ego out and allowing yourself to love another with lightness and letting go when the other needs to go, even though we are twins I cannot interfere with his path nor he mine and we don’t. We understand that everything that is happening is making us stronger and we know that we are never truly separated, we couldn’t if we tried. This union is not just about us, it’s about everyone, it’s about the universe coming to balance so we have to balance ourselves for the higher good no matter what obstacles occur.

There is nothing that can come between unconditional love and when it comes to twins you would be surprised to know that it doesn’t matter what they do, you will always understand that it’s because it is part of the plan, instinctually you will feel a force to protect the other, especially when they do something that would normally piss you off in any other type of relationship, work through it with him/her, you let the other make mistakes and always internally they will know they can come home.

Please tell me your thoughts on this, I would love to have any information you can give me as he and I go through these stages.

Thank you for creating a safe and grounded place to talk about these matters.

A. Ah my dear, you understand very deeply the many truths of the twin flame connection/relationship, deep love. I first want to honor you for hearing your intuition and your heart on this. Much of what you say is echoed in my writings. The twin flame union is not just about the twin themselves but encompasses all that is, so allowing yourself and your twin each moment on your path leading up to your full reunion in all ways is THE WAY, knowing that you are never and could never be separated. This love between twin flames is completely unconditional and so deep, that it is impossible to place limitations and rules upon it, such as was common with the old paradigm of relationships…this connection calls for a release of separation, in all ways, and a complete immersion into union, knowing that all is interconnected, and that there is this loving, divine flow of the universe that desires to help in the process of experiencing and sharing in the deepest love vibrations.

I do want to bring out the dream that you had as there was some insight coming through as I read it: how beautiful that it mirrors the analogy I use, the ladder of love. It is not surprising at all, as there are no accidents, that you have found my website…the ladder within the dream is a symbol of the ladder of love, rising higher in love vibration and frequency…and within the boxes are couples (twin flames), which is the highest mirror of you, your other half, which is the relationship at the top of the ladder…and your twin flame and you (your union and your mission) has been decided upon before physical incarnation. The message through this dream, or at least one that I was receiving for you (and for all twin flames), is that you don’t have to be afraid to climb up the ladder of love to fully receive in all ways your union with your twin flame, knowing that you have always been as one, and that the mission you have agreed to embark upon together you absolutely can accomplish or your soul wouldn’t have planned on it. Literally, “you don’t have to be afraid, it’s ok,” and actually it is more than ok.

Continue to cultivate your connection while physically separated from your twin, for as you know, he can feel it and is benefitting more than you may be able to perceive from it…and ultimately, it is enhancing you both at the same time. It is a blessing for me to read your firm grasp on this journey because I feel that you are so deeply connected to your heart and the truth of your love/connection with your twin flame…this will only continue and get even deeper as you move forward along the path. I know, I’ve been there…and it is such a blessing, EVERY moment, even when it may seem hard, is so worth it, and you will continuously be able to see ALL of the perfection and beauty in each experience, relationship, moment leading up to your full reunion, as they are all weaving together a beautiful quilt that is and will continue to embrace both you and your twin flame.

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  1. Lovely article! I especially like the parts about the exchange of energies between you, and the sentence “allowing yourself to love another with lightness and letting go when the other needs to go.” This is something I’ve been making progress with in my relationship with my twin flame, even though he is on the Other Side, and although it’s difficult because I feel that anxiety of separation as you do when he’s not around for a little while. I’m learning to think of his needs and energetic requirements as much as or more than mine, though, and this is very freeing for both of us. I wish you much luck and love in your relationship! 🙂