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A Connection, Confession, Progression, and Procession of Love

I love you and I’m not afraid to express it. There are no more chains trying to suppress it. I want to climb the smallest mountain and shout it to the passersby, I want to reach the highest mountain, and

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My Beloved, Home With Me

I feel your embrace in my breath as I inhale, the vision of your face surrounding me, so softly you become me. My eyes close as I exhale… I know what I chose. My heart yearns for the tenderness of

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Amen, My Love

I have this deep faith in the perfection of divine order, as I know that the love within you is within me, that your light shining so brightly enhances my own and vice versa. I have this aching, intense, ripping

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I Surrender, My Love

You reach out to me, I hear your voice softly whispering my name, twice and then I am frozen in place, receiving the energy of you as it flows throughout me, born again, reenergized anew, created for you, for this.

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The Light of Our Soul

Star light, star bright, how beautiful you are in white. Wrap my heart so tight, keep it safe in flight. I know it is so right that I stand to my full height. I am holding with all my might

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Expressions of Love Part 9

Ah, it’s strong today, so strong that a whirlwind of movement has pushed through my physical dwelling and now my breath is echoing as I look at this wooden floor, in sweet anticipation, excitement and calmness mixed together in the

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Expressions of Love Part 8

Surround me, sweetness, in the intricate stirrings of my soul, let this wine and my spirit take me to the fields of our love eternal, as I feel the depth of your love as your hand softly touches my back.

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Twin Flame Poetry From the Heart

On this show, I shared more poetry created for the twin flame and I thank you to those who shared your own creations as we increased the vibration of divine union. May you let this show fill you with the

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Expressions of Love Part 7

I have this unquenchable increasing desire to eat, take in more and more and more, this openness within me, settling around my heart chakra…and if not understood, it could seem that I want to consume massive amounts of food and

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Expressions of Love Part 1-6 Video

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